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Maria Since I currently don't have time for creating a comic or novel about this, I will just post some pictures with a bit of description. Maria is character from the world of Navya, a vast and changing place with more than a few thousands years of history. And no, it's not only words. I created the first story more than ten years ago, and from that point this world was living it's own life. Now I have around seven stories, taking place at different(really different)times, which hopefully will be converted into comics or novels. The curiosity for readers might be the fact that I use basically the same cast of characters for all of those. That, by no means, cause the plot of those stories to be repetitive. It's rather my own experiment to make those characters as much diverse as i can because of the environment, and yet still the same at the core so readers can say "wait a minute, is this...?" And as you can suspect, reincarnation is a fact here; everyone in the world of Navya know that soul never dies... Some just not want to believe in this. Back to Maria - she is a simple girl living with her partialy blinded brother Nathaniel at the outskirts of a capital in one of the human kingdoms. Her red hairs usually come in two braids and skin is tanned, covered in so many freckles nobody mind to count them anymore. In the mean time she sells some herbs at the city square and buys food for little street urchins, as she and her brother are war orphans themselves. And the only things that make her so different are her strangely golden eyes, throught which she shyly looks at the world. At least that's how her life looked like before she and her friend Ethan met the ("runaway") priestess of The God Tree. That's all for now! ヾ(o✪‿✪o)シ braids, doodle, digital, portrait, woman
Four Leaf Clover (Shoujo/School/RomCom)
Four Leaf Clover (Shoujo/School/RomCom) This is my present manga/comic I made and is currently on going... Cant work a lot on it since i am working irl since i live alone and need to sustain myself... but from time to time i go update lil by lil ... Hope you will enjoy reading... Few Insights: Four Leaf Clover, a school romance comedy type comic following the story of a young girl at the elite school. Her Fate will change drastically upon meeting two certain people... Characters: Yui Mayumi; My heroine at my comic Four Left Clover, it is a romance comedy school genre. Yui is a special student an elite school (Archaine Academy) and the story follows her adventure upon meeting two person that will drastically change her usual daily life. Hiro Souta; Arrogant, ill tempered and trouble maker young man who loves to have everything he wants. Their family are the owner of the nation's most elite school Archaine Academy. And the younger brother of the school's chairwoman Maki Souta. His fate changes as he meet the ordinary girl name Yui Mayumi. Keith Arvie Leon Rovierre aka K. Leon; A young celebrity who transferred school after getting back to his own country. He's a school heartthrob but has a lot of secrets himself. Things will get interesting as his fate intertwined with Yui Mayumi... Note: Cant really do it fast, since work in irl is eating my time. also high resolution can be be seen on Thank you ^^
NILE: Betrayal knows my name (comic cover)
NILE: Betrayal knows my name (comic cover) I worked on this for two days. It may become the book cover for the story. For those who don't know it, "Betrayal knows my name" is the first book of the Nile Saga (Historias del Nilo in Spanish), an historical fiction book series set during the different Ancient Egypt periods, always setting around an evil and ambicious protagonist who actually existed in real life. The first book, Betrayal knows my name, sets around 2514 b.C, during Pharaoh Baephra's reign, IV Dynasty. Baephra had three sons: Apuki and Ikenni (twins), and Gahiji. Both twins wanted to become Pharaoh, and were in constant rivality, but loving each other like family. Despite Apuki being an irresponsible prince, Apuki was the eldest and the one who would inherit the throne, but one day he gets caught having sex with a palace guard. Pharaoh Baephra orders to kill the guard, and then exiles Apuki with the excuse that "no king shall be some peasant's submissive". Since then, Apuki works at a gay brothel while Ikenni becomes the inheritor of the throne. Two years have passed since then. Baephra is hated by all the kingdom for raising taxes to exorbitant levels, and among the lower classes of the town is formed some sort of a liberal group known as The Pharaoh's Cry, who plan to overthrow the king. Apuki, seeing his opportunity to take revenge, uses his lip to convince them that if they help him regain his throne, he will turn them all into his high command and give them gold for their families. The group accepts. On the other hand, Apuki runs a double life: his two brothers Ikenni and Gahiji usually meet him secretly from his father to hang out, and Ikenni promises that when he reaches the throne he'll allow Apuki to return to the palace as prince or vizier . His brothers tell Apuki that Baephra plans to leave the palace at that time, without suspecting that their brother will try to kill him later with The Pharaoh's Cry. They manage to kill all the guards who went with him and Apuki personally buries the sword to his father in the abdomen. He leaves him to his luck so he bleeds out little by little, but when he retires, a girl named Jamerernefti finds him unconscious and takes him to her house to cure him. In the meantime, the news about Baephra's dead goes around Egypt. Ikenni plans his coronation and invites Apuki, but in the middle of it, just when Ikenni is crowning him as a prince, Baephra opens the doors... Story will be available on my English Wattpad account,…. Hope you like it! oc, pharaoh, egyptian, egypt, comic, anime, manga, yaoi