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Phantasy Star Online 2 - A game becomes Reality

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This fan fiction is about a game called Phantasy Star Online 2. It's a slice of life like novel, showing the daily life of a guy called Hikosaburo Morioka, the adventures he's going and the people who live on the colony ship caller Ur. My english is a bit rusty,...

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Day 1 - To the Training Grounds!

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It was 6am when an alarm went off. I turned on my other side to turn off my clock, but suddenly I hit the wall and realized that I wasn’t home anymore. When I finally sat up, Zeno was already up and Afin was moving too.

“C’mon guys, get up already!” Zeno encouraged us.

“Bah…. what time is it?” I asked back with a faint voice.

“6 am. So get up and let’s do some morning exercise!”

“Do we have to…?”

“Of course! You too, Afin!”

“I know, I know senpai…”

We went out to the balcony and did some morning exercise for around 30 minutes. I did felt a bit better, but still needed my morning glass of milk, else my throat would just feel dry the whole day. So I headed back to our room and moved towards the kitchen. The living room was still covered in darkness, which meant that the girls were still sleeping. I was looking around and saw that there are two fridges, I checked both of them and saw a milk bottle in the seconds one. After searching for a glass, I poured some milk into it. I was facing the wall, so when I was about to drink from the glass a voice scared me.

“Why are you drinking, my milk?!”

I jumped a bit and turned around. I saw that it was Rose who had a piercing look on me.

“Don’t scare me like that please…” I replied her back.

“I ask again. Why are you drinking my milk?”

“I’m sorry. I just… need to drink milk in the morning to clean up my throat. I didn’t know that the milk was yours, nor I wanted to offend you.”

“I see, next time ask before you take something from the fridge. Now, could you give me a glass of milk too?”

I poured some milk for her too and gave it to her.

“Thank you.” And she went back to their room again.

When the door closed I was kind of surprised that she even said ‘thank you’ to me. I drank my glass of milk too and headed back to our room. I saw that Afin already changed his clothes and told me that Zeno was taking a shower, then I remembered that I should take one too. I got my clothes out from my bag that I wanted to wear this day and waited for Zeno to finish. I was on the balcony in the meanwhile, looking around when I heard the door opening on the other side. Io came out while she was stretching herself. Guess she just woke up, since she was still in her PJ. She looked at me and waved with a smile, I did the same was. Few minutes later Zeno finished and it was finally my turn to take a bath. But before that…

“Say, when we have to arrive…. where ever we have to.”

“8pm at the center, where you got your ID card.” Zeno answered while drying his hair.

“I see… And how long does it take to get there?”

“Hmm… think its 15 minutes with the taxi and 15-20 minutes with the bus.”

“Then why did we get up at 6am?!”

“To do our morning exercise, of course!” He answered with a laugh.

“Don’t worry, he’s like this every morning” Continued Afin sarcastically.

 “Lovely… Now, before I forget it. I will take a quick shower.”

And I left the room. Spent only 5-6 minutes under the shower then dried myself, got on my clothes and started to move towards the living room where I heard some movements. When I got out there I saw Afin, Io and Rose sitting by the kitchen window’s chair and was looking towards Echo who was making something. Zeno was watching the morning news on the TV.

“Good morning, everyone!” I shouted while breaking the morning silence.

Io turned towards me and Echo looked out from the window and both said ‘good morning’ too. I walked towards them and asked Echo what she’s doing.

“I’m making breakfast. Would you like to have some too?”

“Umm… I would, but I’m fine with some cornflakes if we have any.”

“Let me see…”

She turned around and checked the cupboards. She did found a box. She put a bowl to the counter with the box and milk. I thanked her, sat down and put the some cornflakes into the bowl. I feared that Rose bites my head up again, so this time I did ask.

“Mind if I take some milk, Rose? Of course later on, when I get some money I will buy a few boxes too.”

“Go ahead.”

Echo and Io had a puzzled face and didn’t know why I asked for her permission. After I ate my breakfast I thanked Echo for the meal, gave her back everything and sat down next to Zeno to see what’s in the news.

“Anything interesting?”

“Nah, it’s always the same. They mostly show what happened on the ships, weather forecast and so on.”

“Isn’t it always sunny here?”

“Not always, sometimes it rains too. The ship collects the fallen water, refines it and we use it as drinking water or it goes straight to the park’s sprinkle system” He explained while watching the TV.

“I see, nice system the ship has.” I replied while nodding.

When the others finished with their breakfast it was already 7am and now everyone was ready to go. I quickly ran to our room to get my backpack but didn’t found it. I didn’t want the others to wait too much so I just put my ID card into my jeans and went back to the living room. When the door opened I saw Echo having my backpack.

“Are you looking for this?”

“Yes! Thank you, but… where was it?”

“Well, while you were watching the news, I went to your room and put in a bento box for you.”

“We-well… T-thank you very much, Echo”

“Don’t need to by shy, Morioka.” She answered with a smile “You are welcome!”

We closed the door and started to move out. The girls took the elevator while Zeno again insisted that we take the stairs, and we had to take it. The girls were waiting for us in the front of the building trying to catch a taxi for us. When we reached the ground floor I heard a loud whistle. I gained some tempo to get on the street and see what it was, but the only thing I saw was Echo with a raised arm shouting ‘taxi!’

“Hmm… did you hear that loud whistling just a second ago?”

“Yes, it was Echo senpai.” Io cleared me up.

“Wow…. that was some loud whistling…” Answered I a bit surprised.

“Hehe, well~ they need to hear you somehow!”

“That’s…. true…”

Two taxis arrived and each group took one, the girls took the first car and we the second. Since, I didn’t had any money yet, Afin and Zeno paid my part too. I did tell them that once I get some payment too I will pay everything back. While we were on the way, I saw how lively the morning streets are, lots of people started opening their shops and many ARKS members and trainees were walking around. When we finally reached the center, we split away; they had to go on their missions while I had to go to B43 where the training facility could be found. I walked towards the elevator and pressed ‘B43’ on it when I heard someone shouting.

“Wait for us!”

I knew, it might hurt, but I placed my arm between the closing doors that stopped automatically before it even reached my arm and opened up again. A guy around my age and a girl stepped inside.

“Th…. Thank you a lot sir!” Thanked me the guy after he caught his breath.

“Whew…. we made it…. thank you a lot mister!”

“No problem, but you were still in time, no?”

After a few more heavy breathings the guy raised himself and answered

“Yes, but we like to arrive a bit earlier, so we can practice a bit before the training starts.”

“I… see. Well, it will be my first time, so I don’t mind being a bit late.”  I answered him with a smile.

“Oh, a new recruit! Where are my manners?! My name is Lubert Irving, nice to meet you.”

I shook hands with him and replied.

“I’m Hikosaburo Morioka, nice to me you too. And the young lady is?”

Not that I didn’t knew, but I wanted to hear her voice too.

“I-I’m Lottie Sapphire, ni… nice to meet you Hikosaburo-san!”

“And there we go again~” I answered sarcastically.

“I’m sorry, did I offend you?” Asked the blue haired shy girl

“No, no, but no need to be this indirect, okay? You, and Lubert too, can call me Morioka or Mori.”

“Thank you.” Answered Lubert

“I try to do so!”

Lottie seemed to be a bit shy around strangers, or it was just because we met the first time. I mean who wouldn’t be like this in front of someone who you just met. On the way down, they explained me how the whole ‘study’ thing works. There was no class and no such kind of study. You just log in at the register and you have, depending on what class you are, that kind of training. Rangers and Gunner had shooting practice and agility tests. Hunters had reflex tests and training dummy attacks, same as Fighters. Forces had Accuracy and spell training. And Techers learned how to utilize their supportive arts the most. The hybrid classes like Bravers and Bouncers had trainings depending on what they were focusing. Like someone who focused on close combat by Braver would be training with the Hunters and Fighters, and the others who focused on ranged attack with bows, trained with the Rangers and Gunners. When we got down, they showed me where to go to register myself. I saw a brow haired girl with twin tails behind a counter. We bid farewell to each other and I wished them a ‘nice day’.

“Good morning!” I greeted to the girl behind the counter.

“Good morning to you too! With what can I help you?”

“Yea~, I’m new here and heard that I need to register myself here.”

“You heard right about that. Please hand me your ID card over.” Asked the brown haired girl gently

I gave her my ID card, she insert it into a slot.

“So~, Hikosaburo Morioka. Any idea, what class you want to be in?”

“Ranger, of course!” I answered her a bit hyped.

“Very well, ranger it is!”

She typed a few things on her computer then a –beep- sound could be heard and my card came out from the slot. She gave it back to me and told me to go to the end of the training ground; there I will meet the teacher of the rangers and gunners. I was walking now for around two minutes and thought that the room will never have an end. Was wondering why they had to put the ranger’s training ground at the end of the place. When I was closing to the end, I heard a familiar laugh. I started to walk faster to see if it was really her. When I got close enough, I saw a sign saying ‘Now entering the Ranger’s training ground!’ I saw many of these along the way, each sign showing which class has their ‘class room’ there. When I arrived, I saw Lisa explaining some stuff to the students before they start the training. After seeing her I became happy that she was back on her feet, literally.

“So it was really your laughter, Lisa”

She turned around and seemed to be happy to see me.

“Ara~ good morning, Morioka!”

“Oh~, so you still remember me?”

“Yes~, you stole Lisa’s prey during the attack”

I started to laugh.

“Yea, that’s the answer I was hoping to get. Good to see that you are back on your feet”

“Thank you~! Now come closer, Lisa wants to introduce you to everyone!”

I made a few steps forward and Lisa introduced me to everyone else. I saw that Lubert was between the recruits too. They started to whisper to each other finding it weird that someone who they never saw on the ship before is talking like this with Lisa, since they mostly feared her and showed some respect. After the introduction Lisa wanted to see what I’m capable of. She got her sniper and told me that we do a little match.

“Let’s see if you can beat Lisa’s record, okay~”

“Sure, bring it, but I must warn you, I might act like a newbie, since I never shot a gun before…. except at the village.”

But she was just smiling. She went to the desk that looked towards the shooting range and told one of her students to set up the 3 hit training sessions. Her record was 1.5 second for the 3 targets. She opened the bipod for the sniper and said that it can go. Yet again she took down the 3 targets in 1.5 seconds.

“Your turn Morioka~!”

And she gave me her sniper. It was a bit heavy, more than it was during the attack.

“Sigh…. let’s see then.”

I took aim and told the guy next to the switch that it can go. I made 3 quick shots, since I was watching where the targets will pop up. After the shots I was a bit nervous and was shaking.

“So? What’s the time?”

I could see that the guy had a shocked face while watching the timer.

“I-it’s…. it’s… 2 seconds….”

A sudden silence came over everyone.

“Fufufu~ not bad Morioka, not bad~!”  Said Lisa, while patting my back

“Hehe… Thank you… Lisa.”

I was a bit surprised, since I thought that I was damn slow, but turned out that I wasn’t. After this, Lisa said something crazy.

“Alright everyone! We do a team death match~! You all, versus us two~!”

Everyone looked at each other what the ‘is she nuts?!’ look on their faces.

“Li-Lisa… you sure about this? There are around 30 rangers and gunners versus us!”

But she just kept smiling, like always. We all picked up our training guns and clothes, then went to the training field. I was really scared since we were only 2 vs. 30, and who knows how well trained they were. After both sides took their position a counter started to count back.

-3… 2… 1… Fight!-

I could hear their footsteps dashing towards us. As I tried to look out from one of the cover a bullet flew away right next to my face almost hitting me. So I used a different tactic, I only got my gun out from the cover looking towards the corridor the shot came from and started to randomly fire, I could hear 2-3 ‘ugh’ and ‘ouch’ which meant that I made some hits. Lisa had no such problems, even before the enemy could get out from the cover she made the shot and they just moved into it. I was pretty amazed how well she knew where the enemy was. I moved to the next cover and looked out. I saw 4 guys behind the cover, I leaned a bit out and shot all 4 of them down, by the time Lisa just moved forward taking down anyone who crossed her field of view. Half of the team was already down and only 15 were left, including Lubert. When I tried to advance, a shot landed on the board next to me, so I jumped back.

“Nice reflexes Morioka!” Said Lubert

“Thanks, was a close one though…”

“Thank you and sorry, but I will have to shoot you down now.”

“Game on, buddy!”

While we were talking I tried to listen from where the voice came. This way I could determine from where I have to attack, I took my chance and quickly dashed to the next cover, he was still watching the side where I was moving around, so I silently moved towards the other direction. One of them surprised me and though that this will be the end for me when suddenly he got a hit from his right. Lisa was just waiting for him to show up. I continued my movement and saw Lubert peeking out at the other side making sure that I won’t come that way. But when he turned towards me it was already too late, I made the shot and we won with Lisa. We went back to the meeting area where Lisa thanked everyone for the good fight. She did praise me even though I only got down 8 enemies. The next thing she said was horrifying.

“Alright Morioka~, now you and Lisa will fight!” Said Lisa happily

“You… what?!”

I was a bit shocked to hearing that, since I knew that she is one of the best rangers around. Everyone again looked at each other and Lubert came over to me.

“You can do it Morioka!”

“Yea…. thanks… but I’m so~ doomed.”

“Don’t be so down, you got 8 from us! Even though Lisa-sensei got the other 22…”

“Well… I don’t have any choice, right?”

“No~.” Added Lisa

“Alright, let’s get over with this; at least I get free sooner.”

This time I picked the enemy team’s color and went to my position. I was almost shaking, was so nervous that I will have to face Lisa. The counter again hit zero and we both moved out. I was trying to move again from one cover to another, but before I even could move out I got shot at. I tried to go from the other direction too but same result. Once I tried to move out from my cover and got almost shot. I was wondering how she knew where I am. First I thought that she might have so much experience that she can read the enemy’s way of thinking. Somehow I managed to slip through her firing and get cover behind the next cover that had a small Plexiglas. I looked out and saw Lisa. I wanted to test something, so I showed a victory sign behind the planks. I saw Lisa looking at me and showing that sign back. Now I was sure…

“That little… she had X-ray vision the whole time?!”

Now the victory was more leaning towards her side. I didn’t know what to do. Since whenever I wanted to move out she was about to fire at me, but if I would had just hid she still would knew where I am and find me. I had to set up a trap for her somehow. I could hear her hover gear igniting so I knew that she was moving towards me. I tried to go to the site where I heard her but when I got there it was silent again and as I looked out from the corner I didn’t see anything nor I got shot at.

“Might this be a trick? Oh no… the other side!”

When I turned around I saw Lisa standing there while holding her gun towards me.

“Sayonara~” She said and pulled the trigger.

One millisecond later I pulled the trigger too out of fear and we both hit each other. Those who watched us were amazed and said ‘…a draw’. They never saw anyone so far managing to hit Lisa. After I heard her faint ‘ugh’ I was still in shock and just looked out of my head. She started to walk towards me and reached her arm out to pull me up.

“That was a good fight Morioka~”

“Ah… t… thank… you… haa… haa…” I replied while still trying to get my breath back.

We both went out where the other students started to clap at us. I still felt nervous and a bit proud too, since I managed to stand a small chance against the person who I admire the most. After these two matches we took a 5 minute break to refresh ourselves then we continued with the practices. They were most of the time speed runs, shooting practice and agility tests. When we were finally done it was 11:45am already. So Lisa told us that we can go to the canteen to eat something then we could all go home. I took my backpack and headed to the canteen which was a huge area where all classes could eat together. Of course by the time I finished packing everyone was having a seat and ate. I stepped into the mess hall I saw someone raising his hand and waved at me. I started to move that direction and when I got closer I saw that it was Lubert who waved at me, Lottie was eating with him too.

“Hey you two.” I greeted them with a smile “Wish you a good appetite.”

“Thank you!” Both answered.

“Have a seat Morioka! Just told Lottie about what you did on the training fields.”

“… Hehe… Well, it was pure luck.” I answered shyly.

“Oh c’mon, that wasn’t luck! It was skill, I tell you! You knew where Lisa-sensei was!”

“I would say that it was quite the opposite…”

 “Why so?” Asked me Lottie

“She has an inbuilt x-ray vision, she knew from the beginning where everyone was, including me.”

Lubert started to scratch his head. “No wonder we always lost against her...”

“Yea, it was kind of tricky to go against her, and she used my own trap against myself.”

“Well still, a draw is better than a loss right?”

“A draw is like both sides would have lost, but yea, it’s better than a total loss.”

Lottie was just smiling at us then she said.

“Y-you should eat something too!”

“Ah right…. that’s why we are here after all.” I started to laugh “Thank you Lottie! Now let’s see what I got.”

“You don’t know what you have?” The blue haired huntress asked me.

“Umm, not really, Echo made it for me.”

“Echo-senpai made it for you?!” Lottie asked back with a surprised face.

“Ye-yes… why?”

“I’m just amazed that you got something made by your senpai.”

“Hehe, yea. She’s really kind.”

When I opened the bento box I could smell all the tasty food she made for me. It had lots of rice in it, 2 pieces of meat which was around half of my palm, some vegetables and some tofu. While we were eating we didn’t talked that much, just were enjoying our meals. During this time I looked around to see if I see anyone else who is familiar to me. I saw a few tables away Ohza and Marlu talking. When I was about to finish my meal, Lubert turned towards me and asked me if I could help them with a little training after lunch, since we could go home once we finished.

“What kind of training do you need?” I asked curiously. “Besides… I don’t think I can teach you that much, I got no experience.”

“I… We, would like to know, how you knew where we and Lisa-sensei were at the raining ground.”

“Hmm, well…. I can just tell that. I just waited and listened.”

“Could you teach that?” Lubert asked with a fire in his eye.

“U-us?! Why me too?” The shy huntress turned towards Lubert.

“Even if you are in a different class, you need to listen more than us.”

“Easy now, I will ‘try’ to teach it to you then.”

Lubert seemed to be happy about, so after lunch break we went to the open fields. I didn’t fully knew how to teach them, but I figured out something.

“Alright, ladies first then.” I pointed at Lottie

“O-okay! But what shall I do?”

I told her to come to my position and stand there with closed eyes. She didn’t understood what I wanted so she was a bit nervous too. I explained them, that a good way to learn to listen well is, if I start to walk silently around them getting closer and closer and they have to pinpoint my location, of course if I can touch their shoulder its ‘game over’. After that I told Lottie to close her eyes while I start to walk around her and she needs to say when she can hear me.

“Alright, I won’t tell you when I start to walk, just stand there”


I waited for around a minute when I slowly started to walk around her starting from 10m distance. With each lap I got closer and closer to her, yet she didn’t said anything. Even when I was 2m from her she didn’t notice me. Then a few more steps later I got behind her and grabbed her shoulder.


I felt her jumping a bit from the surprise

“Ho-how did you do that???” She asked with a shaking voice.

“Simple, I walked to you” I replied with a smile.

“I didn’t mean that! I couldn’t hear you at all…”

“It’s because you were focusing on too many things. As I can hear we aren’t the only ones that train at time.”

I told her to lets shift places and she has to walk around me. She went over to Lubert and I closed my eyes.

“Alright, you can start when you want.” I shouted to her and closed my eyes.

While my eyes were closed I took a deep breath and started to close out all unnecessary noises. After 30 seconds I was focused on her footsteps and could tell where she was. When she got close enough and was in front of me I grabbed her by her shoulder again. She scare jumped again and couldn’t believe that I knew where she was.

“No fair…”

I started to smile at her.

“You need to focus on the one that moves. Okay, this time I will tell you when I will start to walk.”


Lubert was observing the whole thing silently and was waiting for his turn.

“Alright, here I go”

I started to move towards her again and saw this time that her face became more serious. When I was in a 5 meter radius she spoke up

“I can hear you!” And pointed at the direction where I was.

After she opened her eyes she saw that she was pointing at the right direction. She got so happy about it that she started to jump around. Both I and Lubert just smiled at her. Then she noticed us watching her.

“A… This is embarrassing now…”

“Heh heh, don’t worry about it Lottie, you were just overjoyed.”

“Yes, since I was able to point where you were.” The young girl said it with a smile.

“Alright, your turn now Lubert. You know the drill.”

“Yes sir!”

He went to Lottie’s place and closed his eye. After a little time I started to walk again in a circle towards him. I was around 12m away when he noticed my steps and pointed at me. He opened his eyes and I was right in that direction where he pointed.

“Well, that was amazing now.”

“Hehe, I listened what instructions you gave to Lottie.”

“Alright, then let’s see if you can pinpoint us both.”


I walked back to the starting position and told Lottie to start to walk. When she was behind Lubert I started to walk in the opposite direction. We got really close to him but when we were around 5 meter from him he raised both of his arms and pointed at the direction we were. He did listen really well, that he could notice us. And with this I did taught them something new. After he opened his eyes he came to me and reached his arm out. I did so too and we shook hands.

“Thank you for the lesson, Morioka!”

“You are welcome, now you have an ace by you, during battles.”

Lottie started to walk towards us too and she shyly reached her arm out. I did the same way, but when we were about to shake hands, I turned her hand to the upper side and kissed it. She pulled it back right away with a red face.

“Wha-what was that about?!” The shy girl asked with a red face.

“Well, by us, before I was born, gentleman greeted or bit farewell by kissing the ladies hands.”

“I… I see. A-anyways, thank you for teaching something new to me too!” She thanked me with a red face

“You are welcome too, Lottie. If you want to ask anything, don’t hesitate to do so, I try to give my best to answer it.”

“We’ll do so! Thank you!” The dark haired ranger replied.

We started to head back to the gates that lead to the corridor which points towards the elevators. Once we crossed the gate we saw Lisa standing there, she was watching us. She told me that she would like to talk with me, so I bit farewell to Lubert and Lottie. Once they were gone I asked Lisa about what she wants to talk with me, but she just raised her arm like she would want me to kiss it, and so I did. She started to smile and told me what she wants from me.

“You gave a nice lesson there…. teacher~!”

“Hehe, I just helped them a bit. By the way, about what did you want to talk with me?”

“Fufufu~ I got something for you~, just wait here, okay?”

“Umm… sure…”

Lisa went away with a smile on her face, as usual. I was thinking what she wants to give me and why. After 5 minutes of waiting she came back with her sniper in her arms. She stopped in front of me and stretched out her arms with the gun in it. First I looked at the gun then directly into her eyes.

“You…. want me… to have this gun?”

“Yes~! It is yours now!”

“But… why do you want to give me your personal weapon? I mean… will you have a weapon to fight then?”

“Lisa wants to give you this gun because you saved my life!”

I did remember that back at my home planet I wanted to get her away from Hunar, but since she was too heavy I had to use her gun to protect her. I was really surprised that she wanted to give me her weapon.

“Well…. it would be rude to refuse a gift. So… I take it. Thank you very much, Lisa!”

I made a bow gesture and took the gun out of her hands slowly. It did felt heavy, but it looked really amazing, it was the 3rd time that I held this gun.

“Btw… how much…. umm… power? Has the gun?”

“Hmm~ it has 2000!”

“Wha?! 2000?! Just how much, did it cost to make it this strong?!” I asked her with a scared face.

“Hmm, hmm~ I think it was around 15 million~!” The black haired cast girl answered.

“Wha… fif… ahh… oh my god… FIFTEEN MILLION MESETA?! And you still want to give the weapon to me?!”

Echoed my voice through the whole training ground, but Lisa just replied with a cheering ‘yes’. I couldn’t believe it, then gun with I saved her life is worth 15m meseta.

“Also~ the weapon has a special ability too~!”

“Eh? What is it?”

She pressed a small red button on the side of the gun and the long barrel pulled itself back and with this, it looked now more like and assault rifle.

“Whoa! What kind of function is this?”

“It’s the fire rate switcher! While the barrel is long, the weapon will fire in semi-auto, but if you hit the red button, the barrel gets back and you will be able to fire in a burst fire mode!” Added Lisa to it

“A-amazing… Thank you, soooo much, Lisa!”

I put down the weapon and hugged her. First she was a bit surprised but I could feel her arms closing on my back, which means that she hugged me back too. After that we went back to the registration desk where the brown haired girl greeted us.

“Good afternoon Lisa and….”

“…. Morioka.” I told my name to her.

“Ah right! Sorry, we got too many students, hard to remember all of them. So~ with what can I help you?”

“Lisa wants you to write the user’s rights from my weapon to Morioka!” Lisa answered her question.

“Alright then!”

She asked me to put the weapon on the desk, then Lisa gave the front office lady, her ID card. The brown haired girl, insert Lisa’s ID card into the slot. She typed something on her computer and shortly we heard a long deep ‘beep’ sound and the card came out from the slot. Now she asked for my card, so I gave it to her. She typed again something into the pc, but this time we heard 2 lighter ‘beep’ sounds. She was about to give me my card back but before that.

“Before I give your card, back to you, the weapon is now registered on your name, so if you commit any crime or violate any rule on the ship, it will be recorded to your files which can cause you to go to jail or permanently cast you out from this and/or any other ships. Do you understand?”

“O-of course I do! I won’t violate any rules nor will commit any crime with this weapon!”

“Good, then here is your card back! Have a nice day!”

We wished her the same and headed to the elevators. On the way I thanked Lisa once again for giving me something this valuable and that in many ways, since this didn’t only cost her a lot of money to make, but surely it helped her a lot by her missions. When we reached B35 I stepped out from the elevator, but Lisa stayed.

“Hmm? Won’t you come?”

“Lisa can’t! I still have a mission to go on!”

“Ah… I see, well, have a safe trip then, Lisa!”

“Thank you~! Bye bye~!”

I waved her back and started to walk slowly towards the entrance, but before I reached I realized something. I had absolutely no money on me and they at the training ground pay us always at the next day. This meant that, I got stuck in the ground lobby area. I was only panicking a bit and tried to calm myself down. The people in the lobby started to give me a weird look just by seeing me walking up and down while talking to myself. I was walking like this for 5 minutes and hoped that I meet someone from our house that could help me to get home. I looked at the big clock that hang in the lobby and saw that it was already 1:08pm. I thought that I could walk home too, but the 7th district was a bit far, even though it was only 15 minutes with the taxi. I was looking outside and didn’t notice that someone approached me from behind.

“Good afternoon Morioka!” A familiar voice sounded from behind me.

I made a tiny scare jump because I wasn’t expecting anyone to sneak up on me like that. When I turned around I saw Io standing in front of me. I grabbed her hands and said.

“Oh thank you God, for sending someone!”

Her face turned both scared and red after she heard me saying that.

“You…. act weird, you know?”

“I’m sorry… but when we finished with the training, I realized that I got no money on me… So I couldn’t go home.” I told to her with a sad face. “I don’t like to leech on others, but… if I ask you nicely, then could you please pay for my bus ticket?”

She gave me a kind smile and said.


I was really happy, so I hugged her.

“Ugh… Morioka… I can’t… breathe…”

“Ah… sorry, sorry! Just was overexcited”

“It’s okay; now, let’s go to the bus, okay?”

“Alright, you lead.”

We went outside where there were two stations; one was for buses, while the other was for taxis. Of course the one for the buses was much bigger, since there came around 10-15 busses to this station daily. We took the one that had a ‘7’ on its front, since it meant that it goes toward the 7th district. Io went in first since she bought us the tickets. Thankfully our bus headed to our district at 1:20pm

“Good afternoon. Two tickets to the 7th districts please.”

“Good afternoon, just a moment please.” The bus driver greeted, who then asked for Io’s card to make the payment.

“There you go. Here are two tickets.”

“Thank you. This is yours then Morioka.”

“Thank you a lot.”

Then I greeted to the bus driver too and took a seat close to the rear door. On the way I could barely say anything, no clue why, but I was somehow nervous. Then suddenly Io asked me what I would like to eat for dinner. I was a bit surprised.

“W-why do you want to make dinner f-for me?” I asked back shyly

“Since, it’s my turn to make dinner today.”

“Oh… I almost go the wrong idea… hehe”

Io just smiled at me.

“So~ what would you like to eat?”

“Umm… just… make the usual you do? I mean, this is only my first day here, don’t even know what kind of meals the ship has.”

“Hmm, then I make some curry!”

“Hehe, do that, can’t wait to taste it. Also… I got a question.”


“You said that today is your turn… Guess all in the house make dinner each day of the week, right?”

“Yes. Zeno-senpai cooks at Monday, Echo-senpai at Tuesday, Afin at Thursday, Rose at Friday and I at Wednesday.”

“I see… and what about weekends?”

“Well, mostly we go out to eat, or we just make something for ourselves from what we find in the fridge.”

“Then guess Saturday is mine. Also, what about breakfasts? You said that you cook today, but Echo made the breakfast for everyone.”

“She likes to make breakfasts, that’s all.”

“Ah… Guess, I will need to talk with her then, so I can make you breakfast Sundays.” I answered her with a smile.

We kept talking about this for a few more minutes when Io told me to press the stop signal to let the driver know that we want to get off at the next station. From this station on we walked 10 more minutes until we go home. We took the elevator up to the 5th floor and entered our apartment. We both went to our room to get some fresh clothes since we had a tiring day. I don’t know about Io, but I took a shower to refresh myself and threw my cloths in to the dirty laundry basket. After 5 minutes I was done and put on some new clothes. I was packing my stuff to my wardrobe. Good thing that the weapon had a button on it to make the barrel smaller, this way it did fit inside. I also put my old clothes in, but knew that later on I will need some new clothes since I didn’t bring that much with me. I started to hear some music from the living room so I went there to check what it is. When I entered the living room I saw that the TV was turned on and Io was listening to it while she was making dinner. I asked her what she’s watching.

“It’s a classical music channel. I like to listen to it while making dinner.” She replied with a smile.

“I see. This type of music is quiet relaxing.”

“Indeed, sadly I can’t listen to them while on mission else I won’t be able to focus, ehehe~.”

We were talking about random thing for around 45 minutes when suddenly the door opened. It was Afin getting back from his mission, he looked a bit beat down. He just waved to us and went to our room. We looked at each other and I raised my shoulder to show that I don’t know what’s up with him. After 15 minutes he came back and greeted us properly.

“Sorry for earlier. I was really tired and had to take a shower to refresh myself.”

“Its okay” We both replied to him.

“And what happened with you today that you got so tired?” I asked him curiously.

“Well, we were on Amduscia on the Floating Continents. Our mission was to get some crystals from the Quartz Dragon.”

“Ah yea… he can be mean… And what star had the mission?”

“It was a 3 star mission. But yea, it was hard. We were a group of 4. Once we found the dragon, it knocked out one of our member. I had to bring her to safety while the seniors were luring the dragon away. After she was in a safe place, I rushed back to help the others out. I shot a weakening bullet on its frontal crystal so they can break it down. We broke down all its crystal part then it ran away. We collected the samples and returned to the landing zone.”

“Hmm, must have been a hard fight then.”

“Sure it was…”

After he said that he went to the sofa to sit down. I turned back to Io, but then I heard that the music stopped, I turned back and saw that Afin started to look around to see what’s in the TV. I pointed my arm towards Afin while looking at Io with a ‘won’t you say something?” face. But Io just looked down. I looked back to Afin and said.

“Say Afin, shouldn’t you ask first if you may change channel? Io and I were watching it, you know?”

“Ah… I’m sorry, will change back then.”

“Thank you.”

He said that next time he will ask, but this time he was just too lazy and tired, so he thought that we won’t mind if he looks around. I told him that he should rest a bit until dinner is ready if he’s that tired. He took my advice and went to sleep, but before that he asked us to wake him up when we start to eat. It was 3pm when Rose arrived too. She greeted us and went to her room. Soon Io was done with cooking and stretched herself a bit. Around 3:30pm my stomach started to growl. It was a bit embarrassing; Io was smiling and told me that I can eat from the curry if I want. That was like the start sign by a race for me, so I told her that I would like to eat some. She gave me with a plate what was almost full with it. It did smell good so I started to dig in.


“Enjoy your meal.” She said with a smile.

I don’t know if the meal was too hot or she put in some spice, but it had a burning sensation that’s for sure. Then again it was really tasty and I enjoyed it. I was half way done when their side of the door opened too, it was Rose.

“Something smells nice! Could I have some too?” She asked kindly.

“Sure! Have a seat!” The blue haired dewman girl replied to her.

After she got her plate too, I swallowed my last bits and told her.

“Have a nice meal, Rose.”

“Thank you. You too.”

I still was a bit scared from her, but it seemed that she started REALLY slowly to getting used to me; well it was only my first day in this house, so I couldn’t blame her if she didn’t like me from the start. When we both finished it was already 4pm. I was in the balcony reading the newspaper while Io and Rose were watching something in the TV. It was a few minutes after 4:15pm when Zeno and Echo finally came back from their mission.

“We are back!” Zeno shouted.

“We heard some news about you Morioka!”

I turned at Echo with a worried face as they moved inside, not knowing what they heard about me. Seeing me like that Echo started to laugh.

“Don’t worry, don’t worry! It’s nothing bad.”

“Whew… started to get scared that I made something wrong again.”

At this moment Afin came out from the room with a sleepy face and asked.

“What did Morioka do wrong?”

“Hehe, nothing at all.” Zeno answered him.

“Why don’t you tell everyone what you did today?” Encouraged me Echo “We will eat something so long, because I’m soooo hungry….”

Suddenly everyone turned towards me.

“We-well… I did nothing spectacular today.”

“Oh did you~? Well Lisa told us something else! Tee-hee~.”

“You met her?!” I asked back with a surprised face.


“She also told us that she gave you her sniper. Did she tell you how much it cost to make it?” Zeno told me.

“S-she did…”

“And how much was it?” Echo asked me.

“Umm… well…. 15 million…”

Everyone looked at me with a shocked face; even Echo almost spit back her food when she heard that amount.

“What?! 15 million?! That’s… a lot…” Said Echo

“I know...! I had the same reaction.”

“Alright, but let’s hear now what you did. Lisa seemed to be really proud.” Zeno continued.

“Well… At first she wanted to see my…. speed or accuracy. She gave me her sniper and had to shot 3 targets. Think her record on it is 1.5 seconds. I took them down in 2 seconds.”

“Whoa, that’s pretty nice! Was it on the first try?” Afin asked me.

“Yup, it was. I was watching where the targets pop up, since Lisa shot them before me.”

“I see… It’s still amazing what you did.”

“Hehe, yea… But going on with the story, after that she wanted that we face the class in a 2 versus 30 match…”

“That sounds a bit insane, no?” Io asked.

“It can be done.” Replied Rose quickly to her question.

“Mhm, in the end we won. I took down 8 opponents while Lisa got 22 hits.”

“Whoa~!” Sounded Io’s amazed voice.

“Hehe, well… after that she wanted to face me in a duel…” I said it a bit shivering.

“Hoho~ and who won in the end? Guess you, right?” Zeno asked me proudly.

“Well… it was a draw. We hit each other at the same time.”

“Well, that’s still nice. As I heard not all rookies could do that. They lost after a minute.”

“Yea… and I know why…”

“Why?” Zeno asked.

“Because she has a freaking x-ray vision, she knew from the beginning where I was and tried to use my own trap against myself, but my reflex was as good as hers.”

“Heh, can’t wait to go on a mission with you Morioka!” Said Zeno, while patting my shoulder

“Thanks.” I replied with a smile. “A~nd, this was the story.”

“You forgot a part!” Said Echo

“Hmm? What part?” Asked I back with curiously face.

“The part where, you taught Lottie and Lubert something new, silly!”

“Ah… right! Well, just taught them how to wait and listen. Both are quick learners, they could spot me quiet fast.”

Echo and Zeno just smiled at me. Then, after I finished my story, at the same time Echo finished her meal too. While the others talked about their day too, she went to take a quick shower. Zeno did the same, since he wasn’t that hungry so he ate later together with Afin. At the rest of the day we were playing activity games. We had three teams, first were Echo and Zeno, second were Io and Afin and third were Rose and myself. Most fun and embarrassing part was when we had to play the Nab Rappy Capture code. Of course I had to be the rappy and run away from Rose, didn’t took them long to guess on the right answer. Got scold by her a few times, but in the end we got second, I had a lot of fun, even though I’m a bit shy by these things. Around 9pm everyone went to their room, we did talk for another hour before we tried to sleep. After this day, I felt asleep much faster than last time and didn’t knew yet, what Lisa was planning for us on the next day.


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