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The Locked Heart

This story is about a lonely girl called Hikari. She doesn't like to get too close to people. Come and find out why.

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New friends

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The group arrives in the café, Midori opens the door and speaks in a lively voice.

Midori: Excuse me!

Keita who was just finishing to clean a table got surprised

Keita: Wha Midori ?!

The group enters the cafe and Keita goes to them

Midori: yo!

Keita: That's a surprise, I didn't know you would come here today.

Midori: Well ... I decided it few minutes ago.

Keita: I see ...

Keita looks at the group of people behind Midori.

Keita: huh ?! Hikari is here too ?!

Hikari: Hello.

Midori: * smiles * You're surprised, aren't you?

Keita: Y-yes ...

Midori: oh! Let me introduce you to the others. He's Ryo, he's from Kawasaki.

Ryo: Hello!

Midori: They are Miki and Kazuto, they are brothers.

Miki and Kazuto: Yo!

Keita: (They spoke at the same time ... amazing!)

Midori: And they are Yui and Soya.

Soya: Nice to meet you.

Midori: And this is my boyfriend, Keita.

Keita: I'm Hamiya Keita, nice to meet you.

Midori: Well now that the introductions have been made ... do you have a table for 7?

Keita: Yes, please come this way.

The group follows Keita to the table.

Keita: Please, make yourself at home.

At the end of that afternoon the group left the cafe where they had a pleasant time talking. They are in front of the cafe while they wait for Keita.

Miki: heh that was fun.

Soya: I have to agree.

Kazuto: ahh ~ I'm so full

Miki: You almost ate all the food they had!

Kazuto: It's not my fault! I'm an athlete, I need energy! Do you think it's easy to keep that body?

He speaks as he makes posses showing his "muscles"

Hikari looks at Ryo and Midori and sees that they are as confused as her.

Miki: * frowns * what are you doing?

Kazuto: How so? look closely ... look at all these muscles

Yui: M-muscles?

Soya: I don't see anything.

Kazuto: huh ?! So you better change your glasses!

Soya: heh I think I should buy a magnifying glass insteed.

Yui: or maybe a microscope

**Midori puts her hand on her mouth trying not to laugh**

Kazuto: You are jealous of my athletic body!

Miki: You're so skinny, you look like a paper doll!

Kazuto: wha- hah! Look, I'm going to ask someone who can tell the truth!

Ryo: Eh? (He will not ask who I think ... right ?!)

**Ryo looks to the left side and sees Hikari next to him*

Kazuto: Hikari san!

Hikari: M-me ?!

Ryo: wha!! Look, I don't think this is a good ide-

Kazuto: Hikari you seem to be an honest person

Ryo: (way too honest) Hey Kazu-

Ryo tries to warn him but Kazuto interrupts him again

Kazuto: Hikari! Look ... my body is amazing, isn't it?

He talks as he raise the sleeve of his T-shirt to show off his arm.

Kazuto: I mean ... I'm pretty strong don't you think? Tell them I am right!

Hikari quickly looks away.

Hikari: Err i'm sorry ...

**The others start laughing**

Kazuto: H-have I been rejected?

Ryo: I tried to warn you .

Miki: Good job Hikari! Ahahaha

Soya: After that you ran out of arguments right? Because you said that she " tells the truth" hahaha

Kazuto: ahh ~ my self esteem was shaken.

Miki: ( such a drama...)

Soya: The truth hurts, right?

Yui: Soya!

Soya sighs and taps Kazuto's shoulder

Soya: Cheer up, how about I buy you some candy?

Kazuto: Wow you mean it? Cool !!

He jumps up and down

Ryo: This was a very quick recovery.

Yui: That always happens when it comes to food.

Kazuto: Yui chan you know me so well ~

Midori: I have the impression that you are good friends.

Yui: Well this is true

Kazuto: I've known these kids for a long time

Soya: kids?

Miki: Actually we're childhood friends ...

Midori: heh understood ... but I don't remember seeing you in the school last year

Kazuto: Ah this is because we entered in the begining of this year

Midori: I see.

Hikari: I have a question for you ...

Ryo: *surprised* (H-hikari?)

Kazuto: What?

Hikari: Why?

Yui: "why"....what?

Hikari: Why did you decide to approach us like this?

Kazuto: eh?

Hikari: Why did you decide to get close to me so suddenly?

They looked at each other and after a while they nod

Soya: It was not suddenly.

Hikari: what?

Miki: We wanted to get close to you for a long time.

Yui: But we didn't have courage...

Hikari: ....

Kazuto: Ah don't misunderstand! We were not afraid of you or anything like that!

Miki: We were worried that you'd end up rejecting us...

Hikari: Huh?

Yui: "What if she ignores us? What should we do?" things like that.

Soya: We deduced that you would not like to have us around, so we just watched from afar.

Hikari: (I never thought there were people who thought like that...) Is this true?

Kazuto: * nods *

Miki: You were always alone, the little you talked...was with Midori. But we really wanted to meet you.

Yui: You can say that we were curious but we didn't dare to go and speak directly to you.

Soya: Then Ryo arrived and starts talking to you.

Kazuto: We saw how hard he was trying to get close to you ... so we thought "shall we try too?"

Miki: Then we create courage and tried to do the same.

Yui: I will not lie ... I thought you would not want us in your group ...

Hikari: But you ... aren't you afraid of me?

They look at Hikari confused

Miki: What ? afraid ? Why would we be?

Hikari: well ... you must have heard one or another rumor about me ...

Kazuto: Oh this ... yes we did.

Hikari: Then-!

Soya: We don't care.

Hikari: * surprised * eh?

Miki: And today we could see with our own eyes that it was all a lie.

Hikari's eyes widen in surprise.

Yui: You're a normal person like any of us.

Miki: You're just a little quiet and shy ... this is not a big deal.

Hikari: guys...

Kazuto: so we hope you will accept us as your friends!

Kazuto, Miki, Yui and Soya bow

Hikari: * freeze* !!!

(What's wrong with them? Why? .... Why aren't they like the others?)

Hikari looks at Ryo and Midori who were smiling

Hikari: (now that I thought about it ... these two are always on my side ... no matter how cold I am with them ... they return me with affection and attention ... why are they like this? Do people like them really exist? .... C-can I trust them?)

Ryo: Trust us.

Hikari: * surprised * How did you-!

Ryo: I don't know what happened to you in the past, but our feelings are sincere * smiles *

After a few minutes of silence Hikari finally speaks with a big smile on her face

Hikari: Of course!

Miki and the others raise their heads

Miki: Really?!

Hikari: * happy * yes!

Kazuto: ufff I was so nervous.

Soya: Yeah me too...

Ryo: (Finally she accepted us!) So we're in this together from now on!

All: yes!

Midori: Hikari !!!

**Midori runs and hugs Hikari**

Hikari: * surprised * wha-

Midori: (Finally, after all this years! You'll finally be able to go back towho you used to be!! I'm so relieved !!)

Hikari: M-midori ?!

Midori: *Crying* Thanks Hikari ! T-thank you so much !!

Hikari: M-midori? Hey, why are you crying ?!

Midori: I'm just happy! I'm so happy!!

Hikari: Gezz I never thought you were such a crybaby.

Midori: hahaha yeah sorry.

While the group was talking and smiling, Keita goes to them.

Keita: Huh? Why do I feel like I've missed something?

Midori: Keita! We're all friends now! It's amazing right?

Keita: Yes...

Midori: Hey are you ok?

Keita: yeah... I.. I hope you have one more place for me?

Midori: Oh you silly, of course there are!

Everybody laugh

Miki: Well we have to go ...

Midori: Right, see you tomorrow!

Yui: Hikari see you soon!

Hikari: * smiles * yes!

Miki, Kazuto, Yui and Soya wave as they go away

Ryo: Hikari, can I walk you home?

Hikari: *nods*

Keita: Hey should we go with them?

Midori: No, let's leave them alone. Well we are going too, see you tomorrow.

Ryo: Yes.

Midori and Keita leave

Ryo: Shall we?

Hikari: *nods*

They walk silently and Hikari sighs.

Ryo: You look tired ...

Hikari: More or less ... a lot happened today

Ryo: I think so.

Hikari: I think this is the first time I've talked to so many people

Ryo: Really?

Hikari: Yes .... but I'm glad I did.

Ryo: Are you happy?

Hikari: Yes ... I feel a weight was lifted off my shoulders.

Ryo looks at Hikari as she spoke with a smile on her face.

Hikari: You know ... I was a bit surprised to know that there are people who wanted to be close to me ...

Ryo: yes ...

Hikari: heh today was a fun day.

Ryo: You're right.

Hikari: Here we are. Thank you for accompanying me * smiles *

Ryo: (heh that's a pretty smile) no problem.

Hikari: Well, see you tomorrow.

Ryo: See you tomorrow!

Ryo waves his hand and Hikari enters the building.

Ryo: (she's really happy ... I hope things get better from now on ...) * smiles * I'd better go home.

Neither of them had any idea, but their lives will be greatly affected by something that will happen soon

{To be continued}


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