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The Locked Heart

This story is about a lonely girl called Hikari. She doesn't like to get too close to people. Come and find out why.

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Just another day

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Female main character self intro:

My name is Hikari Ya-... No, just Hikari is fine. I don't have a family name. Well,I don't need it because i don't have a family anymore... in fact, i wonder if i ever had one. 

I've lived alone since I was 5 years old. It was difficult at first but with the time I got used to it. These 12 years that I lived by myself built the person I am today.

Usually people at my age have friends, boyfriends or girlfriends; they go to parties, dinners, karaokes and say things like: "We need to have fun because we are young!" and "new experiences are needed!"

Nonsense, these things are ridiculous. I am proof that anyone can live without these so famous "experiences". I don't need friends, I don't need any kind of love, I don't need anyone. I've lived by myself all these years and I can keep living this way until the day i die

(Or so i thought...)


 It was dark, cold... there was no sound... Just a large empty space... 

A little girl, with brown hair and white dress was sitting alone in middle of the darkness... her face could not be seen but she whispered a name again and again, she was lost and confused. 

"Did I do something wrong?"

 This question goes through her mind as she keeps calling "the name" with deep sadness. 

Little girl: "What should I do?"

**She whispers as she wipes her tears**

Little girl: "Am I...alone here?"...."Why?"...."Where is everybody?" "They ... fled?"..... "Huh?...W-Why?"

**With fear she begins a trembling and her tears falls continuously.**

Little girl: "I'm cold ... scared ... I don't like the dark ..."

**The little girl got up and looked around**

Little girl: "It's no use ... I can't see anything ..." "B-but!! I don't like this place!" *Shouting* "Somebody get me out of here, please!!!"

**Time passed and the little girl began to scream with all her might as she cried in despair.**

Little girl: "That's enough!" "It's not funny !!" "Mother you can show up now!"

**While wandering in the dark room, she thought.**

"Maybe it's kind of  punishment?"... "That's it! Yes!! It can only be this!

Little girl: "Mo-mother! If i did something wrong please tell me! "....."H-hey! Mom, I'm so sorry!" "Mother i will never do it again!!".... "Ple-ple-please just show up already!" "I'm scared and hungry... Mother please!!

**She keeps saying the this words again and again but seeing that nothing had changed she sat on the floor again.**

Little girl: *sobbing* "Uhhhh~ this is not a joke..." (no one will come no matter how much I call them ... no one will come ... no..on..e)

**She hugged her little legs and put her chin on her knees.**

Little girl: "Everyone's gone ..." "without telling me anything"...... "what's happening anyway?"    "Please... someone tell me... beacuse i'm not understanding anything!"

**Still crying and trembling with fear the little girl takes a deep breath and screams with all her might.**

Little girl: "Don't leave me alone! PLEASE MAMA !!! "

**Suddenly that scene disappears in the darkness**

Hikari: * open her eyes* .... this again ...

** Hikari slowly gets up from her bed **

 Was that all a dreamor maybe... it was something more than a mere nightmare ?

A 17-year-old girl is looking out her bedroom window... The sun is rising... but it's not the beautiful landscape of the morning that Hikari was looking at. She had a clouded and lost look on her face.... her mind was somewhere else.

Hikari: *sigh* Well... it seems I woke up earlier today ...

**Looking away, she quickly fix up her bed, after that she looks around her room looking for the watch that hangs on the wall next to the door.**

Hikari: hmmmm... 5 a.m.

**She lets a small yawn while stretching**

Hikari: Well I doubt I'll be able to sleep again after all that... all that's left to do is prepare everything until school time ...

** Thinking about it she starts packing her things to go to school. After that she goes to the  kitchen of her apartment to prepare her breakfast and her lunch too. **

Hikari lives in a small apartment, that only has a living room with sofa and TV, a kitchen with stove, a refrigerator, a kitchen sink and a table with two chairs. There is also a balcony, her bedroom and the bathroom. Everything may be small and simple but everything is very organized and clean ... however the only colors that are there are white, gray and black... Since her apartment is near the school she doesn't need a bus or car, she can go by foot.

Inf: Yazuken College is the name of the large school taht Hikari has attended since she was 9 years old, the owner is called Yazuken Hiraki.  

For students between the ages of 6 and 14, classes start at noon and goes to 6 pm, for those between the ages of 15 and 17, classes begin at 7:30 am and goes to 3 in pm.                                Yazuken College exists for 35 years and his owner who is also the principal, Hiraki, is a 67 year old gentleman. He is admired by the students' parents, he is kind and treats all students equally regardless of their financial situation. He always treated Hikari fondly despite being constantly ignored by her.

** After taking a shower and having her traditional breakfast, Hikari stands in front of the small mirror in her bedroom, tidying up her uniform and her hair.**

She takes a moment to look at her face reflected in the mirror, not out of vanity since her gaze seems to be lost in thoughts.

Hikari: ...I hate this...

  ** After a while she fixes her hair so that her left eye is completely covered, picks up her backpack and leaves the room heading for the exit door **

Every day before leaving her apartment Hikari always looks at the sky

Hikari: ...cloudless hum~.

** And so she goes to school, walking neither too fast nor too slow, she already knows that if she keeps that pace she will arrive before school begins.**

As soon as she arrives at school she headed to the room where are the lockers, the place where they students put their shoes, umbrella, this kind of stuff.

But before opening her locker... Hikari looked at it for a few seconds.

Hikari(... and the same story begins ...)

Hikari took a deep breath and unlocked her locker and opened the door quickly.

Hikari: H..huh ?!!

**Surprised she looked into the closet where her shoes were the same way she left.**

Hikari: *surprised* W-wh-why?!! There is nothing today !! (This is the first time this happens!)

**Still not believing in her own eyes she looks at the closet carefully once more ... as if searching for something.**

Hikari(It doesn't matter how many times I think about it ... it doesn't make sense!) There's not even one! Something must be wrong, I'm sure of it!.

*Ding~ dong~

Hikari: Oh!  

Her thoughts were interrupted by the first school bell that was announcing that the classes will start in 10 minutes.

Hikari: This is bad, I must hurry.

** She changes her shoes quickly, putting the ones she came from home inside and locked the door. Then she headed to her classroom, that is on the second floor at the end of the hall.**

** Before entering the classroom she fixes her hair once more **

Hikari : Okay... let's do it.

**Entering the classroom her classmates were talking as usual. The girls talked about fashion, makeup and of course about boys. Boys talked about things like football, baseball and games.**

Hikari let's a small sigh and speaks in a low voice.

Hikari: what a waste of time ... what's so interesting about these stupid things? Well it's not like I have something to do with it.

**She started walking to her desk while ignoring all the conversation in the class.**

Hikari's desk is the last one on the side of the window, as always no one sat the table next to her nor the one in front of her. If it was someone else, maybe the person would be sad, but to Hikari it was a great relief.

** After sitting in the same place as usual Hikari turns her gaze to the window looking at the school yard **

"This way I don't need to look at anyone."  

That was what she thought.

?: Hikari !! Good Morning !!

Hikari: huh?!

A cheerful voice makes Hikari look into the classroom once more, for a few seconds a look of surprise was on her face

Hikari: * whispering * Midori? (it could only be you...)

A short blond girl with green eyes came almost running to Hikari's place with a big smile on her face. The name of this girl is Midori Kiraze, she has known Hikari since they were children and in the beginning they were always together. 

Perhaps the title of "childhood friend" is good enough to define who she was. That's right "was" because just like the other people Hikari got away from her.

What happened to Hikari that made her walk away from her dear friend?

** Midori approaches with a happy face and says as she smiles **

Midori: Good morning! Did you sleep well?

**Hikari didn't answer, just stared into her old friend's face.**

Seeing her strange behavior Midori asks with a face that showed great concern

Midori: Is everything okay Hikari?

But her question remained unanswered, Hikari just lowered her head and looked at her hands that were on the table

Hikari: .... (Midori ... you always come to talk to me right? ... since we met again you always tried to stay in the same classroom that I was ...)

While Hikari thought this, Midori takes the hand of her childhood friend

** Then she asked with a worried tone of voice **

Midori: hey ... you're not going to tell me anything?

Hikari: Huh !!

When she saw that Midori had held her right hand Hikari frightened. At that moment she remembered something that she really didn't want to !

{Hikari's memory}

There is a woman ... I don't know her ... I can't see her face ...   

 Ah~ that is a very distant memory...  

 She is angry with me ... I can feel it ...                  

This person really does me hate ... She's yelling at me ...         

 I don't like it!... I'm scared of her ... P-Please stop!  JUST STOP IT !!

 Woman: M- !! S...y a... ...r...m ....y ...u...r !!

**With a flash that memory ends**

But Hikari stands still as if she was frozen, her face is pale as a ghost, and her hand is cold. Seeing the scene Midori begins to call her with a louder voice.

Midori: Hey Hikari! Are you okay?!!

Hikari: !!!

**Returning to her senses Hikari looks at Midori who is still holding her hand and gets up quickly, she screams as she moves away from Midori**

Hikari: What do you think you're doing?! Don't touch me !!!

Midori as well as the other students look at Hikari with a look of astonishment.

**Midori pulls her hand away as she apologizes in a low voice.**

Midori: I... I'm sorry, I didn't want to make you angry.

**Hikari looks away**

 If she felt something at that moment she didn't express it on her face. Soon the murmurs and laughter began between her classmates.

Classmate 1: What's the matter with this girl? 

Classmate 2: shouting out of nowhere                                                                                                 

Classmate 3: that's creepy                                                                                                                          

Classmate 4: You mean she's creepy right?                                                                                          

Classmate 5:  i know right? ahahahaha                                                                                                 

Classmate 6: I don't know why Midori still tries to talk to this girl                                              

Classmate 7: Me neither. She should just give up on her!                                                               

Classmate 1: Yes, she doesn't deserve to be mistreated like this.                                              

Classmate 4: Also that creepy girl doesn't deserve a good friend like her

As the others spoke, Midori just stood there looking at Hikari who was staring out the window.

Midori(I've never seen her act like this...) Hey Hi-

Midori was interrupted by the announcement of the class president

C.P : The teacher is coming! All to your seats!

Everyone starts to organize

Midori: I'll see you later.

She smiles and goes to her desk, which is two chairs ahead of Hikari's. When she saw Midori going to her place, Hikari sighed heavily.

Hikari: (ahhh great! Now there will be more rumors about me ... well whatever, it'll be over soon ... I just have to put up with it until the end of this year.)

C.P : The teacher has arrived! Everyone stand up! Bow down!

After greeting the teacher the classes started normally

[lunch time]

Hikari takes her packed lunch that she prepared this morning and when she gets up to leave the classroom someone called her name. Yes, it was Midori again who came up with a friendly smile as if nothing had happened.

Midori: I brought lunch today too! Let's eat together !!

** Hikari turned her back to Midori and headed to the door. **

Midori: Hikari?

**Hikari stops and turns with a cold look**

Hikari: You already know that my answer is no ... so just leave me alone

After saying these words Hikari leaves, leaving Midori paralyzed and hurt look on her face

Midori: Oh ... (I was rejected...again)

She smiles but this time it looked a little sad. But then one of her classmates calls for her

Girl : Hey Midori! Come and have lunch with us!

**Midori asked surprised.**

Midori: C..can I ?

Girl: What kind of question is that? Of course, let's go!

Midori: Ok!!

Even smiling Midori was still deeply concerned about her "friend"

Hikari was having lunch in a park behind the gymnasium, it was a beautiful place full of flowers and the birds sang happily. But Hikari showed no interest in observing this, she was only there because it was convenient since there was no one else besides her in that place.

** After lunch she looks up to the sky**

Hikari: the clouds are starting to form ... maybe it rains tonight...

**Remembering what happened earlier with Midori she frowned a little**

Hikari: Why did I have to remember that?.... Midori... i wonder if she knows what happened that day.

Her eyes as well as her words and actions were without any emotion ...  as if she was some kind of robot

[The bell rings announcing the beginning of the last period]

 **She gets up and go back to the class **

As soon as she gets in the room Midori comes running towards her with the same smile as always

Midori: Hey Hikari where were you? I was looking for y-

**Hikari just ignores her and goes back to her place, Midori sighs but with a determined look she closes her fists**

Midori(alright ... I just have to try harder! I know you're not this person you seem to be !! So I will not give up! I'll bring the smiling Hikari, that once i knew, back!)

The last period was almost ending when an unexpected news surprised everyone

Teacher: I want you to read the text on p. 26 for the next class

"All": yes ~

Teacher: So for today we ar-

Suddenly there is a knock on the door

**The teacher goes to the door and with a look of surprise he opens it quickly**

Teacher: P-Principal!! What brings you here?

Midori: The principal? why ?!

C.P: Wha- It's Mr. Yazuken! Everyone stand up fast !!

Everyone was surprised because that scene was extremely rare, the Principal almost never left his office, he only shows up at the beginning and the end of the year, so his visit was totally unexpected.

With a smile on his face the Principal gave a small laugh and tried to calm the students as they panicked

Mr. Yazuken: hahaha Don't bother, you may sit!

C.P : but sir!

Mr. Yazuken: *waving his hands* it's fine, calm down...

C.P : o- okay

**All the students sit down again. Hikari who was one that was not surprised, looked at the Principal with her chin on her hand**

Hikari: ....

Mr. Yazuken: I'm sorry for coming now but I need to tell something important to all of you.

Teacher: P-please go ahead!

Mr. Yazuken: Thank you ...

The Principal goes to the center of the classroom and when he sees Hikari he soon greets her with a smile on his face

Mr. Yazuken: Oh Hikari-chan! Good afternoon!

Hikari: ...yes.

She answered quickly and turns her gaze to the window once more

**The principal gives an uncomfortable laugh and speaks in a low voice**

Mr. Yazuken: Ah haha ​​you are the same as always, I see ...

**Clearing his throat he starts talking to everyone again.**

Mr. Yazuken: Ahem! well anyway I'll be brief ... I came to inform you that tomorrow a new student will be coming to this class

Immediately after the announcement, the murmurs begin: "a student transferred?" "We're almost mid-year!" "I know, right?" "If it's a cute girl, I don't mind~." "Man you have no solution ahaha"

Hikari(How stupid this person is? exams are coming, it's impossible to learn everything ... well~ that's not my problem...)

Mr. Yazuken: Tomorrow as soon as the new student arrives I will introduce him or her to you. I hope you get well with the newbie.

All: yes ~

After hearing this the Principal says goodbye and leaves.

Hikari(That's just bullshit! ... you are bunch of liars ...)

**Frowning irritated Hikari gets up, gets her things and starts to leave the classroom**

Teacher: Wait ! Ya- (Oops! That was close!) H-Hikari-san where are you going?

**Hikari turns and with a disinterest tone asks**

Hikari: Sensei... do you still have something relevant to tell me ? ... Oh I mean about today's class

Teacher: Oh.. well.. no, bu-

Hikari: So excuse me.

**Hikari bows and leaves the room**

Classmate X : Really what's the matter with her?

Midori: (Hikari ...)

Hikari went to the lockers one more but this time something different happens.

As she opens the locker's door several letters falls to the ground, Hikari was surprised for a few seconds but soon after she turns plain faced

Hikari: Oho .. I knew it ... *smirks* they only took a little while to do this....

** She bends down and starts to collect the letters **

  There are several of them of various colors and sizes but the message was always the same 

"Why don't you go away at once?"       

"Don't you realize that you're just a problem to all of us?!! "           

"Go away!! You creepy"                                                                               

 "Just leave us alone !! "  

"No one will ever miss you!!"

Why those letters were there? Not even Hikari knew the reason, but for a long time she received them every single day.

Two girls who were leaving saw the scene and started to mock Hikari as she collected all the letters

Girl 1: hahaha did you see that? That creepy thing is getting those letters again.

Girl 2: She can only be an idiot, because she keeps coming even with all this hahaha

Girl 1: Right ? hahaha

**After that they leave laughing**

Those words as well as the letters could make anyone sad, but Hikari doesn't mind them "they are just words ... with no meaning."

After she changes her shoes, she packs her things and leaves with the letters in her hands. 

**She heads to a garbage container which is at the school's gate and there she throws all the letters . Before leaving she stays there for a while staring at the letters.**

Hikari: *sigh* I almost feel sorry for the people who has spent time doing these things ...

With a cold and creepy smile she says as she laughs

Hikari: Hahaha ! Just~ kidding~

**After that she turns around and goes to her apartment.**

+ Hikari : Does it seem lonely? cold ? maybe dark? But that's how I've lived since I was 9 years old ... I think that.... eventually anyone gets used to it.



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