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The Locked Heart

This story is about a lonely girl called Hikari. She doesn't like to get too close to people. Come and find out why.

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It's not what it looks like.

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The next morning starts like any other

Hikari enters the room, walks to her desk and sits down. Her classmates are talking and laughing as they always do, but now there is a new person standing right in the middle of them.

Ryo: * laughing * No! I cannot believe you did it !!

Boy 2: I'm serious! But my mother showed up just in time and I had to run away! That was very embarrassing!

Girl 3: hahahahaha hard to believe in this story!

Boy 2: W-what? I'll prove it to you someday!

Ryo: hahaha I'm looking forward to it!

All that excitement caught the attention of Hikari, who watched everything from afar.

Hikari: Hmmm (He makes friends really fast ... now he really looks like someone else ... but I wonder ... which one is the real one?)

**Ryo looks at her and Hikari looks away**

Hikari: (Crap! I was staring at him!)

Ryo: Well guys, we'll talk later!

**Ryo leaves the group and goes to his desk.**

Boy 3: huh?

Ryo: (Okay there we go!) *nervous* G-good morning!

Hikari: Good morning.

Ryo: *widen his eyes in surprise* (I thought she would not answer me !!)

Hikari: *annoyed* What?!

Ryo: Ahh nothing! I'm just surprised! I thought you'd ignore me...

Hikari: Sorry. But I am not so uneducated so to not respond to a greeting. (Actually I kind of answered without thinking !!)

Ryo: (I don’t believe it! No matter what I say she'll always get it wrong !!) Ahhh don’t misunderstand me! I'm just surprised in a good way !!

**While Ryo panics Hikari sighs clearly disinterested**

Hikari: Whatever~

Ryo: *uncomfortable* (Uhhh that’s cold...) Oh!

Hikari: What now?

Ryo: I just realized something!

Hikari: ....

Ryo: Aren’t you going to ask me what it is?

Hikari: I don’t think so.

Ryo: Geez... but I'll say it anyway!

Hikari: Do whatever you want...

Ryo: It's actually a question

Hikari: Question? For me ?

Ryo: Y-yes .... So ammm what's your name?

Hikari is caught by surprise

Hikari: what ?!

Ryo: Y-your name .... I still don’t know... C-could you tell me?!

Hikari: Wh-why does it matter?

Ryo: I think this is something very important.

**Hikari sighs**

Hikari: This is irrelevant.

Ryo: You don’t want to tell me your name ... Is this serious?

**Hikari turns her face to the other side.**

Hikari: (I need to be careful ... in that short time this guy got very close to me! I don’t want to get involved with him ... I do not want to get involved with anyone! I just want to be alone like always!!)

Ryo: Are you running away again? You know that sooner or later I'll find out your name ... all I have to do is ask someone in this classroom.

Hikari: Have fun.

Ryo: (But what the ...) U-unbelievable.

**Midori came running into the room and with a smile she greets her "childhood friend" as always**

Midori: Hikari, good morning!

Ryo: (Wha- ! It was faster than I thought!) Oh~ So it's Hikari ...

**Hikari turns around surprised .**

Hikari: (I do not believe it!) Y-you!

Ryo: *winks* hehe I told you that I would find out!

**Hikari looks at Midori who was standing there without understanding anything**

Midori: huh? What's it ?

Hikari: *sighs* Nothing ...

Midori: Ok...I guess ...

CP: The teacher is coming!

Midori: I'll see you later.

**Midori goes to her place.**

Ryo: (Hmmm now that I stopped to think .... I think this is the first time I've seen her talking to someone that’s not me...)

**While he thinks this he looks at Hikari with a thoughtful expression.**

Hikari: W-what? Is there something in my face?

Ryo: Huh?

Hikari: Stop looking at me like that, it's weird.

Ryo: (I'm weird?) Ah I’m sorry!! *looks away*

On that day nothing unexpected happened, everyone was acting like they always do.

It was about half an hour before class was over. The teacher makes an announcement

Teacher: The class is over.

All the students were looking with a face of astonishment

Teacher: W-what? It does not hurt to finish early, once in a while.

As soon as they heard this the students began to prepare to leave

Teacher: Ah! Before I forget! Our class trip will be next week! We do not have a date yet but we'll let you know soon!

Students begin to get excited

Ryo: * confused * (class trip?)

Boy 2: And where are we going this year?!

Teacher: I still can’t tell you but it will be the first time you go to this place! Since it’s the last year we have to close with the golden key!

“All”: Yes !!

Teacher: Well that was all, you may go.

**Everyone starts to get up and leave the room. Hikari was about to leave when she heard someone calling her name**

Ryo: Ah Hikari !! Wait !

Hikari: (excuse me?) Hikari?

Ryo: *confused* W-what’s the matter? Did i say it wrong? (I’m pretty sure it was Hikari.)

Hikari: That’s not the problem here!

Ryo: (How scary !!) Hi-Hikari-san?

**Hikari nods her head.**

Ryo: (S-seriously?) S-so ammmmm

Hikari: Hurry up!

Ryo: (why am I nervous?) Yes!! I....I...I !

Hikari: Ah, whatever, I'm leaving.

Ryo: Wait!

Hikari: Then speak at once!

Ryo: Okay!

Hikari: (what's wrong with him?)

Ryo: I still have not apologized...

Hikari: Huh?

**Ryo puts his hand behind his neck as if he were embarrassed**

Ryo: Y-you know about that time ... I said that without thinking and .... I should not have said those things without knowing anything! A-and yesterday too .... I'm sorry!

Hikari: (Is that all?) Ah, you're right ... when you don’t know things, you better keep quiet.

Ryo: (Uaaa she's a spiteful person !!) I'm really sorry !!

Hikari: but that was no big deal ... so do not worry.

Ryo looks at her with a surprised face.

Ryo: Huh?

Hikari: See you later.

**Hikari turns to leave.**

Ryo: (Maybe it's a good opportunity!) Ah, one more thing!

Hikari: (it's starting to really piss me off.)

**Hikari turns and looks at him.**

Hikari: What?

Ryo: Well I still don’t know the whole school an-

Hikari: What does that have to do with me?

Ryo: *nervous* I thought you could show me around s-

Hikari: Me? Why would I do that?

Ryo: I thought that.

Hikari: (That's not good! I cannot let him get too close !!) Look .... Don’t get me wrong. We're not friends or anything like that so I have no obligation to do that.

Ryo: (but I thought we had gotten closer!) B-

Hikari: Are we clear? bye.

Ryo was paralyzed in place for a few minutes

Ryo: * sighs * Ahhh man she really hates me!

Midori: I don’t think so.

Ryo: !!!

**Upon hearing a voice close by, Ryo nearly jumped.**

Ryo: ( Wha- ?!! I thought everyone was gone!!)

**Ryo turns around and behind him is Midori smiling. Who had seen everything that happened earlier.**

Midori: Yo!

Ryo: Oh! The girl from before!

Midori: Kiraze Midori.

Ryo: Sorry! I am K-

Midori: I know who you are. The most popular guy in the class Katsuya Ryo , right?

Ryo: *embarrassed* M-most popular? I wouldn’t say this ... I'm new here...

Midori: I think you didn’t even notice it...

Ryo: ????

Ryo was confused for a while but he soon changed the subject.

Ryo: Why did you say that before?

Midori: huh? What ?

Ryo: Y-you know... that she does not hate me...

Midori: Ah! It's because she acts like that with everyone who tries to get close to her ... even with me, but I've gotten used to it.

Ryo: I wonder if it's true.

Midori: Why don’t we go out for a bit?

Ryo: What?

Midori: You don’t know the right school? I will show you around.

Ryo: Ah thank you !!

**They leave**

Minutes later they were walking along the pátio.

Midori: On the right side we have the pool and that field over there is where the soccer team trains ... but I think you already know that.

Ryo: Ah yes! I already signed up to join the team, I'll start tomorrow.

Midori: Why do you guys like soccer so much?

Ryo: haha I don’t know, maybe because it's fun?

Midori: * sigh * Boys I will never understand them. Well this is the end of our school tour!

Ryo: Thank you for showing me!

Midori: * smiles * it was nothing! Well I have to go.

Midori starts to walk away but

Ryo: Ah wait! I have a question !

Midori: huh? About what ?

Ryo: errr I noticed that you talk to Hikari...

Midori: Oh yes, I try.

Ryo: Apparently you're the only girl who talks to her.

Midori: Ah that's because I've known her for a long time...

Ryo: (really?) Since when?

Midori: Since childhood .... that's why I told you not to worry about what happened earlier ... she has been acting this way for a while now.

**Midori looks up at the sky with a nostalgic look as if she's remembering something precious that was left behind**

Midori: But you know... in the beginning ... when we were children ... she was not like that ... We were always together and had a lot of fun, she used to smile a lot too.

**Midori looks at Ryo with a sad look.**

Midori: But out of nowhere she started to act the way she acts today ... she started to walk away from me ...

Ryo: And you know why?

Midori: *sad smile* I have no idea .... but I'm sure there is a reason for this! She would not walk away like that for nothing. I still hope to find out the reason someday.

Ryo: ....

Midori: But you know ... I'm still going to make her go back to being like before! You bet!

Ryo: (You really care about her, right?) .....

Midori: .....

There is a moment of silence but Midori soon breaks it

Midori: You want to ask something, don’t you?

Ryo: * surprised * How did yo-?!

Midori: hahaha it's written in your face!

Ryo: But ... I don’t know how to ask this in a way that doesn-

Midori: Don’t worry about it, just ask!

Midori says with a cheerful tone

Ryo: Actually, I'm curious.

Midori: About what?

Ryo: So... well ... Hikari always uses her hair that way ...

**He says while covering his left eye with one hand**

Midori: !!

Ryo: She always hides her eye like this... do you know why?

Midori: Y...yes I know.

Ryo: So!

Midori: I'm sorry but if it's what you want to know... I can not tell you.

Ryo: (I went too far!) Oh right, right !! I should not have asked !! I'm really sorry !!

Midori: Ah don’t get me wrong !! This is not because of you ... it's just ... it's a difficult subject for her so I'd like her to tell you herself.

Ryo: * sigh * I doubt this day will come....

Midori: Yes it will! Maybe faster than you expect !! Since you guys are getting along ~

Ryo: What are you talking about ?

**Midori laughs as she hides her mouth with her hand.**

Midori:  What could it be? ~

Ryo: Hey! What’s that supposed to mean?

Midori: I don’t know what you're talking about ~

**Midori says as she turns and starts to walk away.**

Ryo: W-what was that?

Midori: By the way! You seem very interested to know about her ... Don’t tell me it was love at first sight !? *laughs*

Ryo: * blush * W-what? !! No, that's not it !! Where did this idea come from?!!

Midori: Okay, I'll pretend to believe you!

Ryo: *in panic* It's true, I just !!

Midori: * waving * Yes yes I get it! See you tomorrow!!

Ryo: * sigh * Y-you didn’t got it at all !!

He stood there for a few seconds

Ryo: To tell you the truth ... not even I understand ... I just know she needs my help ... I can feel it.



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