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The Locked Heart

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This story is about a lonely girl called Hikari. She doesn't like to get too close to people. Come and find out why.

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The unpleasant encounter

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Midori: Oh Hikari, where did you go?

**Midori's mother approaches her quickly**

Midori's mother : I'm calling you Midori, didn’t you hear?

**Midori sighs**

Midori: I heard very well ... what are you doing here?

Midori's mother : watch your mouth miss, I am your mother!

Midori: heh now you're, right?

Midori's mother : no good, you're getting just like that man. I can’t let it happen! I'll take you with me!

Midori: *glaring* just try it, I'm no longer a silly child who follows everything you say.

Midori's mother :  you really are like that man!

Midori: "that man" "that man"! Stop calling him that, he's my father! Unlike you, he never abandoned me and is always on my side!

Keita stops walking when he sees Midori and her mother "talking"

Keita: *sighs* That woman again, doesn’t she know when to give up? if I get in the middle of the conversation Midori may feel uncomfortable and I can end up making things worse...

**He watches them  from afar**

Midori's mother : I didn’t abandon you! I just-

Midori: “Just” what? At the first opportunity to become rich you didn’t think twice before throwing us away.

Midori's mother: I was young at the time, a man from a wealthy family fell in love with me, is this my fault?

Midori: I'm surprised to see you trying to act as the victim in this situation ...

Midori's mother: I !

Midori: I remember very well when you said that you would leave us because my father was poor couldn’t give you what you wanted.

Midori's mother: this is not true he was-

Midori: Stop ! I don’t want to hear that fake story all over again! (She always says that she left us because my father is a violent man, what a liar! My father is one of the nicest men I know. When my mother left home, he struggled to take care of me and he did it very well, I love him so much he would never leave me as this woman did.)

Midori's mother : Anyway

She hands a paper to Midori

Midori: What is it?

Midori's mother: the mansion phone number, if you change your mind .. call us, I'm sure one of our staff will answer you...

Midori: (I have to call her but she will not be the one who will answer it?) I don’t need i-

Midori's mother:: oh look at the time, I have to go! Think about what I said! If you live with us you will have a better life, full of luxury and comfort.

Midori: How can you be so-!

Midori's mother: I'm happy with our conversation today! I'll wait you, bye, bye, bye.

**She leaves hurriedly leaving Midori behind.**

Midori: * sighs * I don’t need to think about anything...

**Midori rips the paper and throws it at the trash can.**

Keita: *worried* are you okay?

Midori: K-keita? You were here?

Keida: *nods* Yeah i saw everything but I didn’t want to talk to your mother ... because I think we would end up arguing again ... sorry. (she never liked me anyway)

Midori: No, it's okay. You made the right choice, sorry if the meeting with her brought you bad memories...

** Keita gently hugs her **

Keita: * smiles * heh don’t worry, that was in the past, now I have you so everything is fine!

Midori: * smiles * right, thank you.

**Midori hugs him back**

Midori: OH !!

Keita: * Surprised * Wha !! What ? You scared me!

Midori: Hikari! Where is she?

Keita: eh? What happened?

Midori: I don’t know! She disappeared I don’t know where she went! It's all my fault!

Keita: Hey! Calm down, why don’t you call her?

Midori: Right!

**Midori picks up her cell phone but stops**

Midori: oh ...

Keita: What ?

Midori: She doesn’t have a cell phone.

Keita: What?

Midori: she never had ... ohhhh and now what do I do?

**Midori looks around**

Midori: Wait a minute ... where's Ryo?

Keita: Oh right, he also disappeared.

Midori: What ?!

Keita: Suddenly he ran to god knows where and told me to come without him.

Midori: but what the?

Keita: I'll try to call him...

**Keita picks up her cell phone calls Ryo.**

Keita: .....

Midori: so?

Keita: * sighs * he didn't pick up...

Midori: ahhh what's going on today?! It was meant to be a fun day for everyone but now nothing is coming out as I planned!!

Keita: Hey it's not your fault ok? Let's look for them!

Midori: Ok...

Keita: Hikari must be close, let's search together!

**He grabs Midori's hand and begins to walk.**

Midori: Right! We'll definitely find them!

Keita: we sure will!

Meanwhile Ryo continues following the path he saw Hikari going.

Ryo: She came here right? (ahhhh I lost sight of her ! What do I do now?)

Child: hey mama! Is that girl going to be okay?

** Ryo stops walking and looks where a woman and her son are talking**

Ryo: Huh?

Child’s Mother: Are you worried about her, right?

Child: yes ... she looks sad and scared...

Ryo: (is it possible?!)

**Ryo goes to them**

Child’s Mother: oh my ~ my son does have a pure and kind heart, I'm so proud of you.

Child: hey mom let's talk to her!

Child’s Mother: if that's what you want...

Ryo: Excuse me!

Child: huh?

**They look at Ryo**

Ryo: This girl you were talking to ... can you tell me where she is?

Child: Do you know her, sir?

**Ryo kneels to speak to him.**

Ryo: Well I think this girl you saw is the friend I'm looking for...

Child: oh so she's your friend!

Ryo: I think so, so can you tell me where you saw her? I'm really worried.

Child: Yes! She's right there! Near the small park that's inside here.

Ryo: Ok I got it, I'm going there now!

Child: Take care of her sir!

Ryo: You can leave it to me! Thank you for the help!

**Ryo says as he walks away**

Child: *waves* Bye, bye!

Ryo: Near the park ... near the park .... oh! There she is!

**Ryo sees Hikari sitting on a wooden bench, she has her head down and her hands on her ears.**

Ryo: Surely something happened!

**Ryo runs there**

Ryo: Hikari, are you okay?

Hikari: * whispering * i ... ry ... i ... s ... s ... ry

Ryo: Hikari?

**He kneels and tries to listen to what she was saying.**

Hikari: Sorry, sorry, sorry, I'm so sorry ...

Ryo: (Sorry? What's she talking about? It looks like she didn’t hear me at all!) Hey Hikari!

**Ryo taps her on the shoulder and Hikari gets startled.**

Hikari: No !!

Ryo: H-hey it's just me! Calm down!

Hikari: R-Ryo?

Ryo: Yeah it's me!

Hikari: ....

Ryo: Are you okay Hikari? You're pale ...

Hikari: I want to get out of here...

Ryo: Eh? “get out of here” ?

**Hikari grabs Ryo's hand**

Ryo: !!!

Hikari: * panicked* Pl-please Ryo I beg you! Get me out of this place !!

Ryo: !!! (She's acting like m- ahhhh now is not the time to think about it!)

Hikari: Please ...

**Ryo helps her to stands up**

Ryo: Su-sure but I don’t know much about this place ... hmmm we can go to the park near here, what do you think?

Hikari: *nods*

Ryo: That's settled, let's go !

**Ryo takes Hikari to the park that is in front of the mal, they sit side by side on one of the benches**

Hikari: * sighs *

Ryo: Feeling better?

Hikari: yes, a little.

Ryo: (Her hand is a little warmer than before... wait ... H-hand ?!) Ah!

**Ryo notices that they are still holding hands and he quickly lets go**

Ryo: * blush * So-sorry!

Hikari: N-no problem! (I can’t believe we were still holding hands! I didn’t notice anything! if felt like it was something normal !!)

Ryo: Can you wait here for a minute? I'm going to buy something to drink.

Hikari: Okay.

Ryo: (how can you be so careless? Ryo your stupid !!) I'll be back in a second!

**Ryo goes to a snack machine that was nearby.**

Hikari: * sighs * I feel safer now ... is it because he's here with me?

**She shakes her head**

Hikari: (ugh stop thinking about these nonsense !)

Ryo: Here.

Hikari: oh!

Ryo: For some reason, It only had water, are you ok with that?

Hikari: yes, that's fine.

**Hikari takes the bottle.**

Hikari: Thank you.

Ryo: * smiles * no problem.

**Ryo sits next to her again.**

Hikari: errr Ryo

Ryo: Huh?

Hikari: How much?

**She asks as she shows the bottle of water to him.**

Ryo: wha- It's just a bottle of water! Don’t worry about it.

Hikari: but ...

Ryo: It's okay, that's nothing.

Hikari: hmmmm

Ryo: (she's feeling uncomfortable?) Ah, I know! Then think of like a payback!

Hikari: Huh?

Ryo: You remember, right? That time you bought those things for me when I was sa- sick! When I was sick!

Hikari: but that was ...

Ryo: Just accept okay? You helped me then, this time I want to help you.

Hikari: * laugh * heh you're kind of weird

Ryo: ouch so cruel

Hikari: pfff

Ryo: hahahaha

**They laugh**

Ryo: I prefer you that way

Hikari: huh? Did you say something?

Ryo: nope nothing! (T-that was close)

Hikari: hmmm suspicious...

Ryo: n-not really...

Child 1: hey wait for me!

Hikari and Ryo: huh?

A group of children who were playing got their attention.

Child 2: You're so slow! hahahaha hurry up if you want to get us

Child 3: hahahaha you will never catch me!

Hikari and Ryo: This brings me memories.... huh ?

**They look at each other and laugh again**

Hikari: Then this will also makes you remember some things.

Ryo: Yes, I used to play with my sister.

Hikari: Sister?

Ryo: Oh didn’t I tell you? I have a big sister!  We played a lot when we were kids, I even went to live with her after th- Ah!

Hikari: Ryo?

Ryo: (I said too much!) Oh no it’s nothing!  F-forget it!

Hikari: R-right.

Ryo: * sad * let's just talk about something else ok?

Hikari :.... (Ryo you're hiding something, right? It makes me a little sad... it seems like you still don’t trust me ... although I did not tell you anything ... so I can not judge you...)

{To be continued}



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