bowl fire
Big fungi and fairy fin

Florian's Fungi

COuGH I mean, meet Florian's fungi-of-a-boyfriend, Haelyn! I dunno what type of shroom he is, but I kinda based him off this one:…:
He's a pretty cheerful and touchy-feely fungi, you could say he grows on you like mold. :3
Haelyn ends up being one of the many curious creatures Florian unwittingly attracted when he moved back into the "neighborhood." It's not until Florian needs some of the floating "sprites" that follow Haelyn around (for a potion) that he pays him some attention XD
Florian also realizes Haelyn has other uses - he can change colors for camouflage, which helps when Flori makes trips out into the more dangerous places in the region for ingredients.
So dear Haelyn is basically a tool for awhile LOL

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