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Hi! ^^
It's been a while I've uploaded. Recently I spent more time on Tapas, but don't worry, I will be around here as well ;) Well then, here is the next Dreamcatchers.

Let's see the usual extra things I hided in this chapter!

Cover: Do you remember when Sohiru had a small trip in the fragment? (In chapter 6) The"Dreamcatcher told Sohiru that she must catch the nightmares untill the "Dreamcatcher" will be enough strong to help her. The world in the fragment looked like an upside-down sea. On this cover Iko is there but out of water. Things should be like this, which means things are about to change. Sohiru seems more brave and strong as well in fights.

Page 18: I wondered a lot about what to do with the necklace. Sohiru gave it to herself in the previous chapter, but I am not sure what would happen with it. It can't just disappear in time, because after all once she received it from her future self I guess... (Timetravel is difficult X.X) So I just decided that it would be okay to found it again.

And btw. This cute Sohiru fanart is from one of my favourite reader, Yumina. :)