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New oc!

His name be Echo, and he lives within a virtual reality online game! Yes, he's an NPC, a non-playable-character who began developing thoughts and emotions of his own as his boring, scripted life in the game went on and on while all sorts of people came from all walks of life to his port city. Players would always make it a point to visit him first, because he quickly became a popular merchant due to the vast amount of items he sold in his shop, and on his "breaks" he would walk around the city and end up with random, sometimes rare, items in his satchel depending on the location and time of day that a player stops and talks with him. He's also popular because he is the only NPC in the game that would strike up a seemingly genuine conversation with a player. Everybody just thinks the game company is testing out a conversational AI program on him.
Right now he's just customized himself (kind of on accident XD) in the Aurum Field's where noob players appear after he's finally had enough of his boring life. His chosen race is an Elf (no online fantasy goes without an elven species) and his chosen class is Adventurer!
There's so much more story to share but it'll be WAY too long XD

his WIP:

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