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The Locked Heart

This story is about a lonely girl called Hikari. She doesn't like to get too close to people. Come and find out why.

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The person who will change everything has just arrived.

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Hikari: The newbie arrived on an ordinary day like any other and honestly I didn't see anything special about this person.

But at that time I could hardly imagine that the arrival this person would turn my life upside down.

We have a rare scene today. Hikari is running to get to school.

Hikari: *running* ( I overslept! For the first time I'm going to be late ?! I can't believe it !!)

She stayed up late studying for the exams, as a result she woke up late. The reason she doesn't want to be late is not because she's worried about the time. The reason is that all the students who arrive late attract the attention of everyone in the classroom. Having everyone's attention turned to her is the last thing Hikari would want in this world.

As she passed the school gate the second signal had just rung and she ran faster toward the lockers. Most of the students were already inside the rooms so she didn't run into much of them on the way.

"At least that!" she thought.

When she gets to the lockers the same scene was repeated, several letters fell to the floor. In a hurry Hikari picks them up and put them inside again.

Hikari: I don't have time to deal with it now!

**She changes her shoes and almost runs off to the classroom.**

**Before entering she peeks through the door.** 

Luckily the teacher had not arrived and the students were talking as usual. 

**She wasted no time and went to her desk and sat down.**

Hikari: *breathing hard* It looks like I got in time

As she looked around the class she thought

Hikari: (And it seems nobody's seen me ... well that's nothing new, they just look at me when I do something wrong.)

**Midori saw her and goes greet her with a half-worried look.**

Midori: Hikari, good morning! You took a while today, are you all right?

Hikari: *breathing hard* I overslept... just that.

Midori: Oh!

**Midori's eyes widened in surprise.**

Hikari: Ah!

**Noticing what had just happened Hikari covered her mouth quickly.**

Hikari: (Dang it! I lowered my guard and ended up answering without thinking!!)

Midori: (She answered me, right? It was not my imagination, right ?!)

Midori smiled, she was happy. The last time Hikari had answered her was so long ago that she couldn't even remember. She then says with a bright smile.

Midori: Ah I got it, I'm glad that it was just that...

C.P: It's the teacher! Order!

Midori: I'll see you later ~

Teacher: Good morning, everyone.

All: Good morning Sensei! 

Teacher: Well, as was warned yesterday from today we will have a new student in this class

**The students started to get excited**

Girl 1: I could barely sleep last night!

Boy 7: I want to meet this newbie right now!

Boy 2: It's a brave person, because it's going to be really difficult.

Girl 1: Yeah haha

Teacher: Hey everybody calm down!

Boy 3: * raise his hand * Sensei! Is it a boy or a girl?

Teacher: My! You are very curious! why don't you see it for yourselves? Principal please come in.

The Principal gets into the room with a smile on his face.

CP: Stand up! Bows down!

Mr. Yazuken: Thank you, you may sit now.

**Everbody sits down**

Mr. Yazuken: * smiling * I can see that some of you are very excited to meet the new student ...

Girl 4: I hope it's a boy!

Girl 12: And a handsome one!

Girl 2: Yes, yes! Different of the guys that are here!

Boy 5: O-oi!  Are you calling us ugly ?

Girl 1: Yup, besides you guys are boring~

Boy 4: Hey! How dare you?!

Hiro: Kozaki is crazy about finding a girlfriend! He wants it to be a girl, Sir! Ahahaha

Kozaki: * Angry * Shut up Hiro !! You traitor !!

** "Everyone" started laughing **

**Hikari rolls her eyes and sighs**

Hikari(how boring)

Mr. Yazuken: haha Calm down please ! Oh be young is certainly good but remember the rules here at school, dating here is extremely prohibited, you know that right?

All: yes ~

**The Principal sighs**

Mr. Yazuken: (why can't I trust them ?) Well, we've wasted a lot of time already, you have to start the class right away.

**The teacher laughs a little**

Mr. Yazuken: Well you can come in now!

As soon as the Principal announces it steps begin to be listened and it soon approach the door of the classrom.

?: "Excuse me!"

**Soon after saying this the new student came.**

Mr. Yazuken: I'm sorry to disappoint you boys but this is the new student.

A tall boy with dark orange hair and ruby colored eyes is standing next to the Principal, he is the new student and he seems to be the serious type.

With a smile on his face, the Principal says

Mr. Yazuken: Please introduce yourself.

?: Yes sir.

The student said with a serious voice and writes his name on the board. But shortly after he turns and looking at his new classmates he gives a big smile.

?: My name is Katsuya Ryo ! But you can call me Ryo.

**He says smiling.**

For some  "unknown" reason, the girls started to scream "Kyaaaa !!"

Girl 1: Oh my!! He's so cool !!

Girl 5: His eyes are beautiful !!

Girl 3: Did you see that smile? It was amazing~

Teacher: Girls please!

Boy 5: (Tsk! A handsome and gentle guy...) Hey Ryo-kun right?

Ryo: Oh yes!

Boy 5: You have courage, because this is not a very good time to change to a new school.

Boy 2: Yes and exams are coming soon.

Ryo: Yes, it's true ...

**Ryo bows**

Ryo: That's why I count on the help of all of you! Please save me!!

**All laugh**

Boy 5: (Ah he seems to be a good person after all...) hahaha we will do our best

Ryo: Thank you!

**Hikari glares at Ryo as he laughs along with his classmates**

Hikari: (Tsk! I hate these kind of people, they are always smiling ... you never know when their smiles or actions are true or when it's just an acting)

"They are always hiding behind smiling masks"

Teacher: Well, we already lost a lot of time! You can talk later.

Mr. Yazuken(I see that they are getting along well, I didn't need to worry about it after all)  Well then Ryo-kun welcome to our school.

Ryo: Thank you very much Sir.

**Ryo bows and the Principal leaves the room**

Teacher: Well Ryo-kun I don't know it worked in your old class but here you can sit wherever you want, there is no marked places, feel free to choose.

Ryo: Ok thank you, Sensei!

**Ryo says in a low voice.**

Ryo: "free to choose" right?

He looks around the classroom looking for a place to sit when he sees Hikari sitting in the back of the room alone. The chair at her side and front are empty.

Ryo(if there is no marked places ... why does nobody sit next to her?)

**Hikari notices that Ryo is looking at her.**

Hikari: * frowns angrily * (what now?)

**Seeing her reaction Ryo laughs uncomfortably**

Ryo: (ahh !! she got angry! Maybe was I staring at her? Oh what a blunder!)

Ryo had his thoughts interrupted by the voices of his new colleagues

Boy 4: Ryo kun! The desk in front of me is free!

Girl 2: on my side too!

Boy 3: I can find another place to sit! You can have mine.

Ryo: Don't worry about me guys!! 

Teacher: Choose any place you like.

Ryo: Okay...

**Ryo heads to the back of the room**

Hikari : Huh?! (Is it my impression or is he coming here ?!)

To everyone's surprise (literally speaking) he sits on the left side of Hikari

Hikari: (What the ... Why? There are so many vacant places! What's the matter with this guy ?!)

Ryo: Huh?

Ryo notices that Hikari is looking at him and turns to her with a smile on his face.

Ryo: Oh it seems that from now on we are classmates, nice to meet you!

Ryo holds out his hand to greet her but Hikari ignores him and turns her face to the other side. 

**Ryo laughs uncomfortably and puts back his hand on the table**

Ryo: (Ahh ~ she's really mad at me.... I have to apologize later)

Teacher: Well let's start, the class today is very important, I recommend you write down what I'm going to write on the board.

All: yes ~

**The students begin to prepare to take notes**

Hikari: huh? (Where is my pencil case? My notebook is here but I can't find the rest of my things)

Ryo: Huh?

**Hikari keeps searching inside her backpack but stops suddenly**

Hikari(I forgot on the table of my bedroom ! Ahhhh what I am supposed to do now?)

**When Hikari was feeling frustrated, someone put a pencil and eraser on her desk**

Hikari: *Surprise* W-what?

She looks at the only person who could have done this. Yes this person was sitting next to her with a smile on his face.

Hikari: W-why?

Ryo: You forgot yours, right? You can use mine *smile*

Hikari: I don't need it.

Ryo: Don't worry, I have more..

"See?"  He said as he showed a pencil in his hand

Hikari: *sigh* (That was not what I was worried about)

**Hikari gives back it to its owner.**

Ryo: What?

Hikari: No, thank you.

Ryo: How will you write?

Hikari: I'm going to buy new ones at the store that's on the courtyard.

Ryo: *sighs* (Man ... she's a stubborn one.) Are you really going to leave the class just for this?

Hikari(That would not be a good idea) ...

Ryo: See? Just accept it.

**He says as he puts the materials on her desk one more time. Finally Hikari accepts and begins to write.**

Ryo: * smiles * (Good choice.)

Thus the first period classes ended normally.

[Lunch time]

Hikari was looking in her backpack for her packed lunch but then she remembered that she didn't have time to prepare it this morning.

Hikari: * sigh * (It seems that I'll have to go to the cafeteria ...)

**She gets up and returns the materials to Ryo.**

Ryo: Huh?

Hikari: Thanks, it was a great help.

Ryo: But we still have the second period right? You can stay with it until...

Hikari: I don't need it anymore, I'm going to buy new ones now ...

Ryo: Bu-

**Hikari ignores him and leaves the room.**

Ryo: *muttering* She could have stayed with it instead of spending money with new ones.

Boy 3: Hey Ryo! Come have lunch with us!

Ryo: Yes, I'm coming!

**He gets up and goes with the group.**

After having bought a new pen Hikari bought a sandwich and is eating it in the same place as always. Thinking about what happened in the cafeteria she mumbles.

Hikari: There will always be people who look at me with suspicious eyes even though I haven't done anything wrong.

While waiting in the cafeteria she heard things like "that strange girl" ,"she gives me goose bumps" ,"better not get too close to her".

Hikari: *sighs* I had already forgotten that it was so s-.... no never mind.

After finishing eating, she gets up and goes back to the classroom. When she got there the class was empty, everyone was still outside it was about 10 minutes before class started.

**Hikari looks around at the quiet and lonely classroom and sighs.**

Hikari: I wonder why... I feel so great this way.

Despite saying that she was not smiling, her face shows no emotion at all. She walks to her desk  sits down and looks out the window.

Hikari: Oh!

She sees Ryo, he is sitting on a bench and is surrounded by his classmates and also by students from other classes. He is smiling and talking to them.

Hikari: hummmm he has barely arrived but is already surrounded by people .... I wonder how this feel like ?

**She smiles coldly**

Hikari: It's certainly one of those feelings that I can live without.

**At that moment Ryo looked up and saw Hikari looking at him out the window**

Ryo: oh!

**Hikari quickly looks away.**

Hikari: (I can't believe he saw me looking at him! There's no way he can see me, right?!)

She feels uneasy not knowing what she should do in that situation

Hikari: I-if he says something I just have to deny an-

**Noticing something she widens her eyes surprised and puts her hand on her chest**

Hikari: My heart is racing ... what is this feeling? Why am I worried about this?! I don't owe him or anyone else any explanations!

The bell rings announcing the beginning of the second and last period. The first student to cpme into the classroom was Ryo and surprisingly he was alone. He sees Hikari alone, she was looking at her notebook, it looked like she was studing.

Ryo(why am not I surprised to see this scene ? And this is the first day I got to this school)

Ryo sits in his seat and turns to talk to Hikari.

Ryo: So ... you really went to buy these things, huh?

Hikari: yes

Ryo: You could have used those I lent you, I didn't need it.

Midori: Hey Hi-

Midori enters the room, usually she would go straight to talk to Hikari but she saw that Hikari was busy talking to Ryo, which left her gaping at that scene.

Midori: (This newbie is amazing !!! He even got to have a conversation with Hikari !! It makes me feel a little relieved ...)

**She says smiling**

Midori: I'd better not get in their way.

Meanwhile the conversation between the two of them was not going very well

Hikari: no, I don't like to owe others favors.

Ryo: But I was not going to ask you anything in return.

Hikari: I don't believe you.

**Ryo gets a bit irritated and speaks in a higher tone of voice**

Ryo: Not all people do good things expecting something in return, did you know that? They can do this simply out of kindness!

Hikari: Kindness? Hahaha, please don't make me laugh..

Ryo: * angry * Hey! You can't treat people like this!

Hikari: Why should I believe in kindness?!

**She looks out the window**

Hikari: * mutters * No one has ever been kind to me ... How do you want me to believe in kindness ?

Ryo: * Surprised * Wait! What did you say?

Hikari: (I said too much !!) Nothing...

Ryo: But I heard you saying tha-

Hikari: This has nothing to do with you, okay? Just leave me alone.

Ryo: (Ahhh now she's even more angry !! I'll have to apologize twice now !! Oh man I said too much ...)

After this argument they didn't say anything to each other and the classes of the second period began normally.

Teacher: Well, that's all for today.

**The teacher looks at the clock on his wrist.**

Teacher: Oh! We've finished a little earlier today.

All: *happy* yes !!

Ryo: (ahhhh she's really angry !! She doesn't even look this way anymore)

Teacher: Wait! Before you go ... Ryo kun, how was your first day of school?

But Ryo was worried about how Hikari was angry with him and didn't respond.

Ryo(I shouldn't have said those things without knowing anything! Ahhhh I'm such an idiot!)

Teacher: Ryo kun! Are you listening to me?!

**Ryo startleds and got up quickly.**

Ryo: yes!

Teacher: So how did it go?

Ryo: * confused * "go" what?

**Everyone laughs**

Teacher: You didn't hear anything I said at all.

Ryo lowers his head.

Ryo: S-sorry.

Teacher: I want to know what your first day of school was like.

Ryo: Ah yes! It was very good ! I've already made some friends and met many nice people from other classes too!

Hikari: * mutters * good for you ...

Teacher: * smiling * oh good! I'm glad to hear this, welcome again.

Ryo: * bows * thank you!

Hikari: (ahhh I've had enough of that)

**Hikari gets up and leaves the room quickly.**

Ryo: * surprised * but what th-

Teacher: * sigh * There she goes again~ Well you are dismissed

 As soon as the teacher says that the students started to leave the classroom

Girl 3: Hey Ryo kun, we're going to the movies! Do you wa-

Ryo: Ah Sorry! I gotta go!!

**Ryo picks up his things hurries out of the classroom and goes after Hikari.**

Ryo: (I still didn't apologize  to her!!)

As soon as he downs the stairs he starts looking for her

Ryo: She had not time to leave school yet, she must be here.

He walks down the hall and goes to the lockers. There he finds Hikari, she was taking several letters from her locker and putting them inside her bag.

Ryo: * surprised * (wow! What are those letters? Ohhh !! it looks like she's kind popular here after all!)

He starts to approach her but when he sees that Hikari's face is without any type of expression he stopped.

Ryo: * confused * huh? (What's that face? She doesn't even seem to be human like that.)

He was confused, surprised and a little sad ... that scene made him feel several mixed emotions, he was frozen in place and only watched Hikari leave until he could no longer see her.

That look that was Hikari's face made him intrigued ....

Ryo: All this makes me feel kind of.... nostalgic.

+Male main character self intro: Hi! My name is Katsuya Ryo ! I am 18 years old and I was born in Kawasaki, I moved to Tokyo two years ago for personal reasons. People define me as a cheerful smiling guy who always like to make friends.

But I wonder...  Am I really all that? ... Well, probably not. 



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