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My Girlfriend's a Hex Maniac

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Genres: Romance
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This is my personal fan comic/doujin project, and this series is STRICTLY SFW. So expect only romantic comedy and all that jazz. Although I might throw in fan service here and there.

Now about the comic, as you can see this series is heavily inspired from Gooberman's Dating a Team Magma Grunt and it's been one of my favorite fan comic series that I've read of all time (sadly it got postponed for a couple of years) and the story of "My Girlfriend's a Hex Maniac" is a romantic comedy series that focuses on Calem's relationship with the nameless Hex Maniac and her eccentricities.

The series will be released around early 2017 and each chapters are 12-20 pages long. Hope you enjoy the series when it's released : D


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