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Hi! <3
I just came back from my vacation from Greece. *waves* I really enjoyed it, because I've never seen the sea before, so it was a great experience! But let's continue Sohiru's and Iko's story, who are also spending their vacation at the sea in the 14-15 chapters. ;) And as usual, here are the things I hid in the chapter (SPOILER alert!):
The cover: The book's title is "Two witch in the town". Well, of course this means that Sohiru is one of them. And the other one is Sandra, from my other stories, I'm planning (The Daughter of Time, Quest:Love). Quest:Love is settled in the same town as Dreamcatchers. We will also see Kitt (the heroine) in the last chapter. Kitt arrives in the town – chasing Sandra – at summer.

Page 5: That's Sandra on the painting. The signature is "To S from Y" (To Sandra from Yuu).