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PART ONE Yuki "The love i felt for him was a love i will never forget" Shiro "Even when he is gone she still chooses him" Rena "He choose her until his last breath" Toyonobu "She will never forget him, even if he caused her a great pain"

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“She took them what do you mean Yuki took him?” i screamed at Shiro.

“Look i said. Yuki ordered a cremation instead of a burial” Shiro told me.

I had heard what he had said but it just didn't make sense.

“Can she do that?” i ask him.


“Why it just doesn't make any sense. Even if she could how could she do it without telling us first.” i was mad.

How can she take him and not me why was she so special to take him instead of me taking him.

We were all friends.

Even if he was in love with her we all have the rights of taking him.

“Where is she then? If she took the ashes with her then where is she?” Toyo said.

“I don't know i already called her but she doesn't answer.” Shiro said.

“Did you try calling her apartment?” i asked him.

He looked at me. “She doesn't live there anymore.”

“What! What do you mean she doesn't live there anymore?” i yell at him.

“The old lady said she moved out from there about a month or two ago.”

“Did she told you were?”


“Ugh so we won't be able to find her then.” i started to walk back and forth.

Where could she have gone. Why did she took him from us from me.

“No. I think i know where she is” shiro says and i turn to look at him.

“Well then where?” i ask him as i walk towards him.

“At his house.” Shiro said. Of Course she would be there.