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Phantasy Star Online 2 - A game becomes Reality

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This fan fiction is about a game called Phantasy Star Online 2. It's a slice of life like novel, showing the daily life of a guy called Hikosaburo Morioka, the adventures he's going and the people who live on the colony ship caller Ur. My english is a bit rusty,...

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Day 10 - Fishing for some Rares!

A fejezet 10 hónapja lett frissítve
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It was Saturday morning and even though we headed out for our mission at 10am, I had to get up at 6am, thanks to Zeno, since we had to do our morning exercise like always. Skipping that was of course out of question. So after doing that, I decided that instead of resting, I make lunch so that when everyone else comes home, they have something to eat. The girls were still sleeping when I went to the kitchen to make lunch. I was looking through the book; mom gave me, to find something that can be done quickly, so I decided to make Spaghetti Carbonare, since it could be done really quickly. While cooking, I heard some noises from behind me.

“Good morning Morioka! What are you doing?” Asked Echo

“Oh, good morning! I’m making lunch, so that you don’t have to make it later.” I replied with a smile

“I see, and what are you making?”

“Lunch, like I said.” I replied jokingly to her

“Ha ha, you know what I mean~!”

“I’m making spaghetti carbonare, hope you all will like it”

“Sounds interesting, I don’t think I ever ate any.” Said the brow haired newman while thinking.

“Well, now you will!”

She just smiled and came to the kitchen too, to make breakfast. She didn’t change clothes yet, so it was new for me to see her in her PJ. While we were cooking the others came to the living room too.

“Good morning Echo-senpai!” Greeted Afin

“Good morning Echo” Continued Zeno

“Good morning, you two! Breakfast will be ready soon!” Answered the brown haired Newman

“What are you making Morioka?” Afin asked me curiously

“I’m making lunch, since it’s my turn today.”

“Oh, well, we could have made lunch too, so you could have rest a bit longer.”

“I know, but once I’m awake, I can´t really fall asleep.”

“Fair enough.” Said Zeno “At least you are fit now tanks to our morning exercise!”

“Yea… fit I am…” I sighed

“You’ll get used to it.” Continued Zeno

I just kept being depressed about it. Echo did try to cheer me up a bit and gave me some breakfast while the lunch was getting ready. A few minutes later Rose showed up too.

“Good morning everyone!”

“Good morning!” We all greeted her

“Io is still sleeping?” I asked Rose

“Yes, she is. I did heard her moving a lot in her bed last night, guess she couldn’t sleep that good.”

“I see… Yea, I was a bit nervous last night too.”

“Why?” Rose asked me

“I don’t know, I do like Io a lot, and it will be the first time being alone with her on a mission.”

“Oh~ someone is being in love~?” Echo teased me

“Wh-what are you saying?!” I started to get red

“Hehe, even your face is red~!”

“You are unbelievable…”

Even the others started to smile and giggle about it. But things got a bit settled once we started to eat breakfast. Echo made us some rice again with sea food and some rappy meat. I told Echo that they can leave and I will take care about washing the dishes. She did agree make some food for Io too and placed it into the fridge.

“When Io wakes up, reheat this and give it to her, okay?”

“Understood! I won’t let her go hungry on our mission!”

Echo just smiled. They did bid farewell and left the house. I put the lunch into the fridge too, not that it goes bad when the others arrive back. Then I went to our room to pack my backpack. True, it was only 8:15am, but I wanted to be ready when we head out.

“Let’s see… fishing rod… the bait… swimwear… Oh right, I need to get that on me before we go on the mission.”

When I was done packing I went to the kitchen again to check if we have anything that we could eat, aside from our lunch. I did make us some sandwiches and was thinking on that we will buy something at the camp too. Once I was done with everything I went to watch the TV, where I did find some interesting channels. When I looked at the watch I saw that it was 9am, so I thought that I might wake Io up. As I was thinking on this my heart started to beat faster, knowing that I will have to go on their room. So I stood up and started to go towards their side of the house. I knocked on their door in case she’s awake or something.

“Io, are you awake?”

I didn’t hear anything so I went in. The window was still darkened down and I saw Io moving a bit in her bed. I walked up to her and leaned down.

“Io~, wake up!” I said that while shaking her shoulder gently.


“It’s almost 10am, you still need to eat and get yourself ready!”

She slowly opened her eyes and looked at me for a few seconds, then jumped a bit back, hitting herself in the wall.

“Wha-what are you doing here?!” She asked me with a reddish face

“I’m here to wake you up, silly! Its 9:03am, we need to go in a hour. So I thought that I wake you up so you can eat and get yourself ready.”

“I-I see… Thank you. Now… go out please… I… would like to change clothes.” Said the young dewman with a red face

“Understood. I will be in the living room then.”

10 minutes later Io came out to the living room, having her battle clothes on. I did have my jacket on me too, stating that l´m ready.

“Echo made you something to eat, sit down and eat it while I get our backpacks, okay?”


While she sat down, I headed back to my room to get my backpack, then moved to her room to get her backpack as well. It did felt a bit heavy, I was wondering what she packed into it.

“So, everything is ready on my end, just take your time with your meal, we still got a little time before we need to depart.”


“At least swallow it before you try to speak.” I said that while starting to smile

“Ugh… I’m sorry… hehe~.”

“It’s fine. So, eat up and let’s go, can’t wait to see the beach!”

Once she finished her meal, we got our backpacks up and headed to the station to get a taxi, since we were a bit in a hurry. It was still 9:45am when we reached B1, we walked up to Koffie and told her about our mission. Since it was already registered, she told us to wait 10 more minutes until our campship gets ready. 10 minutes later our ship arrived and we could board it. Leaving the fleet, we got to Vopar really fast. I was looking out the window and saw the big blue planet in front of us.

“This is amazing!”

“It’s your first time on Vopar?”

“Kind of, I never have been here in real though.”

“What do you mean with that?”

I suddenly realized that I started to talk about the game.

“Ne-never mind! At least we are here, can relax, fish and swim!”

Io started to look a bit worried and didn’t say a word. I turned around and asked her what’s wrong.

“Well… I… can’t really swim…”

“Oh? How comes?”

“I… well… I have some bad childhood memories about it... and I’m a bit afraid of the deep water…”

I went to her and patted her head.

“It’s okay, if anything happens, I will be there for you, okay?” I replied her with a kind smile.

She just got red and nodded.

“Besides! I can teach you how to swim!”

“Wha-what?! N-no need to!”

“Hehe, don’t be shy, swimming is fun! I learned it myself too! You will like it!”


While we had our debate, the pilot warned us that we are about to reach proper altitude, so we can head out with the gunship. We boarded one of the gunships which brought us down to the Vopar Arks Camp. It mainly looked like a beach resort or something. It had a lot of buildings, shops, food stands and hotels. I was pretty amazed about this place, since it didn’t looked anything like the base at Naberius.

“So… umm… where do we need to go now?” I asked Io

“Just follow me; there is a quest counter here too. We will need to go there to let the client know that we arrived on time.”

“Oh, I thought that you just take the mission and done.”

“That’s only when you take it from Koffie or Faina.”

“I see….”

We gave our data to the machine which then got a confirmation and we could go do our mission. After doing that our watch started to vibrate. We opened them and the compass popped up, showing us the direction where we need to go.

“It’s… pointing towards the open sea….” Said Io nervously

“Well of course it is! We won’t catch any fish close to the shore.”

Io didn’t say anything just looked at the water.

“Alright then! Since we got all day for this, I teach you how to swim, now!”

“Wha-what?! N-no need to do that!” She tried to decline my idea

“Oh c’mon, at least you won’t be that much afraid from the water and we can go out to the sea to fish!”

Io just sighed “Alright, alright….”

“Okay, let’s find a place then to change clothes…. starts to get really hot….”

There was of course a building where the arks member could relax and change to the swimwear any time. And so we did too. I was a bit embarrassed though, didn’t wanted any awkwardness to happen. When I finished changing I packed my clothes in my backpack and went out, but Io couldn’t be seen anywhere. A minute later I heard a faint voice from behind me.

“I… I’m here…”

I turned around and saw Io in the one-piece swimsuit she picked at the shop, my jaw dropped right away.

“Wha-what is it?” she asked shyly

“You look amazing…” I replied her with an amazed voice

“D-don’t look at me like that, idiot!” she replied with a red face “L-let’s go rather!”

“Ah... right... let’s go!” I spanned out from my drool state “Let’s find a part where the water isn’t that deep.”


There were beach parts made extra for the arks, these parts were segmented so that no enemies could go there and people could enjoy the beach. When we got there I saw a lot of people, even ones who I never seen before. Lizards and beasts were enjoying the sun as well. It was also a great vacation spot for civiliants.

“Alright, let’s pack our stuff here and go swim a bit!”

We packed our stuff and headed to the water. I had to watch out, not to go in too deep, since the water that would reach only my chest, would be already by Io’s neck. So I told her to let me know when we shall stop. When the water reached her belly she told me to stop.

“Alright, then we practice here, but first!” I slowly started to sit down in the water “Ahh… feels a bit cold yet…”

“What?! You can sit down like that?!”

“Hmm? Oh! Well… I’m 185cm tall, so this water isn’t that deep for me.”

“Good for you…” Said Io with a jealous tone

“Hehe, don’t worry, like I always say, cut girls need a cute size.” I replied with a kind smile

I got a bit red. “A-am I cute…?”

“Of course you are!”

“Hehe~, thank you!”

“Anyways, you need to get wet too; else our skin will get burned faster!”


As she said that she took a small dip, so that only her head was out the water.

“Alright, now… how to teach you swimming… The water is clear though, so you are able to see what I am doing…” I though aloud while trying to figure out how to teach Io

“That’s fine for me.”

“Hmm, okay then… Well, I try to explain it while I do it. Firstly, you need to open your hand and form a spoon with it, like I’m doing it right now. Since with this you will pull yourself ahead and will push with your legs.”

Io just nodded, trying to understand what I am telling her.

“For your legs… no clue if you ever seen a frog swimming…”

“Yuck, I hate frogs….”

I started to laugh.

“Anyways, you will need to perform a… well… kick in the water, but you will see. Alright here I go!”

I leaned forward and started to swim around Io as she was moving in 360°, watching my moves.

“Also, don’t forget to stick your head out and look left or right, that way you won’t swallow any water. You can look forward too, but watch for the smaller wav… ugh… cough cough…. waves…. god… salt water tastes bad…”

Io started to giggle.

“Well, this is how you swim. Then again there are other forms too, but this is perfect to swim normally, at least in my opinion.”

“I see…”

“A~nyways~, it’s your turn now!”

“Do I have too…?”

“Yes! Trust me, you will enjoy it! And don’t worry if you sink, I will be right next to you to catch you.”

“O-okay… Well… here I go…!”

Io leaned forward, but didn’t really moved ahead that much.

“No no no, you need to synchronize your arm and leg movement, you can do it all together, or one by one, let me show you again.”

Io just nodded.

“So, this is all together…” As I moved forward both my arms and legs pushed me ahead at the same time
“… and this is one by one.”

This time, when I was moving I first pushed myself with my arms and then with my legs.

“You see how I do it, Io? Now try it too, and don’t be scared from the water.”


She tried it again and she was swimming, bit slower than me, but she was moving ahead nicely. She looked really happy.

“Look Mori! I’m swimming, I’m swimming!” She said with a happy voice

“I see you, and you are doing great!”

When she stopped, she tried to run back to me, but because of the water it was a bit hard for her. When she reached me, she hugged me.

“Thank you so much~!”

“Hehe, you squeeze too hard… (And I can feel your breast too…)”

“Hehe, sorry~! but this helped me a lot! Thank you again Morioka!”

“You are most welcome Io.” I replied with a kind smile “Okay! Now that you can swim, we can go and fish!”

“But I want to swim some more!” She replied with a sad voice.”

“Well… you can race me to the beach! And if we finish in time, we can come back and swim some more.”


“So~, on your set… ready…. go!”

We both started to swim towards the beach, we were head on head, but I let her win.

“Yay~! I won!”

“Hehe, good job, Io.” I congratulated her “Now, let’s go and rent a boat.”


We walked to the docks to see what kind of boats we can rent to go out to the open sea. There were a lot of boats, from small ones to really big ones, the one that people mostly use to defeat Rodos. That boat caught my eye right away. There was a modified version too, which was made for fishing, it had an inner cabin too, less metal surface, fishing rod holder and some couches.

“Oh~, I want that one!”

“Isn’t that a bit too big?”

“But it’s sooo shiny~!”

“Boys will be Boys…”

“Let’s go!” I grabbed Io’s hand and started to move to the renting office.

“Good day!” We greeted the receptionist

“Good day to you too, how can I help you?”

“We would like to rent that big fishing boat, the modified version from the one that the arks are using to defeat Rodos.”


“And how much will it cost?”

“Will it be used for a mission?” Asked the black haired receptionist

“Yes, we took a mission from Franka’s restaurant. We need to catch some rare fish for her.”

“I see, in that case, the renting price is free.”

“We don’t need to pay?” I asked with a surprised voice.

“Yes, we provide free ships to arks member who are on a mission. Only those who are on a vacation must pay.”

“I see. Then we would like to rent it for a day if that is possible.”

“Understood. Please fill out this paper then please.”

I had to write down our data on the paper and the mission time, as in how long we will use the ship and the details about our mission.

“A~nd, there we go! Everything is filled out.”

“Thank you, here is the key for the ship, have a safe trip.”

“Thank you!” We both thanked her, made a bow gesture and went to the ship

“Wow… this ship is massive…”

“Sure it is…”

We climbed up and were amazed with how many extras the ship had. It had a kitchen, sleeping place and a lot of comfortable seats and couches to sit on.

“Did you ever drive a ship like this?” Io asked me

“Nope! But can’t be that hard…”

Io let out a worried giggle

“Let’s see…. start the engine!”

As soon as I pressed the start button the ship lifted up a bit and we were ready to go. Steering it was like moving with a huge car, on the water. We followed the compass until we reached our destination. We could see some small islands around us and a few geyser building that shot water up to the stratosphere. I stopped and let the Anker down.

“Well, here we are! Time to fish!”

While saying that I started to prepare the fishing rods and the baits for the fish. Good thing that this ship had a holder for the rods and seat behind that so that we could sit down and watch if one of them bites.

“So~, rods are setup, bait is ready and we can start to fish! You can relax if you want; I will throw in both baits just in case, so we have bigger chance to catch something.

“Okay! Also~, how do you fish?” She asked me with a tilted head

“You… can’t fish either?!” I asked back with a shocked voice

“Hehe… no…”

“It’s okay, I will teach you then. Come sit next to me.”

She did that and I showed her how to prepare the bait and how to throw it in.

“So, you put the bait on like this…”

“Eww… gross…”

“Hehe, it’s just an earthworm.” I started to laugh “So, and now….” I pulled the rod back a bit and threw in the bait “… there we go, that’s how you throw it in, just make sure to hold the rod, not that it falls out from your hand.”

“Hmm… okay! So… first… I put this gross worm on it… eww… and then…. THROW!!!”

“Nice throw!”

“Thank you! And what do I do now?”

“You just wait until that floating thingy gets pulled underwater, that means that a fish is biting the target, when it goes down, you need to pull it back.”

Just as I said that a fish started to mess around with her bait.

“Oh~, there is already one!”

“What do I do now?!” She asked a bit panicked

“Grab the rod and once the marker goes down, you pull the rod back and start to reel it.”

She grabbed the rod and as soon as the maker went down she pulled it back, after a 2 minute fight, she got the fish out from the water.

“Good job!”

“Yay~! I caught a fish! Now what?”

“Hehe, now we need to get it down from the hook and throw it back into the water. Or, if it’s the fish for the mission, we put it inside the water container so that it stays fresh.”

“Let’s see… oh~ it is the one we need!”

“Guess we are lucky then. Let’s put it in the container.”

“Understood! Eww…. the fish is so slimy…”

“Hehe, just make sure you don’t drop it, you can wash your hand after.”

“Ugh… okay… there you go fishy, have fun…”

The ship was really amazing; it even had a 1000 liter water container that cycled the water.  While waiting for the fishes to bite we did talk about a lot of stuff, around 1pm we ate something, lucky for us, that we had a kitchen, so we could make warm food too. Time flew by fast; it was already 3pm when we finally caught enough fish for the mission. But we didn’t go back yet, we relaxed a bit on the ship.

“Say, Mori…”


“C-could you add some sunblock on my back… I can’t reach that part…” She asked me with a red face.

“S-sure I can…”

I took the sunblock from her hand and told her to lay down on the couch.

“Ahh… it’s cold…” She screamed up

“Hehe, don’t worry, I will massage it all over your back, so it won’t feel that cold.”


“You know… I always wondered about these marks on your body, what are these exactly?”

“All of the dewman have these.”

“I know, but what is it? Birthmark? A tattoo? Or what?”

“Well, we could call them a universal birthmark, since on each dewman it is the same symbol.”

“I see… Sounds interesting.”

“Hehe. Alright! My turn now!”

“Your turn? What do you mean?”

“I will add some sunblock now on your back!”

“Eh?! Well… okay…”

I laid down on the couch and waited for the cold cream.

“You really are slim… I can see and feel your spine and ribs... You should eat more!”

“Trust me, I am... But even if I eat a lot I won’t gain or barely gain any weight.”


“Now now… no knife in by back please…” I replied sheepishly “I got this from my grandfather, who I never met.”

“How comes?”

“Well, he died 8 years before I was born…”

“Oh, I’m sorry to hear that…”

“Thanks, but it’s the past, I did get his look, height and slimness.” I stared to smile after that sentence

“Well, you are handsome...”

Suddenly, Io got really silent, I turned around and saw that she holds her hand in front of her mouth and her face was red.

“Hehe, well thank you for the compliment, young lady~!”

“Sh-shut up!!!”

I just laughed about the situation.

We stayed on the ship until 4pm then headed back to have a little swim before we get home. When we arrived back at the docks, I asked for a smaller container that we could bring up to the campship, so that the fish stay fresh when they get delivered to Franka. Once everything was done, I marked the container.

“What is that sign?” Io asked me curiously

“It’s my sign, I had it once on my cap too, but it got thrown away…”

“And what does it symbolize?”

“Well~, I will tell you that when we get home. Right now it’s a secret in case the container gets moved away or stolen.”

“I see, okay then! Let’s go swim now!!” Said the little dewman while dragging me away

“Hehe, alright, alright!”

So we went to swim a little, she really enjoyed it. I just sat in the water, watching her swimming around with a happy face, when she suddenly started to swim towards me, stopped and just looked at me.

“W-what is it?”

She then started to grin at me and made a big splash, making my face completely wet.

“Oh you little… it’s pay back time!”

Io just laughed and we enjoyed the little fight. When it was 5:45pm I told her to move out to the beach to dry up and eat something. We sat down by one of the food stands and ate.

“Mmm… this is really good!”

“What are you eating?” Asked Io

“It say’s petit rodos on a stick”

“Sounds gross…”

“Why, what are you eating?”

“Scrimps! I just love them!”

“Hehe, then enjoy it.” I replied with a smile

Once we got dry, we changed back to our normal clothes and went to the container. I tried to push it, but it didn’t move at all

“Umm… Mori…”

“I, almost, got, it…!”

“Mori, Listen!”

“Just a sec…!” I answered while still trying to push the container.


“Woah! Y-yes?”

Io leaned forward and pressed a button on it, which made the container hover.

“Oh~… I feel so stupid now…”

The blue haired dewman just giggled. We called the gunship so it can bring us up to the campship. Once we docked, our ship moved out from the planets orbit and entered the deep space, where it opened a gap to arrive at our home fleet.

-Ur, this is CS10, asking permission to land!-

-Copy that CS10, move towards 3-5-1 and head to dock 3!-

-Roger that, heading towards 3-5-1, dock 3!-

Successfully docking, we exited the ship with our container and headed to B1. We greeted Koffie and Rebecca and headed to Franka’s Restaurant to deliver the fish. Lucky for us, we could take a delivery van, so we go there faster.

“Good evening!” we greeted at the back door

A worker came to us and asked what we want. We told him that we took a mission from the restaurant’s mission device and are here to deliver the fish Franka was asking for.

“Oh, I see” said the worker “Alright, let me get Franka for you!” and with that he turned around and walked away.

Two minutes later he came back with a young lady who had chef clothes on.

“Good evening you two, I’m Franka. Thank you for the delivering the goods this fast.”

“Good evening!” we both greeted her “This is Io and my name is Morioka.”

“Io and Morioka, alright, well follow me then with the container please.”

Like she said, we followed her, with me pushing the container. We got to another, larger container where they attached a device to ours and moved the fish to their container.

“You can leave your container here; we make sure it gets delivered back to Vopar. Now let’s see~!”

She turned towards the water to check on the fishes. She was measuring them one by one with her eyes.

“Hmm, they look fine for me, no damage on them, they are still calm. Let’s see what the measuring device says.”

As she said, papers started to come out from a printer close to us. Everything was written down about the fishes, that we caught.

“Everything looks perfect.” Said the brunette chef

“Whew, that’s nice then, I guess.”

“Indeed! Now for your payment!” she started to write down something “So~, you caught 5 fish, which isn’t that much, but they are still rare though. So I will give around 25.000 meseta per fish and a 25% discount on your next meal in our Restaurant. Does that sound fair to you?”

Io and I looked at each other and nodded, and then I spoke up.

“Yes, that sounds fair for us.”

“Alright, then the meseta will be transferred to your accounts in a few minutes and the discount voucher too!”

“Thank you very much!” We both bowed in front of her before leaving.

We brought back the delivery van back to the main building and took a bus home. Even though we were relaxing today, we were both tired, Io even managed to fall asleep on the bus, so I woke her up when we reached district 7’s bus station. Walking home felt like an eternity, but when we finally reached our apartement’s door, we were happy. It was around 6pm when we arrived at home.

“We are home!” I greeted loudly.

Suddenly I started to hear footsteps from the girl’s side, when the door opened, and I saw Echo.

“Welcome home you two, how was your day?” She asked with a kind smile.

I wanted to speak up but Echo cut into my sentence.

“Also Io, I want details!”

“A-about what?!” She asked back with a shocked face.

“Oh you know that~!”

We looked at each other and with a red face we answered “W-we  didn’t do anything like that!!!”

Echo started to laugh “You two are cute when you answer at the same time.”

“I-m going to take a bath…” I answered in a grumpy tone

“Don’t be mad Morioka, I was just messing with you.”

I didn’t say anything just moved to our part of the house. Io turned to Echo and said.

“You might overdid it Echo-senpai…”

“Yea… I was just teasing you two.”

“I know… I don’t know why he reacted like that. Maybe he’s just tired.”

“Maybe, anyway~! Tell me about everything!”

“W-well…. it was nice…”

“Eh~? That’s all?!” Echo asked with a suspicious voice

“It was fun; he did teach me how to swim!”

“Oh~! That’s nice! So… you overcame your fear then?”

“Sort of, I don’t fear the water that much anymore.”

“I see. I’m glad to hear that.” Said the brown haired newman with a smile “And what else happened?”

“Well, he also taught me how to fish and by the rest, we were just sun bathing and swimming a bit more in the afternoon.”

“I see~! Well, Morioka is sure kind.”

“Yea…” Said Io with a reddish face.

“By the way, are you two hungry? We still got some leftovers from Morioka’s lunch.”

“Maybe later.” Answered Io “First I’m going to take a bath aswell.”

“Sure, go ahead.”

Echo sat down and started watching TV, while waiting for everyone to arrive. The house was really silent during this time, only the TV was running and you could hear some cars in the background honking or driving by. Later on Rose, Zeno and Afin arrived too, while Io and me, still being in the bathroom.

“We are home!”

“Welcome back!” Echo greeted them with a cheered voice

“Did Io and Morioka get back from their mission yet?” Zeno asked her

“Yes, both of them are taking a bath right now.”

“That’s nice. Alright, we are going to unpack everything in the kitchen then.”

“Okay!” Echo replied with a smile

I was the first who finished with bathing and went to our room to lay down a bit. I did hear the others talk in the living room, but I just wanted some rest. While I did so, Io finished too and went back to the living room once she dressed up.

“Good evening Afin and Zeno-senpai! Eh? Isn’t Morioka here?”

“Good afternoon Io” Greeted Afin

“Hello Io, we didn’t see him yet either. Afin could you check on him.”

“Sure, be right back then.”

Afin first went to the bathroom to see if I’m still in the bathtub, but since I already finished, he didn’t found me there. So he moved to our room to check if I’m there and as he was looking around, he saw that I’m laying in my bed and sleep. He then moved back to the others and told them what I am doing.

“I see.” Said Zeno “Let us not bother him them.”

Everyone nodded.

“Also Io, how was the mission with him?” Said Zeno while turning towards the little dewman

“I… it was nice! He taught me how to swim and we had a lot of fun!”

“I’m glad to hear it.” Replied Zeno with a smile

Io kept talking about everything, while the others listened with a smile. It was around 7:30pm when Io finished with her story. Later on they went inside to eat something and watch TV. At 8:00pm I woke up, feeling that my throat was dry, so I went to the kitchen to get a glass of water. When I entered the kitchen I noticed that everyone was watching the TV and they didn’t notice me yet. I moved closer to the window and clapped really loud with my hand. Everyone made a scare jump, and then turned towards the kitchen seeing me laughing.

“Mo-ri-o-ka…….” Rose said my name in an annoyed tone

I just kept laughing “I…. I’m sorry…. Ahahahah… you should have seen yourselves!”

“That’s not funny, okay?!” replied Io

“I’m really sorry, I couldn’t help myself.”

Zeno and Afin didn’t jumped as high as the girl, but they got scared for a second too.

Echo then stood up without a word and started to come towards the kitchen. I swallowed my salvia, since I know something bad will happen. But when she entered our side of the house, she stopped. I was curious what she wants to do, so I opened the kitchen door, but as I did so…


From the sudden surprise I jumped back with a scared face, and now she was the one who started to laugh.

“Wh-what the heck was that?!” I asked her with a scared voice

“Revenger, my dear Morioka, revenge!” Then she started to make an evil laugh.

I was still trying to recover from the scare and slowly started to stand up, had a good laugh too and went to the fridge. When I turned around Io was in front of me on the other side of the counter, I got scared for a bit, then she greeted me.

“Hy~!” she greeted me with a smile “Did you sleep well?”

I got a bit surprised and answered her “I did, but will go back to sleep after I drank something, throat feels a bit dry.”

“Ah I see…” she replied wit ha little disappointment.

I noticed that and asked back “Why… would you like me to stay up with you all?”

Suddenly she raised her head and said “yes” with a smile. So I stayed up with them a little longer and we watched a movie on the TV. It was around 10:30pm when everyone finally headed to bed. It sure was a long day and I managed to fall back asleep fast not knowing yet what tomorrow will bring.


Még nem szólt hozzá senki, légy te az első!