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The Locked Heart

This story is about a lonely girl called Hikari. She doesn't like to get too close to people. Come and find out why.

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Putting an end to evil

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The next morning Ryo was asleep when he heard his cell phone ring

Ryo: H-huh?

He gets up and sleepily walks to the living room where he left his cell phone.

Ryo: * yawn * who is it?

**He picks up the cell phone and when he looks at the name on the screen he gets surprised**

Ryo: Wha! Did something happen?

**He picks up the phone quickly.**

?: Katsuya Ryo ?

Ryo: Y-yes!

?: I'm sorry if I woke you up

Ryo: Ah no it's fine sir ... did something happen?

?: Yes ... but I wanted to talk to you in person about this ...

Ryo: in person ?

Sr Yazuken: Yes ... could you come here right now? I'm already at school.

Ryo: Oh!

Ryo looks at his watch on his cell phone and sees that it's about an hour before classes start

Sr. Yazuken: It's about yesterday.

Ryo: (Yesterday? Could it be?) Ah yes! I'm going to get ready and I'll be there in a minute!

Sr. Yazuken: Thank you, I'll be waiting.

An hour later, Hikari is at school in front of her locker. She takes out a plastic bag from inside her backpack.

Hikari: (I should put the letters inside this...)

She sighs and opens the door quickly.

Hikari: ???

Inside Hikari's locker there was only one letter

Hikari: What? (This is the first time that something like this happens ...)

** Hikari frowns in confusion **

Hikari: This letter seems to be different from the other ...

She takes the letter and reads

Hikari: * wide her eyes * wha !! From the Principal ?!

Hikari looks sideways

Hikari: (what? why would he send me a letter ?!)

Hikari opens the letter slowly

"Dear Hikari, good morning. I hope you have not thrown away this letter as you did with the others. "

Hikari: !! (how does he know?)

"We have something very important to discuss. I'd like you to go to my office as soon as you finish reading this letter, I'm waiting. " – Sr. Yazuken

Hikari: What's going on?

Hikari change her shoes and heads for the Principal's room.

Hikari: Well here we are ...

Hikari knocks on the door.

Sr. Yazuken: Come in.

Hikari opens the door.

Hikari: Excuse me.

Sr. Yazuken: * smiles * Hikari it's been a long time since you last visit me.

Hikari: well ... I think so ...

Sr. Yazuken: Please take a seat.

Hikari: What? B-but ...

Sr. Yazuken: Don't worry, I'll be brief.

Hikari approaches the table and sits in the chair in front of the Principal.

Sr. Yazuken: Hikari .... how long have you received this kind of thing?

**He asks as he puts several letters on the table**

Hikari: * surprised * Wha- this is!

Sr. Yazuken: The letters that were meant to be in your locker...

Hikari: H-how did you get them ?

Sr. Yazuken: I didn't break your locker, or something like that so don't worry. All I had to do was get the letters before they were put into the locker.

Hikari: ....

Sr. Yazuken: Hikari ... your answer?

Hikari: it's been a while ...

Sr. Yazuken: More or less?

Hikari: Two years after I got here.

Sr. Yazuken: Then about nine years?

Hikari: * nods *

Sr. Yazuken: Why did you never tell me anything?

Hikari: *looks away* ....

Sr. Yazuken: Hikari, I need you to tell me the truth.

Hikari: At first ... I was scared.

Sr. Yazuken: Scared?

Hikari: *nods* W-what if these people came after me?! W-what if they hit me? I was just a child back then!! could I defend myself?!!

**Hikari lowers her head.**

Hikari: H-how would I deal with all this alone ?!!!

Sr. Yazuken: (This is bad!) H-Hikari calm down!

Hikari begins shake

Hikari: *screaming* I had no one to tell what was happenung with me! I did not have a person to defend me! I didn't ... I don't have a family! My father is gone and my mother! How c- !

Sr. Yazuken: *screams* Hikari!!

**Sr. Yazuken get up quickly, walks to Hikari and hugs her**

Hikari: !!!

Sr. Yazuken: * hugging Hikari * You could have told me! I was right here !! Why didn't you came to me?!

Hikari: !!!

Sr. Yazuken: I don't say this because I'm your grandmother's friend and not because I know your mother! I say this because I saw you growing up, I consider you as a member of my family! I see you as my granddaughter! I wish you had told me!!

Hikari: (I didn't know you felt this way ...) Sorry ... I thought that if l told would be a bother ... i am sorry.

**He let go of Hikari and looks at her.**

Sr. Yazuken: Did you read these letters?

Hikari: In the beginning i did ... but after I saw that it was always the same things I stopped reading ...

Sr. Yazuken: I see.

He goes back to his chair.

Hikari: But how did you know that? How did you know about the letters and that they were for me ?

Sr. Yazuken: Ah that was thanks to those two.

**He speaks as he looks into the back of the room with a smile on his face.**

Hikari: huh?

Hikari turns and looks back.

At the back of the room were two people standing on either side of the door. Midori was on the left side and Ryo on the right.

Hikari: * surprised * Y-you guys!

Ryo: Yo!

Hikari: * nervous * Wait ...since when are you there?

Ryo: heh from the start.

Hikari: (No way!) Wha!

Sr. Yazuken: Midori, Ryo come here.

Midori: Yes sir.

Hikari looks at them.

Hikari: *confused* What's going on?

Sr. Yazuken: Can you explain?

Midori nods

Midori: Hikari ... it all started when we saw you pick up the letters.

Ryo: We thought something was wrong. Without you see we can get one of those letters.

Midori: When we read what was written ... we decided to show it to the Principal.

Hikari: So that's what happened ...

Sr. Yazuken: if it had not been for them, I would never have discovered it.

Ryo: Did you find out who did this?

Sr. Yazuken: Yes, it was a group of 7 people. Three girls who were the "leader" of the group were from the class next to yours and the other 4 were from your class.

Midori: (This many) ...

Sr. Yazuken: I met the 3 when they were about to put the letters in Hikari's locker. After we talked they ended up denouncing the other 4.

Ryo: What happened to them?

Sr. Yazuken: They are banned from this school.

Hikari: What ?!

Ryo: Sorry Hikari but I think they deserved it

Sr. Yazuken: What they wrote is totally cruel and it is my duty as a director to protect the integrity of my students, especially now that I have learned that you receive these letters for more than 5 years.

Hikari: ....

**Midori takes Hikari's right hand **

Midori: Hikari ...

Hikari: * surprised * Wha- Midori! Why are you crying!?

**Midori hugs her**

Midori: * crying * Hikari i'm sorry! I ... I didn't notice anything! For all those years I left you alone! I'm so sorry!!

Hikari: (Midori ...) it's not your fault ... heh stop crying, you're really a baby.

**Hikari pats Midori's back**

Midori: I'm sorry, I'm going to stop ... just give me a second

Midori let go of Hikari

Sr. Yazuken: You have good friends Hikari, they did everything to help you.

Hikari looks at Midori and Ryo.

Hikari: (These two really are...) Midori!

Midori: * nervous * Y-yes!

Hikari: Ka-no Ryo!

Ryo: * nervous * (The first time she speaks my name ... but she has a scary face ...) Y-yes!

Hikari: You guys are really something. You nose into a problem that had nothing to do with you... not to mention that you took my things without my permission ...

Sr. Yazuken: (Are not you being a little too hard on them?) Hi..Hikari?

Hikari: Am I wrong?

**Ryo and Midori lower their heads.**

Ryo: We're sorry! Are... are you angry?

Hikari: I'm...

Midori: huh ?! But Hika-

**Hikari interrupts Midori.**

Hikari: grateful.

Ryo: Eh?

Surprised Ryo and Midori look at Hikari

Hikari: I know you did this because you were worried, I was not strong enough to make it stop ... so I just started ignoring. Even pretending not to mind it ... that bothered me a lot. "What did I do to these people anyway?" I planned to continue suffering in silence by the end of this year, but you took a great weight off my back. Thanks to you guys I can come every day without bothering to find these letters anymore! I'm glad you cared about me.

**Hikari bows to both**

Ryo and Midori: !!!

Hikari: I'll remember that forever, really thank you!

{To be continued}


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