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The Locked Heart

This story is about a lonely girl called Hikari. She doesn't like to get too close to people. Come and find out why.

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A rain of bad memories

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Another morning begins and Ryo is in the living room finishing off  his breakfast while watching TV

Weather forecast : Chance of heavy rain with thunder and lightning at the end of this morning. Although they are low, don’t forget to take your umbrellas when you leave the house.

Ryo: Rain?

Ryo gets up and goes to the living room window.

Ryo: even with a clear sky like that?

Outside the sky was cloudless blue and the sun was shining with intensity

Ryo: Well, if there's a chance even if it's small, I'd better be careful.

He goes up to his room to pick up an umbrella and puts it in his backpack. After that he brushes his teeth, washes the dishes he used moments ago, turns off the television and looks at the clock.

Ryo: Well, I guess I'll go early today.

He takes his backpack and leaves.

Ryo walks to school while looking up at the sky.

Ryo: Is it really going to rain? The sky is clear and it's very hot today.

Ryo: * yawn * I will not lie I think a rain would be nice...l

Ryo: oh!

Ryo was walking when he saw a figure walking in front of him. In the middle of other students a girl with long brown hair stands out, she is walking slowly.

Ryo: That's ... Hikari?

He was right. That girl was really Hikari who was going to school. As she usually arrives earlier in school Ryo was never able to meet her on the way.

Ryo: * smiles * I didn’t know she lived nearby! Should I go and say hello to her?

Ryo hurries to get close to Hikari and when he was about to call her he stopped suddenly.

Ryo: What is it?

Ryo had not paid attention to the scene that was ahead until that moment

Ryo: this is ...

Ryo stopped walking and just watched

Hikari was walking with her head down, despite having several students in the place no one walked near her. It seemed that she had an invisible wall around her that prevented people from approaching.... While the other people talked and laughed Hikari just walked alone without looking around.

Ryo: * murmuring* It's as if she doesn’t exist.

Ryo frowns clearly uncomfortable with what he was seeing and feeling a sadness in his heart.

Ryo: ... She looks so lonely .... I don’t like it!

He tries to reach Hikari but some of his classmates were in the way.

Classmate 1: Good morning Ryo!

Ryo: (Really? Where did they come from? ) G-good morning.

Classmate 2: What a coincidence!

Ryo: Ah yes.

Classmate 1: Since we're here, shall we go together?

Ryo looks ahead and sees that he has lost sight of Hikari

Ryo: I don’t believe it...

Classmate 2: What did you say?

Ryo: nothing.

Classmate 2: Shall we?

Ryo: * nods *

As soon as they arrive in the classroom Ryo goes to Hikari without thinking twice

Ryo: Hikari-san good morning!

Hikari was staring at the sky through the window, when she listened to her name she turns around.

Hikari: Good morning Katsuya-san

Ryo: (this again?) Ahaha

Hikari: what?

Ryo: I have a request to make you

Hikari: What would it be?

Ryo: Could you call me by my name instead of my family name?

Hikari: huh?

Ryo: Oh it's not that I don’t like it! I really am honored to have it but .... I would rather you called me by my name.

Hikari: you don’t make any sense

Ryo: ahaha I think you are right...

Hikari: I'll try

Ryo: * confused * huh?

Hikari: I'll try to call you by your first name, but it may take a while for me to get used to it.

Ryo: oh don’t worry! Just knowing that you will try is enough!

Ryo smiles and Hikari gets confused

Hikari: You're really weird.

Ryo: haha ​​you're very direct

Hikari: Sorry sometimes I say exactly the first thing that comes into my head

Ryo: I wanted to be like that sometimes, I wonder if I can?

Hikari: You can if you try.

Ryo: (I didn’t think she would answer me) hehe maybe

Midori enters the room and goes straight to Hikari

Midori: Hikari, Ryo, good morning

Both: Good morning.

Midori: What were you talking about? It seemed interesting

Ryo: *nervous* ah errr....

Hikari: It was no big deal.

Hikari turns and looks back

Midori looks at Ryo

Midori: What are you planning? Flirting early in the morning?

Ryo: what !!?

He lloks at Hikari but it seems that she didn’t listen

Midori: ahhh you don’t need to shout you're going to catch everyone's attention!!

Ryo: Ah!

Ryo looks around and sees that some of his colleagues are looking at him

Ryo: * whispering * it's your fault!

Midori: What did I do?

Ryo: You keep saying these strange things.

Midori: It's not strange ... Anyone who saw a guy talking to a girl while smiling would think the same...

Ryo: I was not smiling!

Midori: Yes you were. Don’t get me wrong I support you both and I'll be cheering for you * winks *

Ryo: I already said that's not it!

Midori: Okay....okay

CP: the teacher is coming to their places

Midori: I'll talk to you later.

Teacher: Good morning everyone, I have good news and bad news.

Boy 5: always bad news

Teacher: oh but for some it will be 2 good news

Girl 2: What is it sensei?

Teacher: I have corrected your tests.

Boy 3: what? Already?

Teacher: Yes.

The teacher was handing over the tests, upon receiving the test some students smiled, others lowered their heads

Teacher: Hikari!

Hikari: Yes.

She gets up and goes to the teacher to take the test.

Teacher: Congratulations, you had the highest grade again.

Ryo: (again?)

Boy 5: what ?

Girl 4: How is this possible?

Hikari: Thank you.

Although she said that Hikari didn’t smile she just took her test and went back to her place

Teacher: and lastly ... Ryo!

Ryo: Ah yes!

Ryo gets up and goes to the teacher.

Teacher: I'm surprised, you did very well.

Ryo: Huh? Oh really?

Teacher: Yes, you had the second highest grade.

Ryo: wha-? !!

Classmate 5: Did you see that?

Classmate 2: Incredible! He missed a week of class but got a great grade!

Classmate 1: you're amazing Ryo!

Ryo: * embarrassed * ah no I don’t ...

Teacher: ok everyone silence! I have something to say!

All: yes ~

Teacher: About the trip ... it will be 2 days. We're leaving Monday morning and will be back Tuesday night. This trip will be short because at the end of the year we will have a 4 day trip.

Students begin to get restless.

Girl 2: wow two trips the same year !!

Boy 6: I can not wait !!!

Girl 3: I want to go both!

Girl 2: Me too !!

Ryo: * surprised * (wow everyone is excited about this!)

Teacher: everybody calm down !! I have not finished talking yet !! I didn’t even say where we're going!

Girl 2: Sorry sensei!

Boy 6: please tell us!

Teacher: On the trip next week ... We're going to ....

The students look at the teacher with interest

Teacher: wow this is the first time I get so much attention from you

Girl 4: sensei!

Teacher: hahaha sorry, sorry ...

The teacher opens his backpack and pulls out a brochure from inside and shows the class with a smile on his face.

Teacher: this is where we are going!

Suddenly the classroom begins to get excited

Classmate 2: Wow !!! Are we really going to this place? !!!

Classmate 5: amazing !!!

Classmate 8: now I want to go more than ever !!

Midori: Wow that’s great !!

Hikari: (hmmmm not bad ... Not that I go anyway ....)

What was in the brochure was an image of a large beach house

Teacher: This is the beach house of a friend of mine who generously lent us the place to spend these two days. It's only 2 days but we'll enjoy it a lot!

"Everyone": Yes !!!

Ryo: (wow it’s a good plaace  !! I think I'll go ...)

Teacher: But I have news for those who got bad grades.

Girl 5: oh no, I have a bad feeling

Teacher: Those who got a low grade will have to do an activity and deliver it to me at the end of this week, if you want to go on the class trip, you have to do it. It's a simple, so don’t worry too much, you have 2 days to do it, those who are interested talk to me at the end of class.

Students: right ~

Teacher: Well, let's start.

At the end of the last class, the students were concentrating on the exercise when suddenly they heard a noise

Boy 3: Huh? That is!!

Girl 5: Wah is rain !!

Hikari: (what?!)

Midori: *worried* ... (I remember that Hikari doesn’t like rainy days too much)

Ryo: Hmmm then the forecast was right after all...

Hikari: ( What? How? It was a sunny day !!)

Hikari looks out the window and sees that it's dark and cloudy

Hikari: (I don’t believe it ...)

Hikari didn’t take an umbrella but it is not the fact that she would get wet that worried her..... it was something much more serious.... she does not like the rain, for her rain brings several bad memories that marked her past.

Suddenly a loud thunder is heard and everyone got scared.

All: !!!

Ryo: (wah that scared me!!) this rain will not stop so soon ... huh?

Ryo looks over to his left side and sees Hikari... She had her head lowered with her eyes closed, her hands gripping the table very tightly.

Ryo: Hikari san?

Hikari recovers her senses

Hikari: Ah!

She turns and looks at Ryo.

Hikari:w .. what?

Ryo: * worried * you're kind of pale, are you okay?

Hikari: (he noticed it!) I ... I don’t know what you're talking about...

She turns to the window.

Ryo: (she's not afraid of the rain ... right?)

There’s another tunder but this time louder.

Hikari: * closes her eyes * !!! (Stop please ... just stop !!)

Teacher: (That was very loud ...) Everyone please pay attention, we'll finish early because of the rain, you may go! Please hurry before the rain gets stronger!

All: yes!

Students rushed and started to leave quickly. In a few minutes most of the students were gone.

Hikari was standing at the entrance of the school looking at the rain that grew stronger and stronger.

Hikari: (I haven’t seen a rain like this for quite a long time ... it reminds me of that day ...) !!!

Hikari closes her eyes in fear.

?: Hikari? You're Hikari, right?

Hikari opens her eyes and sees a tall guy with brown hair and brown eyes, he has an umbrella in his hand and approaches her.

?: Long time no see, right?

He asks as he smiles, he seems to be a gentle person

Hikari: * confused * (I'm sure I've seen him before ... but where?) You are?

?: ahaha you already forgot me.

Hikari: Yes.

?: (direct as always) Don’t you remember? I am

At that moment Midori shows up and runs until the two

Midori: ah Keita !!

Keita: * waves * Midori!

Hikari: (Keita? Oh I remembered now!) You are Midori's boyfriend, right?

Keita: * smiles* Do you remember now?

Hikari: Yes, sorry.

Keita: ah don’t worry about it!

Midori: * running * thank you for coming to get me!

Midori looks to the side and sees Hikari

Midori: Eh? Hikari? Why are you still here?

Hikari: *nervous* ah ... I ... I had some things to do

Midori: Are you finished?

Hikari: Yes.

Midori: Did you forget your umbrella?

Hikari: * nervous * I ...

Midori: If you have forgotten you can come with us! The umbrella is not too big but the three of us can split it, right Keita?

Keita: Of course we can find a way!

Hikari: * lying * W-who do you think I am? Of course I didn’t forget it.

Midori: * relieved * Really ? So ... you want to come with us?

Hikari: what?

Keita: We can walk you to your apartment if you want.

Midori: yes! Let's go ?

Hikari: Ah...I just remembered that I have something to solve ...

Midori: No problem, we can wait.

Hikari: B-but it will take a while... you can go! (I don’t want them to see me like this!)

Midori: Are you sure?

Hikari: Y-yes you can go!

Midori: (I guess it’s no use) Ok then ... see you tomorrow!

Midori walks under the umbrella along with Keita

Keita: Well then we're going.

Hikari: * waves *

They started to walk away when Midori looks back.

Keita: Is something wrong?

Midori: I don’t know ... she looked pale...

Keita: I didn’t notice ... maybe it's your imagination?

Midori: I hope you're right.

Hikari watches them and when she can not see them she begins to tremble

Hikari: !!!

The rain starts to get stronger and lightning begins to lighten the sky ... that was a storm that was about to begin.

Hikari: (no .... don’t leave me alone! Please come back !!)

?: eh? Hikari?

Hikari: !!

Hikari turns around and sees a person behind her with a surprised face.

Hikari: You?

Ryo: I thought you were already gone.

Hikari: * nervous * ah errr I ...

Ryo: (why are you nervous?) you what?

Hikari: And ... and you? Why are you still here?

Ryo: Oh I was talking to the teacher, I was thanking him for help ... Oh! I must thank you too!

He bows

Ryo: Thanks for helping me out that day!

Hikari: You've thanked me before ...

Ryo: * look up * Ah! *blushing * It’s true, sorry ...

Hikari: You say too much “sorry”.

Ryo: I think it's a habit of mine.

Hikari: Probably.

While they were talking they heard loud thunder

Hikari: !!!

Ryo: Hikari-san did you forget your umbrella?

Hikari: Of cour- ... of course not !

Ryo: Really?

Hikari: what? Do you think I'm lying?

Ryo: haha yeah I do.

Hikari: what?

Ryo: Show me then ...

Hikari: what do you mean?

Ryo: Show me your umbrella ...

Hikari: Why would I do that?

Ryo: I will not leave here until you show me.

Hikari: Is this serious?

Ryo: Yes.

Hikari: * sigh * Okay, I'll admit it

Ryo: So?

Hikari: I forgot.

Ryo: * smiles * I knew it.

Ryo opens the umbrella and extends it to Hikari

Hikari: what?

Ryo: I'm the last student here, come with me. I'll leave you at home.

Hikari: Wha-what? of course not !

Ryo: Why not? Don’t tell me you want to go in this rain?

Hikari: So what ? it's just rain


Hikari: !!!!

Ryo: (Is she shaking? She looks terrified) Did you see? You're afraid...

Hikari: What? Don’t be ridiculous...

Ryo: * sighs * whatever, but I think you'd better come with me... this rain will not stop so soon.

Hikari: I live far from here.

Ryo: Liar.

Hikari: What? Do you know where I live?

Ryo: W-well I ...

Hikari: Wait a minute! Did you follow me ?!!

Ryo: What? N-no ! Stop accusing me !! It makes me look like a stalker !!

Hikari: so what?

Ryo: I saw you when I was coming to class today!

Hikari: suspicious.

Ryo: I swear it was just a coincidence!


Ryo: ah! That one was very high! And the rain is starting to get stronger!

Hikari: *trembling with fear* ....

Ryo: (why she tries to pretend to be a strong person even when she's afraid?) Hikari- san just this once ... let me help you.

Hikari: .... why?

Ryo: I can’t leave you alone, not like that ...

Hikari: .....

Ryo: Shall we? The umbrella is not very big but it is enough for two people.

Hikari: (I really want to get home ASAP ...) *nods*

Ryo: (Finally I managed to convince her!) Well then let's  go...

The rain was intense and Ryo and Hikari walked side by side.

Ryo: Well this is where I live, where is yours?

Hikari points forward

Hikari: I... live further ahead ...

Ryo: Ahead ? OK understood! Let's g-

Ryo stops talking suddenly.

Ryo: Hikari! Are you okay?!!

Hikari: Why do you ask?

Ryo: You're pale

Hikari: It's just your imagination...


Hikari: ahh!

Hikari gets scared and without thinking twice she grabs Ryo's arm

Ryo: * surprised * Hi-Hikari san?

Hikari held his arm tightly, she was shaking.

Hikari: *whispering* Pl-please ... let me stay like this ... just until I get home ... I beg you ...

Ryo: *worried* (she's terrified !!) Alright ...

Hikari: Thank you ...

Ryo: Hikari san .... you don’t like the rain?

Hikari: ....

Ryo: Ah Sorry! Forget what I asked!

Hikari: I don’t like it because... it's dark, cold and lonely

Ryo: huh!

Hikari: It brings me bad memories.... I hate it ...

The more she spoke the more terrified she seemed

Ryo: All right, that's enough. You don’t need to say anything anymore, okay?

Hikari: *nods*

Ryo: Well let's hurry up and get out of this rain ...

Hikari: Yes ... Thank you.

Ryo: * smiles * (I think this is the first time she thanks me from the bottom of her heart ... that kind of makes me happy) your welcome...

Hikari: I wanted to get home as soon as possible, that rain seemed to have no end, I was cold.... the rain was exactly like that day ... but for some reason I was not very scared ... I wonder if it’s because...I was not alone.


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