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Hi! I'm Ayumi, from Hungary. ^.^)/
I make mangas foralmost 10 years. My goal is to make people forget their own problems by reading/enjoying my works, like I did when I started to read mangas and books. I like reading, drawing (what a surprise! XD), cats, and chips.
And yeah, I'm kinda shy, and very slow with doing my mangas. ^^; Ahaha!~

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Posted 10 days ago.
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I just uploaded an old oneshot of mine, – Moonglow. It's a very special comic for me, because I drew it to someone I loved, haha! ^^ I hope you gonna enjoy it! :)

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Posted 23 days ago.
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I'm Ayumi, and I've started to use Mangaido, because a mangaka friend of mine suggested it. First I would like to introduce you my fantasy, romance, mistery themed manga – Furusato House! ^^
Chapter 1 is free to read! Have fun! :)