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Onyx Swimsuit Designs
Onyx Swimsuit Designs There are a few reasons these sketches exist. One is that–as the title suggests– I'm planning on drawing a new picture and I'm trying to design what Onyx will be wearing in it. It'll be a summer themed picture since summer just ended, hence the swimsuit. Even though the picture will be in color, I always do the preliminary designs in black and white first because I feel like if I start off using color I neglect the individual shapes of the design. It makes for a colorful yet bland finished picture. 1. The first one is the sportier one that I designed while looking through a catalog of sports attire. I thought it's main feature was the pattern, so I chose a forward facing pose. 2. The second one doesn't have much by way of a pattern. It's most defining feature is the the slit in the side so he's in a side pose. Even though I haven't chosen which design I'll use I'm already feeling like this one is my least favorite. Who knows? Maybe I'll change my mind when I sit down to draw the actual picture. 3. Finally, this last one is the baggiest and probably most like something he'd wear in the actual comic, however I'm planning on drawing a stand alone picture and I don't think it necessarily needs to be in character as long the design fits the picture the best. I mean, in reality Onyx is so shy he'd go to the beach in a hoodie and jeans. So yeah... The other reason I sketched this was to practice some anatomy and poses, which I had been neglecting for a while. and yes, I'll be making some designs for Lydia too. sketch, Design, swimsuit, neko, cat boy
Affect "Affect", "Incarnia", projects and memories. At the first about "Affect". It is a story about adventures (and love-love-love!) of two insane males: Riley (long mix-color hair, tiny shorts, off-shoulders t-shirts xd) and Jack (green hair, awesome smile, cardiogram on the body and the face, and deep blue - like an ocean! - eyes xd). But it is not so simple! (⁄ ⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄ ⁄) For first, it is a little allusion on famous DC-couple, but just a little xD The introduction was a deliberate reminiscence of this couple. A little hypertrophied, exaggerated, but just a reminiscence. In addition, the intro was also an easy allusion to the "Titanic", if anyone noticed ("Jack, I can not swim," well, you know xD) For second, it is a part of the World, called Incarnia, the World, in which I actually live (and all of us, if you believe me). Many eras, many powers and - generally - theme of reincarnation of soul! |ʘ‿ʘ)╯ And not just an ordinary soul. Lucifer, Horsemen of the Apocalypse, Eloa (daughter of God and Nature), demons, angels. Also my (our!) world touches upon the theme of the prehistory of souls, when all were gods, that they tried to live like mortals. For third, theme of the Darkness and the Power of Darkness, and men, which had this power and called Darkers. It`s like Dark Ones (inspired by Once Upon a Time), but deeper and more complicated. Also there are other forces (Lighters, Naturers, Clockers, Uroboroses and others). Plus there are some spirits, witches and more others. For now it is really all! (=①ω①=) Action, BL, Fantasy/Sci-Fi, Romance, Thriller, Comedy, Horror, Mystery, Drama