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Phantasy Star Online 2 - A game becomes Reality

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This fan fiction is about a game called Phantasy Star Online 2. It's a slice of life like novel, showing the daily life of a guy called Hikosaburo Morioka, the adventures he's going and the people who live on the colony ship caller Ur. My english is a bit rusty,...

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Day 4 - Shopping Time!

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It was Saturday morning, no alarm clock beeped today, since I was still in the hospital. I woke up naturally around 8:30am, it was a silent morning, as the ship started to wake up slowly too. I turned on the TV to check if there is anything interesting in it, but sadly, there was nothing that would had catch my interests. Around 9am a nurse came in to check on me. When she saw, that I was awake, she greeted me.

“Good morning Morioka!”

“Good morning!”

“How are you feeling yourself today?”

“A bit tired, but aside that I’m totally fine!”

“I see, glad to hear that. Before you can leave the hospital we will do one more check on you, okay?”

“Understood. And when will it begin?”

“Right away, as I inform the doctor about your health.”


The nurse went outside, and walked back to the office to inform the doctor who treated me before. She gave him my papers; the doctor looked at them and said ‘Alright, he’s ready to be examined again’. He stood up and started to come towards my room. When they both came in the doctor greeted me too.

“And how is our patient feel today?” He asked me in a good mood.

“I feel fine; my back doesn’t hurt at all.”

“I see. That’s good to hear then, but just in case let us do some routine examination, shall we?”

“Sure… We can begin any time then.”

The doctor told me to turn around and get my shirt off. I did as he said, was a bit afraid since I didn’t knew what he will do. Then I felt some cold touch on my back that started to get warmer. He was checking for any kind of side effects from the healing, but luckily there weren’t any.

“Well, all seems to be good by you, Morioka.”

“So…. this means then that I can go home?”

“Yes, indeed!”

“Nice! Umm…. by the way… how much do I owe you, or the hospital?”

“Oh~ don’t mind that. We treat ARKS members and freshmen freely, since they do client orders for us too. And that’s how they pay us back. So we hope that you get some client orders from us soon too!”

“Hehe, I will, that’s for sure!”

We shook hands, and both he and the nurse went outside while I changed back to my normal clothes. I packed everything I had with me into my backpack and started to go down to the main hall. Once down, I told the receptionist that the doctor agreed that I can go home. She took some notes and then I could leave the building. It was a nice Sunny weather outside, and even though I was in the mood to walk, I rather took a taxi, since I didn’t knew how far we lived. After getting home, I unpacked everything and was thinking what to make for the others, but before that I took a bath since I didn’t had the chance to do so in the hospital. Once finished with it, I headed to the kitchen and was looking around.

“Hmm, let’s see from what we live…”

I started to search through the shelves and found a cookbook. I opened it up and started to look at the recipes.

“Hmm… nope… nope…. too noob for that… The heck is that?!... Oh, hell no!”

I closed the book and started to scratch my head

“From what the heck do they cook? This book is full with hard stuff…”

I headed back to our room and started to unpack my backpack. At the bottom of it I felt something hard. I picked it up and got it out from my backpack. It was a cookbook that my mom packed in.

“When did she... hmm, there is a note on it.”

I took it down and started to read it…

Since I know that you will be on your own, I packed this cookbook in for you, so you have something from home – Love Mom

“… Thanks mom…”

Got a bit touchy while reading this, but at least I had something to make food from. So I returned to the kitchen and tried it again!

“Alright~ let’s see if we got chicken curry here…. a~nd… there it is! Nice, but… do we have chicken at home?”

I put down the book and started to look through the freezers, I found something that looked like chicken, but it was more like a frozen rappy.

“Well… it is a bird too, so guess it won’t hurt if I use it up.”

Then I remembered that my watch acted as a phone too and tried my luck. I called Koffie first since her ID was in it already.

-This is Koffie speaking, how I can help you?”-

-Yea… This is Morioka here, sorry for the bother Koffie, could you give or install Echo’s ID on my watch please?”-

-Oh, seems you are back on your feed, glad to hear that. Give me a minute please.-

I heard that she was typing something, and then a minute later a red dot appeared on my watch.

-There you go, just add her and she will receive a message too.-

-Thank you a lot! Have a nice day then Koffie, bye bye~-

-Thank you, you too! Bye!-

I tapped that red dot on my watch and saw some notification, a minute later it disappeared and the watch started to vibrate.

“What the heck…. umm…. what do I need to do now?”

I tapped on it again and a small holo screen came up. I was kinda surprised how far the technology was on this ship.

-Hello? Oh, good morning Morioka!- She greeted with a smile.

-Eh? You… can see me?- I asked back while tilting my head left and right.

-Of course I can, silly! Every watch is equipped with a camera on its front.-

-Ahh~ that’s nice!-

-Also, it’s nice that you are back on your feet!-

-Yup, thank you! I got a question.-

-Yes? Ah, wait a second …. Take THAT!-

Suddenly I could hear as a lightning would have hit the ground.

-Wha-what was that?-

-Ah, it was nothing~-

-Yea…. it didn’t sound like that. A~nyways, what I wanted to is, if I could use that frozen rappy from the fridge?-

-Hmm, I can’t remember when we bought it; check the date before you use it!-

-Hehe, alright and thank you. See you at home then!-

-Yup! Will be home, in a hour…or two…-

-Hehe, alright, see you later then, bye bye!-

-Bye bye! You still don’t want to give up?!-

And as she said that the connection disappeared. I just looked at the watch and tried to figure out what she was doing. But I was thinking that maybe she found some strong enemy on the planet she was on and was fighting it. But now the path was open so I could continue with my cooking. First I let the rappy warm up and I prepared the other stuff.

“Umm, I think I’m doing this right… I hope…”

At 9:45am everything was already boiling and I was reading a magazine while checking on the food from time to time. Around 11:50am Echo arrived home too. Poor thing seemed to be a bit annoyed.

“Welcome home~!” I greeted her with a happy tone.

“Thank you… ugh…” She replied back to me.

“What’s wrong?”

“I…” and suddenly her stomach started to growl “… that… Ehehe… *sigh*”

I started to laugh and told her that lunch is ready if she would like to eat. She told me that she will shower quick, then eat something. While she took a shower I prepared some curry for her. When she came back, she was in civil clothes and her hair was loose. I was just standing there with and open mouth. Then she noticed my awkward look on my face.

“W-what is it?” She asked shyly.

“You look nice with loose hair…” I replied back to her with a red face.

“Aww, thank you Morioka!” The Newman girl answered with an adorable smile.

“Here is your meal. Hope you like it.”

She sat down and at first she was just looking at it. A few seconds later she dared to take a bit and her face changed right away.

“Ohhh… this is tasty, bit spicy, but not bad. Where did you found this recipe?” She asked while eating.

“Well, it’s from the book that my mom snuck into my backpack when I left out home.”

“I… see, she seems to be really kind. Too bad I couldn’t meet her.”

“Yea…” I replied with a sad tone.

“C’mon cheer up! I know that they are alright! And I hope you make more delicious meals like this!”

“Hehe… Yea, I try to. Not a master cook that’s for sure.”

After this we both started to laugh.

“Well, if you want, after 12:30pm we can go and look around in the shops.”

“Sure! Umm… let’s see… it’s 12:15pm. Sure, I get ready so long; just leave the plate here once you are done.”


And she continued with eating while I went to my room to check some stuff in my wardrobe. The 15 minutes past really quick. When I went back to the living room Echo was waiting for me and strangely no one was home yet besides us. So we just closed the door and went on the streets. We were walking since the weather was nice. After 30 minutes of walking we reached the 3rd district, which had a lot of shops for weapons and armors. Most of the ARKS member and civilians went to this district to buy new weapons or to extend their wardrobe.

“So~ what are you mainly looking for?” Echo asked me while we walked.

“Hmm… some battle clothing would be nice. I mean all of you have one.”

“I see, I know the right pace then! Got my outfit from there too~ hehe.”

“Nice, you lead the way then!” I replied with a smile.

And we continued with our tour. A few minutes later we reached a big shop that had some models in the showcase. Even those clothings looked nice. We entered the shop when a familiar voice greeted us. I suddenly raised my head and started to look around from where the voice came. Then I spotted her and without a word I started to move towards her.

“W-where are you going?” Echo asked, while I moved away from her.

I didn’t answer, just focused on the girl and when I reached her she just asked me shyly what I need.

“So it IS you~ hmhm~!”

“A-and you are…?” She asked back shyly.

“A big fan, Monica!”

“Ehh?! How do you know my name?!”

“That’s what we all asked him at the first time.” Echo replied once she caught up with me.

“I’m sorry, my name is Hikosaburo Morioka! But you can call me Morioka or Mori.”

“M-my name is Monica Thomson, nice to meet you!”

I just kept smiling at her.

“Don’t you need something Morioka?” Asked me Echo with a bit annoyed voice.

“Ah… right! Sorry! Umm… I need some clothes that I could wear during my mission.”

“Hmm~, have you anything in your mind?” Asked back Monica

“Hmm… some sturdy jacket that has light armor plates on the right arm’s side and some sturdy pants so I can still be agile”

“I see… let me check please.”


“Why armor only on the right side?” Asked me Echo curiously

“Hmm? Umm… because I’m left handed, so I use my left hand to pull the trigger and my right side is my defense side. So having armor there will make it possible to maybe block some attacks.”

“I see… wait! You want to get hit?!”

“Of course not! Just said IF I have to guard, then still can hit the enemy with my gun.”

“Hmm… still risky but we’ll see~!”

While we were chatting, Monica was looking up on the register if there is anything like that in the storage. After 10 minutes of searching she found something and called us so she show us the clothing.

“Oh~ Looks amazing! Umm… can the color be changed?”

“Yes, we can change the color before making the jacket.”

“Good~, then I would like it to have in black please!”

“Understood!” She started to type something into the machine “Done! Do you want to buy it now or you want us to hold it for you?”

“Well… can buy it now, I think…. How much will it cost?”

“The jacket itself is made from nano-fabric. It will barely tear nor let anything sharp pierce through it. It’s light and keeps the user mobile. While the armor is made from crafted Cryss Draal scales. It can block a weapon’s attack that has an attack power of 1000.”

We both said a “wow” with Echo

“Sounds fancy…. and h-how much does it cost?”

“It costs 120.000 meseta.”

“What?! That’s a bit too expensive for me at the moment. Umm…. could I… pay half now, and the other half later on, when I have more money?”

“You can, just a moment please!”

Monica took out a scanner like device, and asked me to give her my arm with my clock. Once I did that, she scanned my watch, and a message appeared on it. Monica explained me that the watch will now automatically hand over 25% of my payment to the shop until I paid the other half of the price.

“Thank you for purchasing by us! Come again!” Monica said, while she bowed to us.

“Thank you and will do!” I replied to her with a bow too.

But before we headed out…

“Wait! I still got one question to you, Monica!”

“Y-yes?” She asked back again shyly.

“How comes that you work here? Don’t you work at the main building as an Item Lab attendant?”

She was a bit surprised that I knew where she works.

“Well~ I do work there too, but only every second day. On the other days I work here to earn some extra money.”

“I see…. wait…. does that mean that Dudu works here too?!”

“No no! He works somewhere else. Both of us could choose where we wanted to work.”

“Whew…. I see, okay. Well, see you around then!”

“See you!”

After we were done here, I still had around 40000 meseta left. So we went to shop around a bit more. I still needed some normal clothes. So we went through various shops finding clothes that sometimes I liked, but Echo didn’t and clothes that Echo liked but I didn’t, so it was a fun shopping trip. Later on she asked me why I was so relieved that Dudu doesn’t work there. I explained her that I don’t really like him, since he’s a big jerk. She started to laugh on that and we moved on. While we were walking back home we talked and I did ask her something.

“Say… how many districts does a ship have?” I asked curiously.

“Umm, it has 8 in total… 4 inner rings and 4 outer rings.”

“Eh? Rings?”

“Mhm. Like…. Image a circle that is divided into 4 equal parts, same is with the outer part. Our district is in the outer circle.”

“I see… and how wide is 1 circle?”

“Well… that’s a good question. I think it’s around… 50km for one circle.”

“Wow… then the ship’s colony part has a radius of 100km…. pfff… that’s nice.”

“Hehe, indeed, the ship is really big! And this is only just the surface! We have tons of other stuff inside the ship too!”

“I can imagine…. a ship this size needs tons of engineers and other people who keep it together.”

“That’s too true. Later on you might be able to see them.” She replied with a smile.

“Yea…. I’m not that interested in there stuffs. I’m made of man; I’m more interested in weapons and armored vehicles.”

“Heh, ‘made of man’ he says”

After she said that she poked my cheek

“H-hey! Don’t do that all of the sudden” I started to blush.

But she just smiled. We continued our walk back home slowly while we talked about a lot of stuffs. When we were in front of our door we heard some rumble from our apartment. As we opened the room we saw that the others are fighting about the food.

“Ahem! Good evening…. you all…. The heck, are you doing by the way?” I asked them curiously.

Suddenly everyone got silent.

“I could ask the same, you are making a mess here!” Echo continued.

“Well… everyone had a bowl, and we wanted to have seconds.” Replied Zeno

“And couldn’t you just wait until we get back?”

“We are sorry Echo-senpai….” Io apologized.

I started to smile, and suddenly everyone was looking at me. Echo asked me why I am smiling and I just replied that, I didn’t knew that people would like the food from my country this bad. Once everything settled down, we made dinner, since my food was already gone. Later on Rose arrived too. When she entered the room, everyone greeted her and so did she. Her face looked a bit worried though and she was looking around while moving forth.

“Is anything okay, Rose?” Afin asked her.

“E-everything is okay…” She replied back with a sad voice.

Then Echo looked out from the kitchen and told her that she can find me in my room. Rose then looked at Zeno and Afin and asked.

“May I?”

“Go ahead.” Zeno answered, with a smile.

Rose then turned around, still in her battle outfit and moved towards our room. When she was in front of the door, she was a bit nervous. She still managed to knock on it.

“Come in!” I answered

The door opened and I saw that it’s Rose. I quickly stood up and greeted her.

“Good evening Rose!”

“G-good evening, Mori… Glad to see that you are back up.” She replied shyly.

“Thank you… The hospital here is really good here.”

“Yes they are….” She replied sadly. “…and how was your day?”

“Hmm… it was nice, was shopping, and got a new battle outfit and some new clothes!”

She just smiled faintly.

I saw that she was sad for some reason, so I stepped forward and hugged her.

“Don’t tell me that you are still blaming yourself for what happened…”

She just nodded.

“Silly you, its not your fault, you hear me? I jumped there to save you, was my decision. So don’t blame yourself please. I’m fine now~!”

She started to smile and we were talking for 15-20mins before her stomach started to growl. Then we head out to the others and ate. After we were done we just sat outside in the balcony and talked about our days. Echo was fighting some darker and mentioned my call during her fight. Afin was again on patrol by the Shironias, they really seemed to like him or it just paid well. Zeno and Io were together on a mission at planet Vopar; they had to clean some sights so the natives can visit it again. Rose was doing a recon mission on planet Lilipa. And I told them about my day too. They wanted to see me in my new outfit, so I showed them. They were amazed and liked it. I couldn’t wait to wear it on Monday too. Since we had free the next day we were out talking until 11:00pm. We had a great time; we talked a lot and played some board games together. And later on we headed to bed and tried to sleep.


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