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PART ONE Yuki "The love i felt for him was a love i will never forget" Shiro "Even when he is gone she still chooses him" Rena "He choose her until his last breath" Toyonobu "She will never forget him, even if he caused her a great pain"

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Aihara Shiro

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Shiro (he is 35 years old now
Keiko (his wife)
Jiro ( Shiros personal assistan, driver, secretary etc)

“Darling i told my parents that we would be visiting them today for dinner. So make sure your schedule is clear.” Keiko said.

“For the one hundred time i told you to ask me before you make plans. What if i have an important meeting at the hospital. You know very well that this past couple of months we've been trying to expand towards the south of Japan.” i tell her as i look out the window.

“I know. But since i am your wife you should be able to make time for me.” she says and I turn to look at her.

The first time i had met Keiko was when we were both in medical school.

We became rivals always fighting for the first spot in every exam.

Of course i always won but i never let my guard down.

I had no idea that her father was Doctor Katayama, a good friend of my father.

After i had graduated from medical school i started my training in our hospital. One day my father called me to have dinner with him, and that's when he introduce Keiko as my fiance.

My father told me to be able to make our hospital bigger we needed more than having just an amazing doctor. But we needed something that would make it better, and that was to expand it by making his daughter marrying the heir.

It worked.

“Haha” i laughed and she looked at me shocked, i smiled at her.

“You and me both know that this, this marriage was to make Aihara hosptial bigger. We never loved each other let alone stand each other.” i say to her and look out the window. I had married Keiko about two or three years ago.

Her parents liked me and my parents liked her. But i didn't, I never could stand her, always bossing me around.

As i continue to look around i saw her. Her long wavy brown hair. There was no mistake it was her i looked back to see her and she was standing buying some type of food.

“Driver stop the car!’ i yell at the driver.

“What are you doing ?” Keiko asked me, i ignored her.

When the driver parked the car on the side of the rode i get off. I start to look for her than i spot her.

“Yuki” i whisper.

“What are you doing? Get in the car?” Keiko screamed at me.

That's when i saw it.

She was with a man, she was smiling at him.

She looked so happy, as happy as she was when he was still alive.

She was back in Japan? Since when? Toyo had told me she had moved to the States about 14 years ago. She looked even more beautiful as she had aged.

But who was that man she was talking to? I take out my phone from my pocket and dial my secretary.


“Jiro come and pick me up at my location” i tell him.

“Yes sir” he says and i hang up.

“Why did you call Jiro for?” i turn around and i see Keiko looking at me.

I walk towards her and start to make her get in the car

. “Ahh what are you doing?”

“Get in the car and head home.” i tell her.

“What? No! We were supposed to have dinner with my parent today. You can't just bail and not go.” she says as she sits in the car looking at me.

I look at the driver. “Take her home” i order him.

“No! What about my parents?” she asks.

“You can go but i won't be going.” i tell her.

“Then what am i supposed to tell my parents then?” she asks me angrily.

“I don't know tell them something came up in one of the northern hospitals and i had to tend to the matter. Or just make something up, your good at that aren't you.’’ i tell her and close the door.

The car drives away.

Not five minutes passed and a car parks next to me. Jiro gets of from the car.

“Sir” he says and opens the back door for me. I get in. he gets in the car and starts to drive.

“Jiro i need you to look for a person could you do that?” i ask him as i look at him.

He looks at me from the back of his mirror. “Yes sir” he says and looks at the road in front of him.

“Can i get the name of the person.”

“It's a woman in her thirties her name is Yukihara Yuki” i tell him then i remember what if she hasn't changed her name back.

“Or look for Fujikawa Yuki” i tell him barely speaking his last name.

“Yes sir. I'll look into it right away.’’ he grabbed his phone and clicked a contact and spoke again.

“Yuko, i need information on a woman” he says and continues to drive.