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The Locked Heart

This story is about a lonely girl called Hikari. She doesn't like to get too close to people. Come and find out why.

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A well-known feeling.

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It's the beginning of the week.

Almost all students are already in the classroom waiting for the teacher. As every day that has some kind of test there are those students who are restless, those in despair and those who are confident because they think they know everything.

Girl 9: ahhhh I want to get a good grade !!

Boy 8: Me too !!

Boy 2: Hey dude, you look down.

Boy 3: It will be awful!! I didn’t study!!

Girl 6: Me neither !!

Boy 7: I've studied enough, I'll certainly be number 1 this time.

Boy 9: haha good luck with that, do you really think you can beat Hikari?

Girl 5: Ahaha give up. She's always the number 1.

Boy 7: This is true but this time she will be the second place!

Boy 8: Yes, yes~ if you say so.

** Hikari looks to the side and sees nobody.**

Hikari: (Is he really going to miss today too? Hmmm so he's that kind of person who doesn’t take the studies seriously.) Well .... whatever.

** Midori gets up and goes to Hikari **

Midori: Hikari, good morning!

Hikari: Yes.

Midori: (okay we have to extend this conversation!) Ammmm did you study for today's test?

Hikari: Yes.

Midori: You're sure to get a good grade then!

She says as she smiles

Hikari: Probably.

Midori: How cool ... I wanted to have that confidence.

**Midori sighs and sits beside Hikari where a certain person should be.**

Hikari: (Well... It seems that she's going to leave me alone anytime soon)

Even thinking that Hikari didn’t feel uncomfortable

Hikari: Why?

Midori: W- W..what?!!

Midori almost fell off the chair when she heard that question, she wasn’t expecting it.

Midori: (Is.. is she interested to know?!!)

Hikari: (What was that?) Why did you say that? Don’t tell me you didn’t study.

Midori: (She really wants to know !! I'm so happy !!) Ah no no! I did!

Hikari: hummm suspicious 

Midori: It’s true ! I studied ... it's just that ... I don’t know if I'll do well even studying ...

Hikari: * sighs * (where did her confidence go?) Well if it does, I'll help you to s-

** Hikari stopped talking suddenly **

Hikari: (ack !! That was close !!)

Midori: What did you say?!

Midori asked as her eyes widened in surprise and Hikari responded nervously.

Hikari: Nothing, forget it !!

Midori: (maybe it was my imagination?)

Midori tilts her head in confusion.

Hikari: W..what?

Midori: (it's .... there's no way she could have said that ...) Nothing.

**Midori smiles a little**

Hikari: (Ahh she heard it, right ?!)

** Hikari looks the other way

Midori: (what's this ?! I can not believe it! Is she blushing?!)

Midori was so surprised and happy that she could barely hide, Hikari who was always a cold person was showing some signs of emotion.

Midori: (Aww this is kind of cute!) * Smiles * well I'm going back to my place, the teacher should already be coming ... see you later.

Hikari: * sigh * (ahhh~ I've said too much)

CR: the teacher is here! Stand up .... bows down!

Teacher: Good morning! are ready?

They respond a little discouraged

All: yes ~

Teacher: haha that got me kind of worried ... well let's start!

The teacher opens his school bag and picks up a folder, he takes out the papers that was inside it.

Teacher: ah! I forgot to warn you! There are diferent kind of tests!

All: * surprised* What? !!!

Teacher: The questions are the same but the order is different, this is to avoid those who have not studied copying the next colleague's answer. I really hope you have studied!

Boy 4: Oh no!

Girl 2: I can’t believe it....

While the students were in a panic Hikari never took her eyes off from the empty desk next to her.

Hikari: (Maybe I was expecting too much from him ...)

Hikari remembers how Ryo was the day she went to his apartment, he was downcast and looked tired.

Hikari: (He is weak.)

Hikari realizes what she's doing and shakes her head.

Hikari: (ahhh stop worrying about it !! wait... worry? Why am I worried?)

Hikari felt lost ... was she really worried? What was she feeling?

Teacher: Silence! let's start it.

** The teacher looks at the back of the room**

Teacher: * sigh * ( He will not come... something serious must have happened ... I'm kind of worried) Please take one paper and pass to the colleague who is behind you, start only when I authorize.

The teacher give the papers to some students

Hikari: (well it’s over.. he lost)

Suddenly someone comes running and enters the classroom surprising everyone

Hikari: *surprised* wha- !!

Ryo: * tired * so- sorry !! I'm late!!

Girl 5: It's Ryo!

Boy 3: He came !!

Teacher: *smile* (He came after all!) It's okay, we have not started yet. Go to your place, please.

Ryo: Yes!

As Ryo headed for the back of the classroom the students cheer up

Girl 4: welcome back Ryo!

Boy 6 : were you sick ?

Ryo: oh no ! I’m sorry if i worried you guys... something that i was not expecting happened.... but everything is ok now.

Boy 5: Don’t miss class again!

Ryo: haha yes sir.

Teacher: Hey you guys can talk later!

Boy 5: Sorry.

**Ryo sits down and someone standing next to him hands him the test.**

Hikari: Here.

Ryo: Huh?

Hikari: the test.

Ryo: Oh, thanks!

** Ryo takes the paper**

Ryo: (That surprised me a little.)

Teacher: Very well, you have an hour and  half to solve the questions, you can only leave when everybody is finished, start!

Ryo: * reading * (hmmm ... wait! I know the answer! Oh this one too!! Yes! It was worth spending the whole weekend studying !!)

Midori: *reading* (Wells so far... everything is going well ...)

Hikari: * reading * (Ah~ this is too easy ...)

20 minutes later

Hikari puts the pencil on the table

**Ryo hears the noise and looks quickly to the side.**

Ryo: (W..what?)

Hikari: (I finished ...) * raises his hand * Sensei.

Teacher: (That was fast!) Ah yes! I'm on my way.

Ryo: (No way! She finished it already ?! but it was not even half an hour !!)

The teacher takes her test.

Teacher: the result comes out on Friday

Hikari: ok * look out the window *

Teacher: (she doesn’t care much about the grades ... as always)

Ryo: (Wow she's amazing .... right! I'll do my best too !!)

1 hour and 10 minutes later

Teacher: Right, time is up! Hands in the tests and you may leave.

All: yes ~

Girl 3: wow this test was hard!

Boy 2: Yes ...

Boy 7: I think it was easy...

Boy 2: Yes, yes I believe you.

After handing the test Ryo returned to his place and soon is surrounded by the other students

Girl 6: How did you go Ryo ?!

Boy 3: We should have warned you there would be test today! You were taken by surprise!

Ryo: Oh don’t worry I think I went well ...

Girl 4: Really? but how ?

Ryo: I knew that we had test today, also someone helped me with the content

Ryo looks at Hikari, but she is distracted staring at the window as usual

Ryo: (was that you?)

Boy 1: Really? how Lucky

Ryo: Yes.

Ryo sees the teacher leaving and decides to go after him

Ryo: oh excuse me!

Girl 3: Where are you going?

Ryo: I need to check something. *run*

Boy 3: what?

Ryo: Sensei wait!

**The teacher turns around.**

Teacher: Ryo? how can I help you ?

Ryo: I wanted to thank you!

Teacher: oh?

Ryo: * bows * thank you for sending that notes to me, it helped me a lot!

Teacher: (ah, so she handed the paper!) * Smiles * ah that was nothing, I'm glad i could help.

Ryo: And those extra notes! They saved me! Really thank you !!

Teacher: huh? what are you talking about ?

Ryo: What do you mean? I'm talking about the notes that were together with the content of the test ... It even had the content of the review an-

Teacher: It was not me who send it.

Ryo: What?

Teacher: All I sent you was a paper with the content of the test, that was all...

Ryo: So those notes ...

Teacher: (extra notes? It could only have been her!) This was done by someone else, not by me I assure you. *smiles*

Ryo: * confused * I understand ammmm but anyway thank you! (so I was right!)

Ryo bows and returns half-hurried to the classroom.

Girl 3: oh he's back! Ryo, are you coming to lunch with us?

Ryo: Ah yeah sure but first there's something I need to do!

**Ryo looks around but the person that he is looking for is no longer there.**

Ryo: (where could she have gone?)

**Midori goes to him.**

Midori: She left a short time ago.

Ryo: * surprised * huh?

Midori: I know who you're looking for, she just left, she must be in the hal now.

Ryo: (but how does she know?) Ah thank you!

Boy 3: Ryo, are you all right?

Ryo: yes! I'll be right back!

**Ryo leaves running**

Midori: * smiles * (hmm it seems he wants approaches her too ... maybe our plan will work out anyway!)

Girl 2: Why are you smiling Midori?

Midori: It's no big deal.

Meanwhile Ryo is looking for Hikari among the students of the othe classes.

Ryo: Ah this will be harder than I thought ... oh!

As Midori said Hikari was in the hall going towards the stairs

Ryo: (there she is!) Hey wait!

Even after saying that Hikari keeps walking

Ryo: (Ah she can’t hear me, I need to get closer!)

** Ryo runs to Hikari and stops in front of her. **

Ryo: Wait!

Hikari: * Surprised * W-what? (where he came from ?!)

Ryo: * out of breath * I was looking for you ...

Hikari: Why?

Ryo: I need to talk to you.

Hikari: (what's wrong with this guy?) Sorry, I'm not in the mood.

Ryo: (I will not let you run away!)

** Hikari tries to leave but Ryo blocks her way. **

Hikari: (but what the!?) what do you think you're doing?

Ryo: I said I want to talk to you.

Hikari: But I don’t want to.

**Hikari tries to pass through the other side but Ryo stops her again.**

Hikari: * angry * Y-you are persistent!

Ryo: Yes, you're right.

Ryo had a serious face, he was not smiling as usual. Hikari found this a bit unexpected and her eyes widened in surprise.

Hikari: * mumbles * hmmm, so this is the real one

Ryo: What did you say?

Hikari: Nothing ... so you want to talk?

Ryo: Yes.

Hikari: What if I don’t want to hear you?

Ryo: I'm not leaving, until you hear me.

Hikari: Ah what a pain!! ... okay fine!

**Hikari looks around and sees that there are people watching them.**

Hikari: * sigh * if you want to talk it’s fine ... but not here. (I’ve already attracted enough attention.)

**Ryo looks around**

Ryo: (Wha- there are really a lot of people here ...) Alright, so let's go another palce.

Hikari: This way.

**Hikari starts walking again and Ryo follows.**

Ryo: (This was easier than I thought!)

**Hikari was walking when she suddenly stops and turns around**

Hikari: (Here's good ...)

Ryo: *stops* (Huh? Here?)

They were on the pátio, there were not many students just a few of them.

Hikari: and then?

Ryo: Huh?

Hikari: You wanted to talk. Am I mistaken?

Ryo: Ah right !

**Ryo was silent, he was choosing his words carefully**

Ryo: (I have to think about it ... if I say something wrong, she might try to run away again!) ....

Hikari: (what's the matter with him?) What now?  If you have nothing to say, I'm leaving ...

**Hikari tries to leave but Ryo stops her**

Ryo: Ah no wait!

**Hikari sighed and crossed her arms.**

Hikari: Then speak at once.

Ryo: Okay

He was silent for a moment until at last he began to speak.

Ryo : I want to know.

Hikari: know what?

Ryo: * nervous * A-about what happened last Friday ...

Hikari: (Where does he want to get?) What about it?

Ryo: Did you put those extra notes on the envelope?

Hikari: Me?

Ryo: Yes. Was it you ?

Hikari: Why would I do that? Must have been the sen-

Ryo: No, he assured me it was not him.

Hikari: (What ? He asked !!) ....

Ryo: Admit it at once, it was you right?

Hikari: Believe what you want.

Ryo: Why did you do that?

Hikari: I saw that with just that topics you would never be able to study, so I made a copy of the reviews and gave it to you.

Ryo: Why did you help me?

Hikari: Why? .... I don’t know.

Ryo: You don’t know?

**Hikari starts to panic**

Hikari: .... M-maybe it's because you helped me that day!

Ryo: Even though I said I didn’t want anything in return? Why did you bother to do it?

Hikari: ... (But what's wrong with him?! I knew! I should not have come !!)

Ryo: You ... maybe you didn’t realize or maybe you don’t want to. But that was an act of kindness.

Hikari: Don’t be ridiculous! That doesn’t exist a-

Ryo: You were kind to me, even though you said you didn’t believe in kindness! Why don’t you accept that?

Hikari: I don’t ...

Hikari was confused, she didn’t know why she did it all. She acted without thinking, maybe she wanted to help a classmate because she was worried about him, but her pride keeps her from saying that she helped simply because she wanted to.

**Hikari begins to move away**

Ryo: And those things that were in the bag?

Hikari: I ... I don’t know what you're talking about.

**Ryo explains as he approaches her.**

Ryo: A person left a bag with vitamins, medicines and other things that day.

Hikari: and? It could have been anyone.

Ryo: No, it couldn’t. Because the only people who know where I live are the Principal and now you.

Hikari: ....

Ryo: I saw by the câmera... by stature I'm sure it was a girl, she was very smart tried to hide her face.

Hikari: then-

Ryo: If it was not for the wind she would have been successful in her plan, but I saw as soon as the wind blew that it was you.

Hikari: (I was careless.)

Ryo: Are you going to deny it even after that?

** Hikari sighs and irritated looks at Ryo**

Hikari: Yeah it was me, so what?

Ryo: For what reason?

Hikari: I don’t understand, what do you want ?

Ryo: (You're trying to get away from it but I will not let you!) I want to prove you wrong! That all the others are wrong !!

Hikari: *surprised* What are you talking about ?!

Ryo: You pretend to be a cold person that not care about others, as a result people avoid being around you! They don’t know who you are so they stay away !

Hikari: Well just let them think like this, what’s the problem?

Ryo: The problem is that all this is a lie! This person you pretend to be is nothing more than a role you have created to hide who you really are;

Hikari: And ... who? Tell me.

Ryo: * confused * what?

Hikari: Who am I ? Do you know ?

Ryo: Yes I do! You are a kind and good person who helps people in secret a-

**While Ryo tries to respond, Hikari soon interrupts him.**

Hikari: if you want so much to know the reason I'm going to tell you then...

Ryo: ....

Hikari: The reason I took those things .... is because I hate weakness.

Ryo: What?

Hikari: Weakness was what I saw the moment you opened the door, even though you were trying to hide everything behind that fake smile.

Ryo was puzzled, all he could do at that moment was to look at Hikari with a face of astonishment.

Hikari: I really hate people who act like this ...

Ryo: You...

Hikari: Do you know why? Weak people can never overcome, they just stand there crying and whining as if that would solve something.

Ryo: !!

Hikari: But it will not ... no use ... nothing will change. *sarcastic* It's not as if fate will say "Oh poor creature, I'll make your life better."

Ryo: .... (how do you know that?)

Hikari: It could be said that I gave you a push, it seems that it worked since you seem normal now and not pathetic like before.

These words hurt Ryo and he gets irritated.

Ryo: * whispering * what do you know?

Hikari: About you? Nothing really. I'm sorry if that sounds rude but I'm not even interested in it.

Ryo: So how?

Hikari: But... I know very well what you were feeling ...

Ryo: What?

Hikari's gaze dropped and her face was expressionless again.

Hikari: Weakness, fear, impotence ... I know all about it very well.

Ryo: (Why? Why do you say that? I want to ask but I don’t have courage!!)

Hikari: Well... if what I did bothered you, don’t worry, it will not happen again.

**Hikari turns around and starts to leave**

Ryo: *screaming* Y-you helped me a lot, I wouldn’t be able to do that alone! Thank you so much !!

**Hikari stood there for a second thinking about what she had just heard.**

Hikari: "thank you" ... It's been a long time since the last time i heard this word. *leaves*

Hikari didn’t notice at the time but she had a small smile on her face.

Ryo stood there thinking about everything that had just happened.

Ryo: I ... I wonder why ... but I feel like she's been through something difficult in the past ... just like me.




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