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Posted 10 months ago.

God.... after 2 years, finally Chapter 11 is done too by my Phantasy Star novel...
I guess even those who read it gave up on it, eheh.... Welp, wont blame them...
At the moment life is happening around me... good and bad...
On the plus side (even if no one cares) l got a nice job as receptionist, so only have like 3-4 hours of break between shifts, then rest after 7:30pm. So it is understand able if l feel lazy to write.
But now~ ho ho! Sure, last chapter's end feels a bit.... flat... but how things turned out, l have so many new ideas!

Also revisiting the old chapters and correcting some typos and or grammar stuff.
Have a nice week everyone! o/

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Posted over 2 years ago.

Little update.... 10months since last one, ugh...

First of all, those who had a look on my novel and (still) waiting for the next chapter.
l'm sorry that, it goes this slow. l got a new work place, lots of stress, lots of work. So, sadly when l got home, l'm not always in the mood to write, just want to relax and such :x
Now, since l finally finished with all 4 Episodes in the game, l got more knowledge about the characters and what happened. Even though, l realized how badly l messed up the timeline XD
But l will make up for it! With knowing more about each character's personality, l can make things a bit more detailed.
And again, with finishing all Episodes, my mood to write again came back, since l got tons of ideas for newer chapters!

Thank you for understanding and sorry again xc

Best Regards

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Posted about 3 years ago.

So ~~
Chapter 10 is finally done! (took me only 3months.... yay!)
I try to chew now on Chapter 11's story, since mostly l go one by one, l got the... outer line of the story, just need to fill it with content, that's why mostly l brainstorm on in how the chapter's story shall go on. As for chapter 11, l got something special !
First collaboration will happen with guest characters from AsiaBAM's comic ^^
I might do other collabs later on with characters from other games or from my surroundings (aka real people).
Hope you will enjoy the 10th chapter!
Wish you a nice day everyone !

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Posted over 3 years ago.

Greetings everyone, Xam here!

I'm a hungarian hobby novelist. I did write a touhou novel once too, but that needs a complete rehaul. Might upload here too. If l'm not lazy, then l work on my Phanstay Star novel. l enjoy writing novels (even if l only wrote 1.5 so far) since you can write sometimes amazing stories. By my PSO2 novel, since l play with the game too, l took a lot of systems from the game (obviously.... lol) BUT, l changed them so, that it has a more real feel. Even though l got a job too, l try to work on it now and then. l also translate comics to German and Hungarian.

Hope you will enjoy my novel and that the translations l make are accured and understandable ^^