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Phantasy Star Online 2 - A game becomes Reality

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This fan fiction is about a game called Phantasy Star Online 2. It's a slice of life like novel, showing the daily life of a guy called Hikosaburo Morioka, the adventures he's going and the people who live on the colony ship caller Ur. My english is a bit rusty,...

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Day 2 - The Training Grounds again?!

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Thursday, 6am, our alarm clock was beeping again like wild. I got up this time without any questions, when I got on the ground Afin was barely awake. Zeno was putting together his clothes too before we went outside to do our daily exercise again. It didn’t felt that bad this time, was nice to be on the air in the morning. After we finished our exercise, we went to take a shower one by one. I was the last who went in since my first walk lead me to the kitchen. When the door opened I saw Rose already being in there and drinking her glass of milk. But when I looked at the counter I saw another glass that was already filled.

“Umm… good morning, Rose. Is that… for… me?” I asked her with a surprised face.

“Good morning, and it is for you.” She replied with no emotion in her voice.

“Heh… Well thank you kindly, Rose.” I smiled at her.

“N-no need to thank me.”

(She just got a bit shy now?) I asked myself in my mind.

I picked up the glass and drank the milk from it. I thanked her once again and went back to the bathroom to take a shower too. When I was done with it, the time was 6:45am. So I went out to the living room to everyone and greeted them.

“Good morning ladies!”

“Good morning to you too Morioka!” Io and Echo greeted me back.

I sat down and before I even could say anything, Echo put a plate of waffles in front of me. I looked first at the waffles then at her.

“Eat them all up~!” She said with a gentle smile.

“O-okay, thank you Echo.”

“You are welcome Morioka.”

Yet again, what Echo made was really tasty and I ate up all of it in seconds. The others just looked astonished at me, that I ate it so fast. Even Echo got surprised when I quick told her that I’m done and thanked her for the meal. By the time everyone was done it was 7:15pm and we were about to go. So again, I went into my room to get my backpack, but it wasn’t there.

“How the heck does she do this?” I said while scratching my head.

I went back to the living room and saw again Echo holding my backpack.

“Seriously, how the heck do you do this?!”

“Hmm? What?” The brown haired Newman asked me.

“That you get my backpack out of our room without me noticing it.”

“Oh~ that! Well, I got it while you watched the TV, hehe~”

“Quiet the sneak skill you got there, Echo.”

“Ehehe~ thank you~! Now~, let’s hurry before we get late!”


We went down again the stairs with the guys, but this time I was rushing down. I got down just after the girls got out from the elevator; I was a bit out of breath.

“Oh my… don’t tell me you ran down from the fifth floor.” Asked me Echo with a worried tone.

I only showed her a victory sign.

“Hehe, you are a bit crazy Morioka.” Said Io, while she was laughing

While the guys still were on the way down, we went outside to catch a taxi. Before Echo could whistle, I did it. I saw them jumping a bit then they turned towards me.

“Don’t do that again.” Told me Rose

“Hehe, sorry.” Replied I with a smile

“What kind of whistling was that?” Asked me Echo with wide open eyes.

“What do you mean with ‘what kind of whistling was that’”?

“It did hurt my ears a bit, it was on a higher frequency then the usual are.”

“Well yea…. I did practice at home to whistle in a higher frequency. Oh, the taxi has arrived!”

“You could teach me that later one, if you want to.” Said Echo with a smile.

“Sure, I don’t mind.”

Even the guys got down in time so we took again 2 taxies to the main building where we split up later. But when we entered it, the receptionist girl called me. I bid farawell to the others and moved toward the reception desk.

“Good morning! Why was I called here?”

“Good morning to you too! I got a message to all Rangers and Gunners. You need to wait at the 1st elevator until further instructions. That’s what Lisa told me.”

“I see, thank you for the information!”

I started to walk to the elevator when I saw that other people from the group were waiting there too. I greeted them and they greeted back. When I asked them why we have to wait here they said that they don’t know either. After 5 minutes of waiting Lubert and Lottie appeared too, just like me they went to the reception desk too. I saw them bid farewell to each other and Lubert started to come towards us.

“Good morning, everyone! Any ideas why we have to wait here?” He asked us.

“Good morning to you too!” We greeted back to him.

“No clue, we were told to wait here until further information.” I replied to him.

Just when he was about to say something we heard a voice from the speakers

-All Rangers and Gunner please report at B1! I repeat, all Rangers and Gunners please report at B1!-

“Well, there we got our answer, time to head to B1, but I don’t think we all will fit into one elevator.”

We split into two groups and occupied the elevators, it was a long ride until B1, but the view was really amazing. Bad thing was that I had to look down, so made a few steps back to the middle, since I was afraid of the height. Even Lubert asked me what’s wrong.

“Nothing…. I just don’t like high places, even if the view is nice.”

“I see, yea, we all fear from something.”

“Indeed…. Got this from my mother.”

“Hehe, well… maybe you get over it later on.” Encouraged Lubert me

“You are right…”

After 5 minutes we finally arrived at B1, this was the second time that I saw it in person. It looked almost like in the game, except that they didn’t had jumpers in the lobby to get on the 1st floor. Lisa was waiting for us in front of the mission counter next to Koffie. She waved to use and told us to come closer, and so we did.

“Good morning everyone~!”

“Good morning Lisa-sensei!”

I was the only one who didn’t call her ‘sensei’. For me, it was natural to call her by her name only.

“Today we will do something different!” She said it with a happy tone.

“What is the big surprise, Lisa-sensei?” One of the students asked.

“We go to the Naberius training grounds for live combat training!”

Everyone, even I got surprised that we will go to one of the planets where the ARKS have a base setup. Lisa talked with Koffie who told us to which dock to go. Ours was dock 12 and our ship arrived shortly after Koffie typed something into her pc. We all go aboard one by one and were ready to leave.

-Ur this is CS3, heading out to Naberius, in 5 seconds!-

-Roger that CS3, have a safe trip, runway is clear, no other ships close by!-

-Thank you!-

And the ship started to gain speed. Once we reached the outskirt of the frigate, the ship opened a photon gap and we changed from our system to the solar system where Naberius could be found. It was a big green planet with a snowy upper ring. The whole planet was one big forest and somewhere down there was a training base that was waiting for us. It was already 9:45am when we finally got down on the planet. Before the training and a quick tutorial started, we had breakfast with everyone. After breakfast we had to go into a classroom like building where an instructor was waiting for us. Even Lisa sat down with us to listen to him.

“Good morning Ladies!” The bald man greeted us. “My name is Josef Smith and I will explain a few basics to you before you start your training!”

No one dared to make even the slightest noise while he was talking to us.

“Alright, first of all, some knowledge about the weapons you use!”

“Don’t we just pull the trigger?” One of the students asked him.

I made a small face palm when I heard that.

“That’s what a rookie would say! Now listen carefully recruits!”

He started to explain us how our weapons are made.

“Your weapons aren’t similar to anything! These weapons shoot special photon bullets. Photon can be found all around us; it is part of everything, even the life itself. And that is what we use! Your weapon’s magazine is in real a container for photon energy.”

“But how does the weapon shoot it out?” Another rookie asked.

“Simple! Your weapons act as a catalyst, not the way you learned it in school. Here, your weapon converts the photon energy and materializes it as a solid object, that is what it shoots out! Yet a basic weapon won’t be able to convert the energy effectively. Let me show it to you!”

He took out two guns and an armor plate like something. He hanged up the armor on the wall and shot it with the first weapon, but nothing happened.

“See, this weapon wasn’t grinded at all; its penetration power is too weak to even scratch the Quartz Dragon’s scale. Now for the o~ther gun… which was grinded and its penetration power is much stronger.”

He picked up the second weapon and shot the armor. It broke to pieces.

“It blasts through the scale smoothly. This is the difference by an ungrinded and a grinded weapon. Any questions?”

I raised my hand.

“Yes, recruit?”

“What happens if the power gets too strong and the weapon can’t handle it?”

“The weapon can handle it to a certain degree, then it will explode into your face!”


“Then again, that doesn’t happen too often. Since the higher the grinding level by a weapon is the higher the solidity gets, that means that the photon bullet that comes out will be more focused and won’t have a chance to misfire. But you can still overload the weapon, making the kickback much worse.”

I just nodded and took some notes. He was talking about the melee weapons too. They worked the same way as the projectile weapons, just that here, when they grinded the frame of the sword, it made the photon blades sharper. Hearing that it sounded like our swords were like, some children toys that needed batteries to run. But as he continued it turned out that the swords didn’t needed anything like that, since they were using the photon energy from the surrounding, including the ones in the air. After he finished it was 10:45am and Lisa took over.

“Alright everyone~! Today training will be simple, fufu~.”

“What do we have to do?” Lubert asked her.

“We run today a combat trip!”

“A… what?”

“A combat trip! You will have to start from here, reach your destination and come back! You will split into two groups and well see how you perform. I won’t be with you, so you get a compass watch that leads you to the B point~. Of course you won’t go the same way~!”

We all swallowed our salvia and hoped that we will survive the trip without Lisa. We had 15 minutes to pack everything we needed. But first we had to go to the rechargers to fill up our weapon’s container so we won’t run out of bullets.  While I was standing in the line, Lisa came to me.

“Take these~!”

And she reached her arm out with two magazines in it.

“Huh? Why are you giving me these? I already have a magazine.”

“Extra ammo is never bad~!” The dark haired cast replied with a smile.

“Well… thank you Lisa!”

She just smiled back at me then happily went away. When I got to the charger I saw that this cost us money. Not enough that I paid 600 meseta for the 3 of us by the taxi, now I had to pay 1000 for each magazine to refill. And we only get 5000/day. So in the end I had only 1400 meseta left. Once everyone was done we went to the front gate and Lisa told us who the leaders for the two groups will be.

“Ufufu~. Team A’s leader will be Morioka~. And Team B’s leader will be Lubert!”

We looked at each other, then back at Lisa. We saw on her face, that her decision was final. With me we were 31 people, so one team had 1 more person in it. Of course my team had the one with 15 people and Lubert’s team had 16. We were in the forest 250m away from the camp when we go to a crossroad.

“Well, guess the groups will split up here, but… who goes where?” I asked Lubert.

“Let’s flip a coin?” He offered.


I took out a coin from my pocket and let him pick a side. Route A was head, and route B was tail. I tossed the coin into the air and waited for it to land. He picked head so I had to pick tails. When the coin landed, head was on the upper side. So Lubert and his team took route A.

“Good luck to all of you!”

“You too, buddy!”

And we split into two. Once my team got to a place where we could rest I told them to stop and see what we have with us. I asked them to show me their weapons so I can see how many specializations we got by us.

“Alright… so from the 15 people we got 4 snipers, 1 gunner, 2 launchers and shotgun users and 6 riflemen.”

“But why do you need this information?” One of the members asked me.

“So we can make up a plan in case something attacks us. I want us to move in an arrow formation. I’m a hybrid so I can be a sniper or a rifleman. So~, I would like if we place ourselves in the following order.”

And I started to draw the formation into the ground with my coin.

“I will be ahead, behind me we will have the 4 snipers and behind them the one gunner and one rifleman as rear guard. On our sides both left and right, first two are riflemen, to cover our front, next are the launcher users and after them we have the shotgun wielders. Rest is again riflemen.”

I explained them this by pointing at the dots on the ground. This setup was crucial, since having 3 riflemen in the front could deflect any attack while the snipers could take out the enemy from far at any distance. On the sides the launchers and shotgunners could take out the enemies at medium to close range, while on our rear the gunner could focus on two enemies at once with the assistance of the 2-3 rifleman.

“Wow, that’s a nice plan there, Morioka.” One of the riflemen praised me.

“Hehe, thanks. Now let’s move on men!”

We took on the formation and started to head to our destination, but before we headed out we got out the holo-compass, which displayed an arrow to show us the way. We moved now almost for one hour when I heard something, it was a faint growl, but seemed to come from close by.

“Everyone, stop right now!” I whispered to them.

“Wha-what is it?” The rifleman whispered back to me.

“There is something close by, I heard some faint growl, please start to look around and tell me if you see anything, but don’t look at it directly.”


Everyone including me started to look around. Then one guy on my right said that he sees something around 80m away from us in the bushes. I looked to that way too but only for a few seconds and saw two glowing yellow eyes.

“This isn’t good…”

“What is it, Morioka?

“It’s… a Fang Banther…” I replied a bit timidly.

“What?! The thing is only by 3 star missions and above!”

“Geh… Alright, keep calm everyone, we will need to face it, there is no other option.”

No one answered, guess they were too afraid, but so was I. I knew that we can’t just run away coz it would catch up with us in no time. So I explained them my plan.

“First, all assault rifle user load in at least one weak bullet. Shotgunner, use mirage shells, launchers jellen rounds. Snipers, keep your weapon ready to fire and gunner, use Chain Trigger once the head armor is broken down, got it?”

“Roger that!” Everyone answered.

After they loaded in their rounds, I told them that I will play as the decoy, once it comes out to attack me, the riflemen shoot the weak bullet on its feet to break down the nails, then they focus on the head, while that the launcher users will shoot it with the jellen rounds at the same time, when it gets confused the shotgunner go close up and shoot it’s head to make it dizzy. After the head is clear the gunner can use his chain trigger to finish it off.

“Alright… here I go…!”

I started to rush onward and shouted towards the spot the Banther hid. As expected it jumped out and tried to hit me, I was able to dodge the hit. In the meanwhile at the camp they noticed the big heat source too.

“Lisa, Lisa!” An officer ran towards Lisa.


“We picked up a big heat source close to one of the groups we sent out.”

“Ara~, and which group is it?”

“It is group A, ma’am! Shall we send backup to them?”

“Group A… They will be fine~!” Lisa answered with a smile.

“Eh? But they are only rookies, and that something looks massive!”

“Lisa said that they will be fine, so they will be fine!” She looked at the officer with her red eyes.

“A-ah…. alright…. but… just in case, we get a gunship ready.”

Lisa didn’t say anything so the officer ran away.

“Fufufu~, let’s see how you can handle this situation, Morioka~”

Right at that time the first weak bullet landed on its feet and the snipers broke the nails down in seconds. While it jumped back both launchers hit it, closely after that the shotgunners rushed to its head and shot it with their mirage shot. As planned the banther got dizzy, so the next weak bullet landed on its face. While all this happened I got on my feet too and started to shoot its head, not long after the head armor broke down, the next weak bullet was fired and the gunner stepped forward too. He activated his chain trigger and started to spray the banther’s head with raw photon energy, once the twin machinegun reached the limit it started to fire normal rounds and the raw photon energy began to explode on its face. In the end it took so much damage that it wasn’t able to move and died.

“Whew… we… we actually did it…!”


“That was amazing!”

“Your plan worked, Morioka!”

Everyone was praising me and it felt good, but I was still in a little shaky after we managed to kill it. As proof we took some nail pieces with us, some fur and the head armor, well, what was left from it of course. We reached our destination fast and started to head back. Thank God we didn’t meet anything while heading back. When we finally reached the camp, we saw that the other team already made it, so we ended up last, but then again this wasn’t a race or anything. Lubert asked us why we took so long.

“Well… we took so long coz of this… show it, guys!”

And we all took out some pieces that was left from the Fang Banther and had a big smile on our faces. The officers were surprised when they saw the pieces since they saw that the heat source disappeared from their monitor. Lisa came towards us and started to pat my shoulder.

“Very good job, Morioka.” The black haired teacher said with a smile. “And all of you, good job!”

“Thank you Lisa-sensei!”

“Hehe, thank you, Lisa.” I replied to her with a smile too.

Lubert came to us to congratulate the team and told that they had to face some strong enemies too, since Lisa told the personnel to place out 2 Rog Belt trigger into the bushes, so once they crossed that path 2 of those bears teleported to their position. As Lubert said, it was a bit chaotic at the start but after a few seconds he could reorganize his team and finish off both of them in less than 5 minutes. I congratulated him and his team too.

“Alright everyone, listen up!” Lisa shouted. “The campship will be back in 3 hours, so take your time~!”

“Well, that’s…. nice?” I asked Lubert.

“Mhm. Want to grab something to bite so long? We got 3 hours, so we don’t need to rush.”

“Sure. As I saw they got a thermal bath here too, which is a bit strange.”

“Well, they found a thermal source close by so the people who designed this base made a pipeline here, so they can open a bath house for everyone.”

“I see… we should check it out after then!”


We went to the canteen to eat something and while I was looking around I saw that it was a few minutes past noon, so our timing was nice. We sat down, opened our bento boxes and started to eat. Of course here you could eat the specialties from the planet. I wanted to try them but when I saw how they made them, so I skipped on it and rather sticked to my bento box. I got the same meal that I had last time, but I didn’t care that much, since I knew that Echo made it for me, so I couldn’t complain at all. We ate for around 30-35 minutes and were talking a bit too. After we were done we went to the bath house to relax a bit. But when we entered the building I noticed something weird.

“Say… what kind of bath house is this?” I asked Lubert a bit suspiciously.

“Umm… well, it’s a coed bath.”

“A what?! Heck… I’m a bit shy for this; true… it can’t be any different from the beach at my home.”

“Why are you getting shy?”

“Well… as you can see, I’m not Mr. Universe…”

“Mr. who?”

“Those are muscly guys who take on a competition to see who has the most mass? Or something like, that.”

“Ah… well, you don’t need those here, more muscle won’t protect you. As a Ranger you need to be agile and use good tactics, now let’s go in already!”

“Sigh…. sure, sure.”

We took off our clothes and wrapped a towel around our hips then went inside where the pools were. The building was huge. They had tons of pools and little tubs too for 2 to 6 people. We sat down in one for 4, since all that had 2 places were taken. There were lots of ARKS, rookies and officers around, including people from our team. We talked about the combat training for a while when I heard someone mentioning ‘glasses’. I didn’t know who said it since I didn’t had mine on, so I was just listening.

“You sure he’s here?”

“I am! They said that it’s a black haired guy with glasses.”

I saw them moving around, but my vision was a bit blurry.

“Say Lubert, you know who they are?”

“Not sure… They look a bit familiar, but I can’t tell right now.”

“Too bad I don’t have my glasses on.”

And when I said that, I saw that if one of the girls turned her head towards my direction.

“Do you think he’s that guy?”

“Well, we won’t find out if we don’t ask!”

I saw that as they started to move towards us when they were 2m away then I started to recognize them. And when they were right next to us then I was now sure who they were.

“Say~, are you the one who took down the Fang Banther?” One of the girls asked me.

“Yup, it is me.” I replied to her.

“Weird… they said that you wear glasses.”

“I do, but I took it off.”


“So~, won’t you sit down and chat with us a bit, Patty, Tea?”

“Eh?! How do you know our names?!” Patty asked me with a surprised face.

Even Tea was surprised about this.

“Maybe… you are a fan?” Said the brown haired Newman proudly

“I don’t think you have so many fans, Patty.” Stroke Tea.

“I have fans! Since I’m the no.1 ARKS! Hmph!”

Lubert just watched as they started to fight and I started to smile.

“Just come and sit down please.” I offered them.

They both sat down and we started to talk. They were curious how I know their name. So I told them, well of course not the 100% truth that someone made a website where they were listed with the other ARKS member. But when I looked them, now that they were in the water I barely could tell who’s who, since their hair were loose.

“Ah right… where are my manners again… I forgot to introduce ourselves. My partner here is Lubert Irving and my name is Hikosaburo Morioka. Nice to meet you two!”

“Nice to meet you!” Lubert added.

“My name is Patty and this is my big sister, Tea. Nice to meet you! We are ARKS no.1 Infobrokers!”

“Nice to meet you two!”

“Heh heh, if l will need any information l will know who to turn to. And... you know…”

“Hmm, what is it?” Tea asked me.

“Now that you two are in the water it’s so hard to tell who’s who… True, you two look nice with loose hair.”

“Hehe, why thank you, Mori!” Thanked me Patty while smiling.

Tea’s face got a bit red too. We were talking about a lot of stuff. I asked for their classes. Just like in the game Patty was a fighter and Tea was a Force. When I asked them where they live they said something that made me get surprised this time. They told me that they live in the same building as me, just on the 2nd floor. Lubert told us that he lives a bit more away, he was living with Lottie and 2 others at the 3rd district, which was a bit closer to main lobby at the urban region. We talked for around 2 hours when, I told them that I had enough, else I would get boiled and end up as dinner. Lubert was the same, since we got in at the same time. The girls stayed for a bit more. We changed back to our normal clothes and started to pack our stuff, even though we still had 1 hour left until the campship arrived. Since we still had so much time I went back to the canteen to eat something. I saw that Patty and Tea were eating too, so I joined them, but this time I looked away from the cooking proceed and bought something, since I already ate up all my lunch at noon. After our meal we still talked for around 30 minutes then all recruits were called to the yard. When I got back I saw that everyone was already there and were talking about random stuff. Our Campship arrived 10 minutes later.

-This is your captain speaking, hope that everyone got aboard, time go home!-

We started to gain altitude, since this time the ship wasn’t landing to the ground just hovered in mid-air. After we left the planet’s atmosphere the captain opened a photon gap and we flew through it and ended up again in deep space. Few minutes later we reached again the outskirt, then another 2-5 minutes later our ship closed in to Ur.

-Ur, this is CS3, asking for landing coordinated!-

-CS3, This is Ur, maintain your direction, then at point 265 change direction to 220, Dock 4 is open!-

-Roger that!-

After another 2 minutes we docked in and could go outside. We were walking towards the lobby when suddenly at the end; Lisa grabbed my shoulder and told me to follow her. We went to Koffie, she was surprised what we want, since we just came back from our trip.

“Hello~! Is there any mission for tomorrow?” Lisa asked me.

“Good afternoon! Yes, there is, why?”

“What star is it?”

“It’s… a 4 star mission, there is only one person signed up for it. But-“

“Good~, then write up Morioka please~!”

“What?!” I said it at the same time with Koffie.

“Li-Lisa…. you serious? It’s a FOUR star mission!” I told her with a trembling voice.

“I am~!” She replied with a smile.

“But, the person who took that mission doesn’t want anyone to accompany her.”

“It doesn’t matter! Just write up Morioka, okay~? That’s an order!”

“We-well… alright… See you tomorrow at 8:30am, Morioka.”

“I… I understand…” I said with a horrified tone.

Once, Lisa wrote me up for the mission we started to head towards the elevator. Everyone aside from us was gone by now. Lisa tried to give me some courage while we headed down to B35. But I was a bit scared that it’s a 4 star mission. When we got down we bid farewell to each other. Since it was 3:10pm I had to wait 30 minutes for the next bus. The time didn’t want to move faster so I tried to think on tomorrow’s mission. I was wondering who the person is that I was assigned to. A little part of me though that it might be Rose, since I remembered that Echo told me, that she goes solo most of the time. I thought to myself that, I rather keep this in a secret from the others, not that my thoughts get real and I get Rose as partner. While thinking on this I saw that a bus with No.7 on its top arrived to the station. I got up on it, bought a ticket until the 7th district and sat down. 15 minutes later and 5 more minutes of walking, I finally arrived at home. I insert my card into the lock and the door opened. Afin was behind the counter by the kitchen. He was making dinner for us, yet I didn’t saw anyone else.

“Good afternoon Mr. Chef! What’s today’s menu?”

“Ah, hey there, partner! Well, I’m making some fried rice with rappy yakiniku!”

“Yaki… what?”

“Yakiniku, it means ‘grilled meat’ in English.”

“Ah… I see, sounds nice. By the way… where are the others?”

“Hmm… If I remember right, then… Echo-senpai, Rose and Io went shopping and Zeno-senpai is working on his weapon in the center.”

“Hmm, guess I take a quick shower then and unpack my backpack.”

“Okay, dinner is ready in 20-30 minutes.”

“Roger that!”

I went into our room to unpack my stuff and get some fresh clothes. When I looked at my wardrobe, I saw that I don’t have many clothes left.

“Sigh… I really need to buy some new clothes… Well, maybe tomorrow’s mission will give me some money.”

While I was talking to myself I placed my weapon into the closet and headed to the bathroom to take a shower. Once I was done with that I felt more refreshed. I was in our room for a bit to relax on my bed. 10 minutes later I heard that the door opened. I looked down and saw that it was Zeno.

“Hey there.”

“Oh, hello! How was your training today?”

“Fine fine, we killed a Fang Banther.”

“Oh wow, that amazing! Try to get good reputations from Lisa, so you will be able to do mission much earlier!”

“Ye-yea… I will do so.”

Zeno didn’t noticed my worried face and I didn’t wanted to tell him that I will go on one tomorrow, since Lisa ordered me to do so. He did the same as me, but when he was done, he went to the living room and came back to tell me that the others arrived at home too. So I went to the living room with him. Afin was already done with dinner and watched TV with Io.

“Good afternoon Io!”

She turned around and greeted me with a smile.

“Good afternoon to you too, Morioka!”

I sat down next to her and watched TV with them, later on Echo showed up too, when she saw me she greeted me.

“Good afternoon Morioka! How was your day?”

“It was nice thanks you.” I replied with a smile. “My team killed a Fang Banther.”

“Oh~ that’s amazing! It’s a bit hard to believe that you are a rookie, when you could do something like that.”

“Well… it wasn’t only my credit, we attacked it with 15 people, we just had a really good teamwork, that all.”

“Still, that’s a 4 star enemy, and you were…. well… a bunch of rookies. Sorry~.”

“It’s okay; we really were a bunch of newbies.”

“But pulling of something like that must have been amazing” Said Io.

“Yup, it was, we took some pits from the Banther’s armor as proof. Everyone felt proud.”

Io and Echo kept smiling. While we waited on Rose I was telling everyone the full story. How Lisa dragged us to Naberius and that we had to do some field march. But then again even if we didn’t would had meet that Banther Lisa would had triggered some strong enemy on us for sure. While I was telling the story, Rose came out from their room too.

“Soo… hungry…” She said it with a faint voice. “When do we finally eat?”

“Umm… dinner is ready since a few minutes.” Afin answered her.

But as he said that Rose was already about to sit down and started to feast. We joined her and had dinner together. We were talking about everyone’s day. Echo helped out a few rookies while doing her own mission on planet Lilipa. Zeno fought with two others at the coasts of Vopar. Io was again at the tundra region of Naberius, poor thing had her 3rd mission there this week, I was afraid that in the end she might catch a cold or something. But going on, Afin was at Shironia on planet Harukotan helping the natives by defending key points of the mountains dividing the two nations. And Rose collected some data at the Ruins on Naberius. So in the end everyone had an effective day. Even though Afin had to make us dinner too, but he said that the enemy retreated quiet fast, so around 1pm he was already home and could start to make dinner. While we were talking, someone knocked on our door. We looked at the clock and wondered who it is around this time. I went to check on the door and when it opened, Patty and Tea were standing there.

“Good evening!” Patty greeted.

“Good evening, Morioka!” Greeted Tea and made a bow gesture.

“Umm… good evening you two…” I replied with a surprised face. “Well, c-come in!”

They came in and greeted the others too. Patty said that they wanted to see if I really live here. And they also wanted to give us a visit since we lived in the same building. Patty had the idea that we could come together sometimes and have some fun. Like talk a bit, go out and drink, watch a movie or something. When I asked them how many people do live by they said that its 4 of them, them and two others, but they were a bit busy so they couldn’t come. We made some space on the balcony and sat down in a half circle order. I sat between Io and Patty. She and her sister were talking about their day while drinking some alcohol. They said that their mission was to recover some minerals from Naberius forest’s cavern. Patty was laughing when she told us, how Tea got scared from a few bats that flew around in the caver. Tea tried to protect herself by saying that she just wanted to chase them away but it didn’t work. The Patty asked.

“Did Mori tell you how he killed a Fang Banther?”

Whole group nodded.

“Amazing, huh?” She replied with a big smile.

“Well… it wasn’t me alone; it was our team’s credit.” I answered to her line.

“Still, I want to see that in live next time!” She pointed at me. “Ah… your glass is empty! You need to drink too!”

And she started to pour my glass full with beer.

“Eheh…. t-thanks…”

We were talking about any random topic that came up. In the end around 9:30pm I apologized to everyone and told them that I head to bed, since from the alcohol I felt a bit sleepy and dizzy. I heard them talking for around 30 more minutes, then the world got dark. While I was sleeping they continued talking.

“What do you think when he will get his first mission?” Zeno asked.

“Good question, if he managed to defeat such an enemy without the help of an ARKS member, I think that he will have his first mission pretty soon.” Echo replied.

“And not to mention his gun.” Io added.

“Why? What’s with his gun?” Patty asked her.

“Well… it has 2000 power on it.” Zeno continued.

“What?!” Patty and Tea shouted at the same time.

“Shhh! He’s sleeping!” Quieted Echo them down.

“Ah… sorry…!”

Suddenly Rose spoke up.

“Even if he’s so ‘talented’ and had luck by getting such a weapon, he will still need a lot of training and discipline to get a mission.”

“I got my mission after the 10th training session.” Afin continued. “What about you Io?”

“Hmm~ I think I got mine after the 7th? 7th or 8th, I think.”

“See, and he did only 2 sessions yet.”

“Well, we’ll see what tomorrow brings!” Said Patty, with a cheered voice.

“Ah Patty, look at the time!” Tea her shook shoulder. “It’s already 10:15pm. We should go home now.”

“But I don’t wanna~”

“Now now, you drank too much, you need to sleep a bit.”

“Fine fine~”

“Thank you for having us!”

“You are welcome, can come us visit anytime you want.” Replied Echo with a smile.

She escorted them to the entrance and bid them farewell. Once things were settled they all went to bed. Even though I was asleep I already dreamed about tomorrow. Since no one knew about my little secret yet.


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