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Phantasy Star Online 2 - A game becomes Reality

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This fan fiction is about a game called Phantasy Star Online 2. It's a slice of life like novel, showing the daily life of a guy called Hikosaburo Morioka, the adventures he's going and the people who live on the colony ship caller Ur. My english is a bit rusty,...

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Day 5 - A Special Mission

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It was Sunday morning and for my luck, the alarm clock didn’t ring, so we could sleep longer. Then again, since my inner clock was already a mess I woke up much earlier then the others. Using this advantage I went to the kitchen to make breakfast for everyone, but first I had to rush to the toilet. Once I was in the kitchen I searched for the bread and some eggs from the kitchen.

“Let’s see… first to crack the eggs…”

I cracked up some eggs and started to move a fork in it up and down really fast so it turns all yellow, like you would make an omelet. Then I cut some bread and dipped it into the bowl and right into the pan with the hot oil.

“Hmm… guess around 10 or 12 should do it!”

I was too busy with making breakfast that I totally forgot the time and all of the sudden someone greeted me from behind.

“Good morning Morioka!” sounded a cheering voice.

Of course since I got surprised, and jumped a bit since I got scared. Turning around and saw that it’s Io. She did giggle when she saw me jumping up a bit.

“Good morning, Io! How are you today?”

“Fine fine~, at least there is no work today~!” She replied with a cheering voice.

“Hehe, right you are!”

I turned back to the kitchen so I can continue cooking, but I could hear her sniffing. Guess this kind of breakfast was new to her.

“Say~, what are you making?” She asked me curiously.


“I know that… but what is it?”

“Hmm… well, I don’t really know the English name for it… its something similar like the French toast.”

Then she tilted her head a bit and asked back again.

“What’s a French Toast?”

I started to smile.

“Right… It’s like normal toast, just a bit different…. I don’t fully know what a French toast is either. Fact is this one is made with eggs.”

“I see~!”

She then started to walk towards our side to get into the kitchen, since she wanted to drink something. I was kind of nervous, having her so close to me all alone . While opening the bottle, the cap felt on the ground. Io crouched down to get it up, right in that moment Echo came out from their side and saw me.

“Good morning Morioka! Someone seems to be up early!”

“Hehe, yes I am. I was making breakfast while everyone was sleeping.”

While Echo came closer, suddenly Io popped up too from behind the wall, making Echo jump up too a bit. I heard a small scream and turned right back.

“What happened?” I asked with a curious tone.

“Io happened, she scared me.”

“Ehehe…. I’m sorry Echo-senpai!” She apologized with a guilty voice. “Also, I wish you a good morning!”

“Good morning to you too! But say…. why were you down there?” She asked while she looked at both of us.

We looked at each other and turned red.

“I-its not that Echo! I swear!” I tried to save the situation.

“Y-yes! I dropped the bottle cap and just picked it up!”

“Are you two su~re?” She asked us with suspicious voice.

And on the sudden we shouted at the same time.

“We are!”

Echo started to laugh and told us that she was just teasing, but she found our reaction cute.

“You are unbelievable….”

“Like I said, I was just teasing you two, Mori~.”

It was around 9am when everyone else started to wake up. Zeno was on the balcony doing his morning exercise. Afin was in the bathroom and Rose was with us, talking. When finally everyone took his and her place, I served the breakfast.

“There you go! Enjoy your meal! You can use syrup, powder sugar or anything you want.”

All of them said “Thank you!” with a happy tone. They started to eat and could see on their faces that they never ate something like this before. Just too bad, that we didn’t had any peanut butter in the house. While eating, my watch started to buzz around.

“What the?!”

I tapped on the screen and again a holo screen appeared.

“Fufufu~. Good morning, Morioka~!”

It was Lisa and I was wondering why she was calling me on a free day.

“Good morning to you too, Lisa! Umm… why did you call me?”

“Because, we’re going on a mission~!”

“Say what?! A mission?! On Sunday?!”

“Why yes~! Sunday missions give you more money!”

“Gee…. I wonder why… who the heck would like to work on his/her only free day… Do I really need to go?”

“Fufufu~ yes yes~!”

“Sigh… Alright…. will be at the main building ASAP.”

“Good~. bye bye bye~!”

“Sigh…. Guess so much for my free day…”

“What is it?” Afin asked me.

“Lisa just called me… She said that she wants to go on a mission with me. And now I have to go to the central building.”

“Look at the bright side; at least you get some money!” Echo cheered me up.

“Yea, that’s true too, and I can pay for the clothes I got. Oh right… be right back!”

I rushed quickly to my room to change clothes, since I was still in my PJ, but now I could see how I look in my battle outfit. After 10 minutes I was done and the armored jacket looked amazing. I went out to the others to show them my new look.

“Oh~, looks nice Morioka!” Zeno complimented me.

“Someone looks handsome~!” Echo continued. “Right, Rose?”

I started to blush and looked at Rose. I saw that she started to blush too and just made a gently nod.

“Give them hell, Morioka!” Io encouraged, while showing me her fist.

“I will! So… see you later everyone!”

But before I could go, Zeno stopped me. He told me that there are less busses and taxies around at Sunday, so he told me to follow him to the garages. I didn’t knew, that our building had an underground garage. He opened the gates and I saw a few vehicles there. We went to a motorcycle without any wheels. I was kind of surprised, since I never saw something like this before.

“What is this?”

“This is my bike. I lend it to you for today, so you can go to the main building fast.”

“R-really?! It’s been a while, since I last rode a bike. How does this one work?”

“Simple, you just start the engine, then the motor will warm up, and at the end it starts to hover.”

“It... hovers?! How?!”

“It’s a photon bike, it has a strong vacuum engine that sucks in the photon particles from the air and converts it into thrusting force. Some casts got the same by their leg, so they can hover too.”

“I see… lets test it then.”

I sat down on it and started the engine, after five seconds the bike lifted up like 10cm above the ground. Zeno gave me a quick tutorial how to drive it, but aside from the fact that it had hover wheels, it was like a normal motorcycle. I thanked him and started to head towards the central building. It took me around 10 minutes to reach the build. After another five minutes I managed to find a garage to park the bike. When I went inside Lisa was already waiting for.

“You are late, Morioka~!”

“Not my bad. I tried to come as fast as I could!” I tried to save myself.

“Fufufu~! Next time be quicker, okay~?”

I told her that I try, but she just kept smiling. We took the elevator and while we were going up I asked her what kind of mission we are going to do. She only replied “You pick!”

“What do you mean with, I pick?!”

“It’s what Lisa said! Morioka can pick the mission~.”

“A~nd from what can I choose?”

“Who knows~ Fufufu~”

“Great… so you don’t even know what missions we have… lovely.”

When we arrived at B1, we went straight to Koffie and asked her about the Sunday missions.

“Good morning, so you are here for the Sunday mission? You need to go to the other counter and ask Faina about it.”

So we walked over to Faina.

“Good morning, you two! Oh~ a new face! Hello, my name is Faina, nice to meet you!”

“Good morning, my name is Hikosaburo Morioka, nice to meet you too! We are here because of the Sunday mission.”

“I see. And which one would you like to have?”

She typed something by her pc and a holo screen appeared in front of us listing all the missions. I looked through them to find one that would interest me. After two minutes of search, I saw that there is a mission where you needed to kill some darkers in the Sanctum, on planet Amduscia. I tapped on that one and it started to glow.

“So, you are taking the Darker Extermination on planet Amduscia? Understood!”

She typed again something in her pc, asking for our watches. We both gave it to her and she uploaded the information to our mission.

“Thank you. Have a safe trip during your mission!”

We both thanked her and headed to the docks. Our ship was waiting for us at Dock 20, so we had to walk a bit. After three minutes of walk we entered the campship, and we started to head out.

“Ur, this is CS8, heading out to Amduscia!”

“CS8, this is Ur, run field is clear, you are ready to take off!”

Again after we left the outer ring of the fleet, the campship opened a gap and after we went through it, we were right in front of planet Amduscia. We boarded one of the gunship that the campship carried and that took us down to the sanctums, since it was floating in mid air. Once we landed I regretted my decision on this mission, since I forgot that I’m afraid of height. Lisa wasn’t really bothered by this fact; she was just smiling and scanning the area already.

“Well, shall we go then? Still need to walk a bit until we reach our destination.”


We got both of our assault rifles out, in case something would try to attack us. We were walking for a few minutes when the first darker popped up. We grabbed our ARs and started to shoot at them. Two minutes of shooting, they were all gone.

“Well that was random.” I spoke up while checking how much ammo I got left.

“It was fun~!” Lisa replied with a cheering voice.

“Well, if you say so… Anyways let’s continue, who knows how far we have to walk until we reach their nest.”

Lisa just nodded while she was smiling at me. We continued on our tour, checking the surroundings and looking for evidence that the darker are close by. We did found some claw marks, meaning that there must be a fight going on before we arrived. We got to a crossroad and didn’t know where to go. Then Lisa opened her watch to check the direction.

“Wait… we got a compass with us?!” I asked in a louder tone.

“Well, of course we have~!”

“Seriously…” I got a bit annoyed “… You only tell this now?”

“But Morioka has one too~! Just check your watch.”

I did as she said and it turned out that my watch had, a compass too, that showed the way to the last know location where the nest should be.

“So north it is…”

And again we continued our march towards our left and hoped for the best. After a long walk we came across some Dragokins. I told Lisa to hold her fire, maybe they were friendly, but as soon as they saw us, they started to attack.

“Oh craps… start to fire!”

But before I could finish my line, Lisa started to fire at time, not leaving any mercy. I was kinda amazed how fast she reacted to the situation. After we were done with them, she shot one in the head from close up.

“Was that really necessary?” I asked her in a meaner tone.

“Why yes~! This makes Lisa happy~!”

I was a bit worried about her bloodlust sometimes, knowing that she can run crazy from this and just shoot everything in sight. We barely made a few meters when the ground started to shake a bit. And the shaking became more and more intense as we were waiting. Lisa looked really excided and I was a bit scared, since I didn’t knew what will show up in front of us. A few seconds later a huge dragon appeared in front of us and I knew who it was.

“N-Noire Draal…” I shuttered her name out.

Lisa was about to point her gun at her, but I stopped her.

“Wait!” I lowered her gun. “Don’t shoot her please!”

“But why~?” She asked back.

“Just wait up please; we can solve this without any fight.”

She didn´t wanted to but nodded and lowered her gun.

Noire Draal was looking at us and was really close to attack. When I dropped my gun on the ground and started to move towards her with my arms raised in the air.

“Please Noire Draal, hear us out! We don’t want to attack you!” I shouted at her.

She then lowered her shields and started to speak.

“But you did harm my species, human! Why should I trust you?”

“That wasn’t our fault! THEY attacked us first, we just defended ourselves!”

“Then why don’t you defend yourself against me?”

“Because I respect you and never would attack you!”

Noire Draal made a few steps back and just stared ad me motionlessly.

“Fine, I will trust you, but if you try anything hasty, you will regret it, human!”

“I promise that I won’t do anything that will offend you!”

“So be it!”

Noire Draal took one more step back and a whirlwind around her. I closed my eye coz of the wind. When I opened my eyes again a young woman was standing in front of me, with human skin, dark clothes and crystal armor parts that ran through her lower arm and head.

“A-amazing… you can transform into a humanoid form?!” I asked her while I was amazed by the view.

“Yes, I can change into a humanoid form.”

After her line she started to come closer and asked me why we are here. I explain her, the whole situation and, that we are here to help her and her nation out.

“… I see, so at least our enemy is the same. Very well, I shall escort you to the nest where those beings are.”


“Follow me then humans.”

“Morioka and Lisa.”

She turned around and looked like she’s confused.

“Our names, she’s Lisa and I’m Morioka.”

“I see. Then follow me, Lisa and Morioka.”

She opened us a secret passage that lead directly to a teleporter. We were told to step inside, since this teleporter lead us closer to the darker nest. Once we got out, the area changed drastically, everything was covered in some material that the darker produced. As we walked, we heard some movement. We looked around and saw a lot of Dagan on the walls which jumped down on the floor to attack us. We took out our guns and started to fire at them. Noire Draal didn’t do anything, she just observed us. Then when more and more Dagan started to arrive, Noire Draal stepped forward.

“Let me handle these!”

The crystal on her lower arm stretched out and she pushed it into the ground. Soon small light circles appeared under every single Dagan and a light pillar came out from which pierced through them. I was amazed to see this in real. I knew that this was an annoying attack from her, but in real it was something different.

“That was amazing! You killed all of them with one hit!”

“Thank you, I won’t let any of them harm us!”

I just nodded to her sentence and we continued our fight, moving deeper and deeper into the darker nest. Fighting tons of them.

“Will they never stop coming? Cover me please, I need to reload!”

“Fufufu~ just keep them coming~!”

Lisa was overexcited that there were so many enemies. I was just hoping that we get through this. Then Lisa changed to full auto and cleared her whole clip while shooting everything in front of her that moves. Once she finished her gun’s barrel was smoking.

“That was fun~!”

“You shouldn’t waste too much ammunition, Lisa.”

“But, its soo much fun to shoot them~! Fufufu~!”

 “Sigh… fine fine…. Guess I can’t argue with you.”

“Look!” Noire Draal spoke up. “There is the core of the nest!”

It was one, giant Baize, which kept controlling everything in that area. When we stepped closer we could hear its heartbeat.

“How shall we kill it?” I asked the girls.

“Lets just shoot it ~!” Lisa answered, with a joyful voice.

“Yea… you got only one clip left, lets not waste it. Noire, you got any idea?”

She was looking at the Baize and thought about the possible solutions.

“Hmm…. we need to reach its core somehow, maybe I could cut myself through it, if it would be weakened.”

“Say no more!”

After that I loaded in a weak bullet and shot the Baize.

“There! Now it’s weakened, that should do it!”

As I said that Noire Draal enlarged her crystals by her arm and stared to cut through the veins, moving towards the core. It didn’t even take her a minute to reach the core. I shot another weak bullet at the core and she pierced her crystal into it. But that wasn’t enough. She then opened the rest of her crystal armor on her arm which changed to orange from faint yellow. And she trusted her weapon even more into the baize, which started to give out a screaming sound. Then as it died, it tuned into dust. Soon after that a darker portal opened and a Dark Agrani appeared.

“You have to be kidding me…” I spoke up.

The huge darker just roared at us and started to attack. We managed to dodge his jump attack, but before we could fire or do anything it shot out darker lightning. One of them was close to hit Noire Draal so I pushed her away, but the lightning hit me now. It felt a bit shocking, but I was totally fine.

“Wow… barely felt it… And not even a scratch on the jacket, sweet!”

“Thank you for saving me Morioka, I owe you one.”

“You are welcome! Now let’s try to slay this thing down!”


I shot a weak bullet at its leg and told the others to attack that. After being attacked the armor on that leg broke and I used my last weak bullet to hit it again. Noire and Lisa attacked it again and this time the whole armor came down and Agrani lost balance, once it felt on the ground I told Lisa to shoot a weak bullet to its neck part that looked like a ball. She did so and we both started to load up our satellite cannon. Before Agrani could stand back up we fired out guns which pushed it back on the ground weakening it totally. At this moment Noire Draal opened both of her crystals and stabbed the core with both of them. Dark Agrani died instantly and all the darker started to retreat. I was shaking a bit since I was so relieved that it’s finally over. While sitting on the ground, Lisa touched my shoulder.

“Really good work there, Morioka~!”

“Hehe… thank you… still, I’m shaking a bit though.”

“You’ll get used to these stuff soon~”

Noire Draal walked towards us after seeing that all darker fled.

“You have my deepest gratitude, Lisa, Morioka. I, and the dragokins owe you.”

“Thank you… and you are welcome!” I replied with a smile. “So~, shall we go then Lisa?”

“Yes~! Bye bye~!”

“I wish you a save travel!”

“Thank you! See you again one day!”

“So be it.”

We started to move back to the area from where we came to call down the campship. While we were walking back, I checked my watch and saw that its almost 2pm. I was wondering why I felt a bit hungry, but since I didn’t have anything with me, I had to wait until we arrived back to Ur. Around 2:15pm we reached the landing zone and called the gunship.

“GS2, this is Hikosaburo Morioka, we are at the landing zone and waiting for the pick up.”

“Morioka, this is GS2, two minutes and we arrive at the landing zone, over.”

The gunship arrived on time and brought us back to the campship, which was waiting for us at the planet’s orbit. After docking we started to move out to the deep space again, where the campship opened a gap and we were again back to our system, close by to the outer fleet.

“Ur, this is CS8 awaiting coordinates for docking area.”

“CS8, this is Ur, dock 15 is clear. Proceed towards 2-3-5, I repeat, proceed towards 2-3-5!”

“Proceeding towards, 2-3-5! Thank you Ur!”

Few minutes later we docked at dock 15 and could get out from the ship. And only then I realized that I didn’t asked how much we got for the mission.

“By the way Lisa, how much meseta did this mission pay?”

“We need to ask on that! Fufufu~”


We walked to Faina to ask for our payment. And I got really surprised. We got 130.000 meseta for the one mission. Of course 32.500 meseta went straight the shop from where I got my clothes. But still had enough money left and I was happy about it. We both got our payment and headed back to the elevators.

“Well… thank you for calling me for this mission.”

“You are welcome! Lisa likes to do Sunday missions~! But most people refuse to come…”

This was the first time I heard her saying something, which sounded sad.

“I-if you want, I can accompany you for these mission.”

“Fufufu~ Thank you, Morioka!”

Just after that I was thinking in what I go myself into. No more free Sundays for me. But on the other hand, I would earn some extra money which sounded nice. We got to the ground floor and bid farewell to each other. I headed back to the garage to get the motorcycle. It was really fun to ride it and because of this I wanted to buy one for myself later too, but at the moment I was more focused to get something to eat. When I arrived home I parked down to Zeno’s parking slot and walked up to our apartment. I tried to open the door; I noticed that it was locked. I used my keycard to open it and entered, no one was home. I found a note on the table saying…

Dear Morioka, we went out to the park, in case you get home earlier than us. I made you something for lunch. See you at home! Echo. p.s Map to park on the other side.

“That’s nice from her. She does seem to care about me a lot.” I started to smile while saying that.

I went in to the kitchen to see what I got. I took down the foil from the food and I saw that Echo made me some rice with rappy nuggets. I ate them up right away, since I was so darn hungry. I looked at the watch and it was only 2:45pm. Was thinking if I should go after them, or just stay at home and relax, besides, I didn’t knew when they left, but still I gave it a try and headed after them. Following the map it took me around 10 minutes to get to the park. It was really big and in the 3rd district. A lot of people came here from the other districts just to relax. I was looking around while slowly walking ahead. Soon I noticed someone waving at me and I started to move towards that direction. When I got there I saw Echo and Io under the tree, Io was sleeping while Echo watched over her.

“Good afternoon!” I whispered to her.

“Good afternoon to you too, Morioka!” She replied silently with a smile.

I sat down and asked since how long was Io asleep. Echo told me that it’s been a hour since she felt asleep.

“Hmm~, let’s see~.”

Echo just looked at me with a puzzled face.

I poked Io’s nose, on which she of course reacted, trying to get that something off from her face. I did this a few time, Echo tried to hold her laughter, since this looked too cute.

“By the way, where are Zeno, Afin and Rose?”

“They are a bit away playing ball.” And she pointed towards them.

“I see~! And why didn’t you go with them?”

“I’m watching over Io…”

“Oh, then you can go now” I replied with a smile “I will watch over her then!”

“You would?”


“Thank you Morioka!” Replied the brown haired Newman, and gave a kiss on my cheek.

“N-no problem.” I replied with a red face.

After that she stood up and went to the others, leaving me and the little dewman under the tree. I was leaning against the tree and was close to fall asleep. I once looked towards the other then everything became dark. I don’t know what time it was, but I woke up on a flash. When I opened my eyes, Echo was in front of me smiling, while holding a camera and the others were smiling too. They saw the imaginary question mark above my head and Zeno pointed right next to me. When I looked towards my right I saw that Io was hugging me while she was sleeping. When I poked her nose, she strengthened her grip a bit. I started to whisper in her ear.

“Psst~ Io, wake up! Breakfast is ready!”

She started to mumble and woke up slowly.

“Mmm… leave something for me too….”

When she came to her sense she looked around then looked at me.

“Well, good morning sunshine!” I greeted her with a smile.

She then looked down and noticed that she was hugging me; with a red face she jumped right back.

“Wha-wha-what happened?!” She asked with a scared voice.

“You should had seen yourself, hugging Morioka like that~!” Echo started to tease her.

“C’mon Echo-senpai! You are mean!” The blue haired dewman answered, with a red face.

I had a red face too and for a few seconds, but tried to calm myself down.

“Alright, that’s enough now…” Rose continued. “You teased them enough.”

“Alright, alright~! Guess we can start to pack and go home, it starts to get late a bit.”

It was around 5pm when we started to pack our stuffs and moved back to our home. While walking I asked them what they did today. Of course every one of them was lazing around, I felt a bit jealous about it though, then again, I could get 130.000 meseta which was really nice. At the way home, Echo told me that she has a surprise for all of us.

“And what will be that surprise?” I asked her.

“Well, that is a se-c-ret~!”

“I knew you will say that…”

“I bet it will be something fancy.” Zeno continued while nodding.

When we got home, she told us to wait in the living room. While waiting, we were guessing what the surprise might be, but while talking the door opened and Echo came out in a red dress.

“Wow…” I spoke up faintly

“So~, how do I look?”

“You look amazing!” Said Zeno

“Yes, Echo-sensei is soo beautiful!” Io complimented her.

“I glad you all like it! You will need one too!”

We guys looked at each other then at Echo and said at the same time.

“Us… in a dress?!”

After a short break the girls started to laugh.

“Of course not! You will need a suit!”

“Why will we need a suit?” Afin asked.

“Because, we are going out to eat, that’s the surprise!”

Since I didn’t have a suit, Zeno gave me one of his. We did some modifications on it, since it didn’t fit me. By the time everyone was ready, it was already 6pm and we started to head out. We took a taxi and headed on the highway towards district four. I never have been in that district before, so it was new territory for me. Since this was more of a business part of the ship, it had a lot more skyscrapers. When we finally arrived, I looked up on the building’s sign and read “Franka’s Restaurant and Café”. I started to speak up.

“Does she give you Client Orders as well?”

Everyone looked at me and Zeno answered.

“Yes, but her client orders are really hard…”

“How comes?”

“Well, by most of the missions you need to slay something. By HER missions, you need to catch rare fish, or obtain rare vegetables from specific planets.”

“I see… sounds interesting. I might go for fishing one I get a free day.”

“You know how to fish?” Echo asked.

“Yup! When I was little, I went fishing with my dad, even though I got bored after a few minutes.”

The girls started to giggle.

Once the short talk ended, we entered the building. We asked for a larger table where six people can sit down, we followed the waiter, took our seats and looked at the menu. After 2 minutes Zeno spoke up.

“Anyone known’s what they will have?”

“I go for pizza!” I replied to him while I still looked at the menu.

“I might stick with Morioka’s idea, been a while since I could eat one.” continued Afin

The girls were a bit silent.


“I think I have a steak.” Said Rose

“I will eat some sea food.” Replied Io

“And you Echo?” Zeno asked her


“Can’t decide again?”

“Yea… I might go for sushi.”

“Alright then! Let’s call the waiter.”

After Zeno called the waiter and we gave our orders, some of us had to wait a bit until the food got ready. When my pizza was finally done and they brought it in front of me, I was amazed, it look so nice, but I didn’t wanted to be rude, so I waited until everyone got their meals.

I was about to take my first bite when Echo asked me.

“Are going to eat that whole pizza alone?”

“Mhm~, trust me, for the foods I like, I got a huge stomach.”

“But you are… well, slimmer than Zeno and Afin.”

“I know, but as my mom always said, sometimes it would be easier to dress me than feed me.”

Everyone started to laugh.

“I want to see you eating that all.” Zeno continue

“15-20 minutes and it will be gone!”

After that we continued eating. 20 minutes later the pizza in front of me was gone, while Afin still had some on his plate.

“Sigh… this was lovely, I need to buy some stuff to make pizza at home too~.”

“You are unbelievable, Mori!” Said Zeno, while he was smiling

“Yea… won’t you get fat if you eat so much?” Asked Io while having worried face

“Not really, I can eat as much and whatever I want, I will barely gain any weight.”

Suddenly all three girls started to look at me with a jealous face. I was just sheepishly smiling.

“Now, now girls… we don’t want to bring home any knifes…” I tried to joke about the situation.

They managed to calm down and finish their meals too. Before we left we paid for our food and were heading outside, when I suddenly noticed a device.

“Is that a mission counter there?” I pointed to the wall next to the exit

“Yes it is one.” Answered Rose


I started to walk towards it to check what mission it has. I was looking mainly for fishing missions. As I was looking through them, I saw that the payment wasn’t high, but if you did a mission here, you got a discount on the food, which depended on how hard the mission was. I found a mission which looked easy and was on Vopar, but before I accepted it, I slightly turned around.

“Anyone wants to come with me? Mission will be at next Saturday.”

Everyone passed, except for Io.

“I-I might go with you…” She replied shyly

“Alright then! I write you up as party member.”

I turned back and tapped on the screen to accept the mission. The mission counter asked for my watch, once it got the data, it asked me if there is anyone else who will join me. I tapped on ‘yes’ and now it asked for the party member’s watch. Io did apply too, and I was happy that I can go to the beach on Saturday. Once we got home it was already late, so we all went to sleep. Tomorrow was Monday again, as in school day, and with these thoughts, I felt asleep.


Még nem szólt hozzá senki, légy te az első!