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Language: English
For adults


In 2095 "La Garita Caldera" suddently errupted, causing mass extinction, a volcanic winter and massives volcanic dust storms around the world. Ressources like food and drinkable water quickly became a rarity. Countries started to fight over ressources in a act of desparation propagating destruction of what was left.

50 years later, the humans are on the brink of extinction and struggling to survive with no government left to help...they are on their own. Emeline Delcroix, our main character, found a painting in what was left of her childhood home. On the painting is a woman looking just like her and a little boy with bright blue eyes. She don't know who the boy is and have no idea why she seems to be on this painting. Driven by curiosity, she embarks on a journey to find the secret behind this canvas...but should she? Sometimes there are things that should remain hidden.


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