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Conny Dago
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Adora, 12 year old peasant girl dreams of becoming the greatest knight of her kingdom Taragonna. She gets help from her friend, a brave and strong knight named Arthur who teaches Adora to fight like a knight, because believes in her, though he knows that Adora dreams of something impossible. The problem is that according to „Knight codex“ only men are allowed to become a knight.
Turns out, not only Adora was discriminated by Taragonna's rules. A huge, dangerous organization named „Goddess“ with only female members who suffered from patriarchy decides to attack the Kingdom and take control over it. However they will face the army of strong and fearless knights, which by accident will also include Adora...

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Translation statistics:
Words: 509
Characters: 2753
Balloons: 102
Views: 700
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Michał Wrzosek Ver 40x40 badge logo

Awesome story! It's full of epicness and action! I like also the way you draw - it's very original and your characters look very expressive.

Btw. There was an issue with images uploaded twice - I fixed it. It's probably because current image uploader for chapters is broken when uploading more pictures at once, but I created new uploader for artworks and I will add it also for chapters soon.

12 months ago
Conny Dago's avatar
Conny Dago

Thank you very much!

12 months ago
Nasty-chan's avatar

Whoa. I'm truly impressed. To tell you the truth, the first time I saw this comic I couldn't bring myself to read it because of the genre, but it made me turn the pages for real. Addictive! I love Adora so much now! And the entire story and characters, it's very cool!!

5 months ago