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In the isolated town of Warcester, a bundle of 90's high schoolers find themselves facing the unthinkable. With a new year starting and with old friends and enemies still butting heads between classes, Sierra arrives to Warcester High just in time to watch the wicked event unfold that will send the town into a dark, bizarre, and unforgiving adventure. Between our world and the realm, a schism tears, exposing all of humanity's most feared demons to the third dimension and infecting everyone who happened to be observing the full moon on the night of the breach, the night the moon faded crimson, the night the supernatural daunted upon the human world once more.

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Montezumama's avatar

Awesome! I am loving it so far!

10 months ago
CzłowiekZworka's avatar

I really like it :)good job, i have to know what will happen next! :D

10 months ago
Konspiracy's avatar

Thanks guys ^^

10 months ago
Michał Wrzosek's avatar
Michał Wrzosek Ver 40x40 badge logo

Polish version is out! :D Hope to know more about Angry Sierra <3 Btw we're starting to work some more on twitter =>

10 months ago
Blacksoul's avatar

i saw your comic on you tube and then saw the description. It's very cool well done!

10 months ago
Kokoro's avatar

It looks very promising :D

10 months ago
Michał Wrzosek's avatar
Michał Wrzosek Ver 40x40 badge logo

Z jakiegoś powodu zniknęło kilka okienek tłumaczeniowych w polskim tłumaczeniu. Dodałem brakujące.

For some reason couple of translator bubbles disappear at Polish translation. I add the missing ones.

6 months ago