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Phantasy Star Online 2 - A game becomes Reality

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This fan fiction is about a game called Phantasy Star Online 2. It's a slice of life like novel, showing the daily life of a guy called Hikosaburo Morioka, the adventures he's going and the people who live on the colony ship caller Ur. My english is a bit rusty,...

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Day 9 - Preparation for the Weekend

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The week went away fast and it was already Friday. We had a lot of trainings and missions, but finally it was one day before our relaxing mission. Today I took a day off, but even then I had to do morning exercise with the others. This time it was Roses turn to make something for lunch, so I was curious what she will make. While everyone was gone, I was still in my bed relaxing and thinking on where to go, but I had the slight idea to go to district 3, since it was a shopping district. I did relax for 30-45mins more, then I started to get hungry so I went out to the kitchen to make something to eat.

“Let’s see…” I started to look around in the shelfs and the fridge to make something to eat

While searching, I didn’t notice that someone was behind me.

“Good morning Morioka!”

I hear a cheering voice from behind me, and I jumped really high since I got scared.

“Ahahahahah~” Io started to laugh “You should had seen you face!” She said and continued laughing.

“Damn it…. don’t scare me like that! I can get scared easily sometimes…”

She started to calm down slowly “Haa… haa… But still, it was really funny.” And she started to laugh again

“Ha ha…. I go back and make something for breakfast…”

“What are you making?” She asked me while trying to calm down

“Guess some corn flakes, need to milk to clean my throat too.”

“Eh? Milk, to clean your throat? What do you mean with that?”

“Well, my throat mostly gets dry during the night and I need some milk to clear it up.”

“Oh~ I see!”

“Here you go!”

I gave her a bowl of corn flakes then made some for myself too.

“Thank you!”

We started to eat and I was looking out the window, thinking on what to buy today, when I suddenly felt something hitting my spoon in the bowl. When I looked back, I saw that Io tried to snatch away some of my food.

“You little thief!”


“Oh wait… what’s that there!?”

She turned around to look to that position when I poked her hips from both sides, she screamed a little while jumping up. I started to laugh.

“Now we are even!” I said that while still laughing

“You are mean!” she said that while starting to hit me gently

After we finished I washed the dishes and started to watch TV, since I still didn’t wanted to go. Io sat down next to me to watch TV with me.

“By the way, how comes you don’t have any mission today?”

“I’m waiting for Echo-senpai, so we can go shopping in the afternoon.”

“Oh~ why? What do you want to buy?” I asked curiously

“Well… umm… we… she…”


“Well… she… wanted me to by a swimsuit.”

As she said that she started to turn red.

“Oh~ Io in a swimsuit~!”

“D-don’t say it like that!!! You pervert!!!”

“Hehe, speaking of which…. I need to buy a swimwear too… Guess I might you two then.”


“C’mon don’t be so shy~!” I said that while patting her head

We continued watching TV until 11:30am, until Rose came home.

“I’m home!”

We turned towards the door and greeted her too. She then went to their room to change cloths and start to make lunch. While we were watching the TV she was busy in the kitchen.

“And what will be today’s menu, Rose?”

“Hmm~. I’m making some traditional food it shouldn’t take took long.”

“Oh~ sounds nice!”

“Yes, and at least it’s done in a hour, well, more or less.”

“I see~! Well, do your best then!”

And with that, it became silent again. While watching the TV, suddenly I felt something hitting my shoulder. It was Io who felt asleep. I started to get a bit embarrassed, and then I heard Rose saying…

“You two look cute like that!”

I was just sitting there with a red face, managed to turn a bit and whispered.

“She felt asleep and uses me as a pillow…”


With that I just made my situation even worse. Then the door opened and I saw Rose going towards their room, when she came back, she had a camera with her.

“Oh, don’t you dare!”

But with that said, she made a picture from us, again.

“This isn’t fair…”

I tried to grab Io’s shoulder gently to move her up, so she can rest on the couch a bit. When I laid her down I went to the kitchen window to talk with Rose. We kept talking until 1pm, when Echo came home and greeted us loudly.

“I’m home!”

That moment we heard a bang sound coming from the couch. It was Io who felt down from the couch when Echo shouted, since she jump scared her. I turned around and said…

“Well, good morning sunshine!”

“Did I… fall asleep?”


“I’m sorry Io!” Echo apologized to her

“I-it’s okay!”

“Still, I will buy you something when we go shopping!”

“Speaking of which” I turned towards Echo “Mind if I go with you, still need to buy some supply for tomorrow and a swimwear.”

“Sure! I bet Io will be happy about it too~!” She started to tease her

“You are mean, Echo-senpai….”

Echo started to laugh on that and apologized. After that, she went to take a bath and to change clothes. While waiting for her, Rose served lunch for everyone. It looked tasty, and after Echo joined us we started to eat. It was again something new which I never ate. It looked a bit weird, but tasted nice.

“Sigh~, I’m stuffed! This was really nice!”

“Thank you Morioka.” Rose replied with a smile

“So~, are you two ready then?” Echo asked us

“Umm… I am, just need to us the toilet quick.”

“Sure, take your time. The shops are open until 7pm anyways.”

Once I finished my business we started to head out. We wished Rose a nice day, as she was washing the dishes. Since it was a Sunny day, we were walking to the bus station. We still needed to wait a little until the bus came, in the meanwhile we were talking about what to buy. I told them that we need to buy some fishing equipment too. Even though the camp at Vopar had fishing gear, it wasn’t such quality equipment, as the ones you could buy on the colony ships. Echo told me that she heard about shop and that we can visit it after we got some beach clothes. When we finally arrived at the 3rd district’s bus station, we got off and started to head towards the mall. This was my second time that I was here; and was hoping to see Monica again. While walking between the shops I saw the angler shop too. Echo told me that, that’s the shop she heard about and that we can go there too later on.

When we reached the shop, I noticed that it wasn’t Monica who worked here this day. We did greet the lady at the counter and started to look around. There were a lot of clothes, from street clothes, to battle clothes, armor, beach clothes and swimwear. We did pick a few pieces and went to the changer to try them on. I did pick some speedos and some shorts to see which would fit better, didn’t knew what Io picked, since she was whispering something to Echo. When we tried on the first pieces Echo told us to come out.

“Eh?! W-why do you want us to come out?!” Io asked her while still in the changer

“So that I, and Mori too can see what you picked!”


“You too, Morioka! Come out!”

“Just a second, please!”

We both stepped out almost at the same time.

“And, how do I look?” I asked Echo, still not noticing that Io is next to me.

“Black shorts, looks nice!” then she noticed something on me chest “Why is the middle of your chest red?”

“Huh? Well…” then I noticed Io too “Woah… really you look nice!”

She was wearing a blue one piece swimsuit with white stripes on its side. I could even see her dewman tattoos.

“T-thank you…” She replied with shy voice and red face “Y-you look nice t-too!”

“Hehe, thank you!” I replied with a smile “Also, back to that red mark, that’s a dry spot… I don’t know why, but by my chest there is a spot, that is always dry and it gets red, have to use lotions to get it back to normal. What can I say, I got an unique skin…”

“I see… I will heal it then once we get home.”

“Oh… um… thank you Echo!”

“You are welcome!” The brown haired newman replied with a smile “So~ you want to look for something else too? Maybe a second one in case you need to change?”

“Sure!” I replied her and went back to the changer

A few minutes later I came back out.


Both of them were looking weird

“A… speedo?” Echo asked me

“Yup! I was always wearing one, I mean… I got nothing to be ashamed of, right?”

“R-right…” She replied with a reddish face

Io just hid her eyes and her red face.

“What is it Io? Don’t you want to look at my amazing body? Ahahahah~!”

Echo did a small face palm.

“Relax~. I was just being sarcastic. I’m more like skin and bones.”

“You should eat more!” Added Echo while Io escaped to the changer

“Yea…, well, eating your delicious food might give me some weight later on.”

Echo just smiled and shook her head. When we were finally done with everything, we went to the counter and paid for out clothes. Since it was already 4pm, we stopped by a food stand and bought us something to eat. While eating we sat down on the nearest bench to rest a bit. I had some corndogs while the girls ate some fried fish. There were a lot of people in the mall, humans, dewmans, beasts and casts. As a cast lover, I was checking out each and every cast that came past us. The girls could see the sparks in my eyes. I also saw some family faces, like Kurt, Light and Theodor with Ulc on his side.

“Can we go then?” Echo asked us

We both said ‘yes’ and started to head to the angler shop. When we entered it, I noticed another familiar face.

“Oh shit….”

“Language, Morioka!” Echo warned me.

“Ah… s-sorry…”

“Hohoho~, how can I help you?”

I got the shiver when I heard that voice, it wasn’t no one else, than Dudu.

“Umm yes, we would like to buy some fishing equipment, since we need to catch a rare fish tomorrow.”

“I see, then, you have great luck, to come to this shop!”

I rolled my eyes.

“I will look around if you don’t mind.”

“Sure, take your time and if you need any help, then ask.”

I started to look around, to get two strong fishing rods and strong fishing line for it so that it won’t tear that fast. After looking through the shop for 20mins, I could find two nice fishing rods, hooks, bait and fishing lines, which looked strong.

“So~ I would like to buy all these!”


He started to add the items into the cash register, to add their price together.

“It will be 150k meseta.”

I could see the shock on the girls face. Even I was a bit surprised, but then again, quality has its price. I put my watch to the register and the money was taken down from my account. Good thing that I had around 325k money.

“Thank you for your purchase, please come again!”

“Good bye!” We all bid farewell

On the way out Echo and Io asked me if it wasn’t a bit too much for that. I told them that they are strong equipment and that we will need it for tomorrow. Since, we didn’t know how big the fish is, that we had to catch for Franka. Since we still had some little time, we did some extra shopping, mostly grocery and stuff. When we finished with everything it was 5:30pm, so we headed to the bus station and waited for the bus.

“Well, this was a long day. I start to feel tired…” I said that after yawning

“Hehe, yes it was. At least you are prepared for tomorrow.”


“By the way Morioka, when will be depart for the mission tomorrow?”

“Hmm… let me check.”

I opened my watch to check the taken missions and saw that there is no timer on it.

“Well, since it has no starting time, it’s up to you, I’m mostly awake around 8-8:30am”

“Then… can we go around 10pm?”

“Sure, I can make lunch then in the morning!”

“If you want I can cook tomorrow.” Offered Echo

“It’s okay. I get up at 8am then and make lunch in the morning! I make something easy, so it wont take that long.”

“Alright then.” She replied with a smile

-Next stop District 7 main station!-

“Alright, time to get off soon!” Said Echo

So we grabbed all the bags and when we reached the station we got off and started to walk towards our apartment. In the station I noticed a silver haired dewman, when she turned towards us and I recognized her right away. She did smile at us and waited until we get closer.

“Good evening!” She greeted us with a bow gesture

“Good evening to you too!”

“Hmm~, so you must be… Morioka?”

“Yes, that’s me, Nagisa.” I replied with a smile

“H-how do you know my name?!” She asked me with a faint panicked voice

“Hehe, well, I know a lot of people here. Still, I’m Hikosaburo Morioka, pleasure to meet you!”

“My name is Nagisa Adelheid Hauser, nice to me you too!”

“We can go home together, if you like to.” Echo offered


On the way home she asked a lot about me. Even though she visited a lot of planets, she never saw planet Earth before. She was really excited hearing about stories about my planet. She told me that we could go on a mission one day. I told her that I’m busy on Saturday, but aside from that, if I have time, then we can do missions together.

“Alright! Also, could I add you to my watch?”

“What do you mean?” I asked with raised eyebrows

“Well, so that you are in my contact list!”

“You can do something like that?!”

“Of course you can!” Said Echo “I have your contact too!”

“Eh? Since when?”

“Since you called me, about the frozen rappy, silly!”

“Ohhhh…. that explains!”

“So~, how do you do it?”

“Go to ‘nearby’ and you will see my name there.”

“I see. Alright, just one second then!”

I did go to ‘nearby’ and tapped on both Nagisa and Io, she was pretty surprised when her watch started to buzz.

“Eh?!” Io shouted

“Hehe, I added you too!” I replied with a smile

She was just blushing

“Alright, I accepted your request, Morioka!” Said Nagisa “We can now contact each other. I’m looking forward to on a mission with you!”

“Hehe, likewise, never saw a katana user yet, will be interesting.”

“What kind of class are you, by the way?”

“I’m a ranger!”

“That’s nice!”

Moving on we kept chatting about classes and enemies. Was pretty interesting how much, the girls knew about everything. It seemed that I still had to learn a lot. When we final arrived to our building where we bid farewell to Nagisa and went to the 5th floor.

“We are home!” Echo greeted everyone

“Welcome home you three!” Replied Zeno “How was the shopping?”

“What do you think?” I popped up from behind Echo “Look at all the bags!”

Zeno started to laugh “You brought a lot of stuff for tomorrow.”

“Of course we did!” Echo said “They bought new clothes, fishing equipment and we bought some food too.”

“Hehe, nice! Also, Rose saved some leftovers for you, so you can eat when you get home.”

“That was nice from her.” Said Io

“By the way… where are Rose and Afin?”

“They went to the relaxation room to play some table tennis.”

“They what?!” I raised my voice “We have table tennis here?!”

“Yes, why?”

“I gonna go a dominate them!”

As that said, I helped unpacking everything, put down the newly bought equipment to our room. And then, I headed to the relaxation room which was on the 6th floor.

“Hello you two!”

In that moment Afin missed the shot.

“Crap… oh! Good evening partner!”

“Hehe, that’s 12-10 for me! I won!” Rose cheered

“Sorry about that Afin.” I apologized

“It’s okay. Want to try it too?”

“Oh, hell yes!!!”

We started to play a 12 set match too. It was pretty fun and I had a somewhat unfair advantage, since I was tall I didn’t had to move that much to get from one side of the table to another. And I could fool Rose too, by quickly hitting the ball to the other direction.

“You are mean!” She complained “I’m way shorter than you!”

“Hehe, well, I’m using my ‘fair’ advantage here~!”

In the end I managed to win 12 to 6.

“Sigh~ this was lovely! I like to play table tennis.”

“Yes, it was a nice match, but you are unfair! Too tall!”

“Hehe, maybe next time you win” I patted her head

“You should play with Zeno” Said Afin

“True, we are almost in the same height… but maybe next time then.”

We kept playing for a bit longer then went back to our floor to eat with everyone together. We talked about our day as usual and about tomorrow too. Where we need to go, what we will still need to buy. Luckily, we still had some time in the morning so we could make something to eat or there was still an option to buy food in the central building or in the Vopar camp. After all this, we watched a movie on the TV and headed to bed. I was still preparing for tomorrow in the living room, so that I don’t bother anyone with the light. I wanted to make sure that we have everything when we head out. Once finished, I put the backpack close to the door and headed to bed too. I was kinda excited to go on a mission with Io, since this would be the first time that we are together on a mission alone. In the meanwhile, Io was thinking on the same in their room. She was pretty nervous about this, but she tried to calm herself down and rest, not that she wakes up and still feels really tired. And with that, everyone was asleep around midnight.


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