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PART ONE Yuki "The love i felt for him was a love i will never forget" Shiro "Even when he is gone she still chooses him" Rena "He choose her until his last breath" Toyonobu "She will never forget him, even if he caused her a great pain"

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Kurosawa Rena

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I wake up at five in the morning exercise until seven. At 7:30 am i had breakfast, i would be done by eight. Then i would take a shower and get out of my house by ten.

Today it was no different.

I was ready to leave by ten but then i heard my front door open, it was Yukichi.

“Hey” i said to him and smiled.i walk towards him and hugged him.

“Hii” he said to me, hugging me back.

“What are you doing here today? I thought you said you were going to have an interview.” i say to him as i step back.

“I am but it's not until later. I just needed to be with you right now.” he says to me.

He looks down at me, and grabs my face between his both hands. He tilts and lowers his head down. I reach up and tilt my head. His lips touch mine, and we kiss.

Even know he still makes my stomach all knots. When i had met him he had just debuted 

He was 25 and i was 28. He was a new singer who was rising with fame so fast.

My agency had contacted him and if he would like to do a shoot with me.

Of course they accepted, it was going to be a win win situation. When he walked in the studio his image didn't look much like how he looked like in tv, interviews, and concerts.

In person he was shy, timid and didn't like to do things that would tire him. Once they changed him got him fixed, he was amazingly handsome.

He was tall slim,and fit. He of course he was shy, standing next to me, Rena.

I also had a name for myself. I had been in the spotlight for over 7 years. I had model and acted. That had been the first time i had met him. He didn't like me, and neither did i like him.

During that time i still felt alone and sad. He had died, and he had chosed her instead of me.

Yukichi was in a relationship at that time with his childhood friend. I had heard the rumors all over the media but i never paid attention to it.

The day of the shoot i saw her, she was nothing special. Yeah she was pretty, but nothing special. She continued to stare at me during the whole shoot. It was uncomfortable but i had to pay the lease attention to it. The rumors said that his girlfriend wa extremely jealous. They only lasted a couple of months after the shoot. I met him in a bar after his break with his girlfriend, he was sitting down drinking. The tabloids had said that he was a complete mess, he was. We didn't started to date right away we were just friends, neither of us were ready for a relationship. We were really good friends for about a year or two. Many rumors were created since we were together most of our time. But it didn't bother us because we knew it wasn’t true. I was the one who had taken the relationship from friendship into something more. That he had come over to watch a movie. I don't even remember what the movie was about, i just remember his kiss. It wasn't my first kiss, my first kiss had gone to some idiot i had acted in a not successful movie. He was sitting next to me with one of his arms behind me resting in the arm rest. That's when i mentioned it. “Should we date?” i say and i feel him move, i turn around to look at him and he is looking straight at me. “What?” “Should we date. I mean everyone thinks we are, and.” i pause. “To be honest we are a mess.” i tell him and look away from him toward the movie that is still playing. I turn around to look at him and he is staring at me. He grabs both side of my face and tilts his head and he kissed me. That was our first kiss.


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