bowl fire

Metal Wolf



Language: Hungarian
For adults
Translations: Japanese (1)


WARNING! FAIL ENGLISH! The manga's language is Hungarian because I STILL can't afford a translator. You will speak fluent Hungarian sooner than it would be available in proper English...
I re uploaded this manga after my big depression.
This story started in 2013 when I spent my last year in high school.
This story takes place in the 18th century France. But this is not a historical accurate story. The clothes and buildings remain the same but the weapons are very modernized. Why? Because they were made for kill demons. The People of Paris suffer from demons and that's why they hire mercenary demon hunters to help them. But what if not everything is black and white? What if there are humans who are more evil and cruel than demons?

I can't decide if it's safe for children or only for adults. The best age limit I would say is 14+. Definitely not for children but not only for adults.

Big thanks for the metallic logo for my best friend and assistant: Hanazawa Haruka.

My inspirations were my 3 favourite anime: Saber Marionette J, Devil May Cry and Hellsing.


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