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Safe for children


100 years after global annihilation, the factions of new America clash at every turn. The Order, what remains of the government--the Override, a fanatical war tribe--and the Insurgence, the citizen soldiers and descendants of America's finest doomsday preppers--these are the people left in the aftermath of global destruction. Between the mutated Affected and their amazing abilities, and between the threeway struggle for power, ordinary folks are lucky to win a simple fight against poverty. That's why Xavier Knight, heir to the Insurgence-claimed town of St. Xavier, elects to make a dangerous cross-country package delivery, which will pay handsomely and solve all her friends' financial problems. But the journey isn't easy, and Xavier doesn't have the faintest idea of her importance in the struggles to come.


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Tony Ramos

Very nice graphics and a compelling story so far. Looking forward to chapter 2!

mehr als ein Jahr ago
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Thank you! I'm actually not done with chapter 1 yet, this is just what I've got so far ^^

mehr als ein Jahr ago