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The Locked Heart

This story is about a lonely girl called Hikari. She doesn't like to get too close to people. Come and find out why.

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Change of plans

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In his house Ryo is lying on the bed and looking at the ceiling

Ryo: * sighs * I let my guard down and she ended up seeing what I always wanted to hide from everyone ....

He closes his eyes.

Ryo: What will I do now?

*He laughs but his face shows a deep sadness.*

Ryo: There's no way i could meet Hikari after what happened.

*He opens his eyes.*

Ryo: Of course I don’t blame her. I'd be scared too if I saw that.

Ryo: (I'm sorry Hikari, but what you've seen will always be there ... it's something that can not be erased anymore)

**He gets up goes to the living room and picks up his cell phone.**

Ryo: I'd better not go after all.

At the home of Miki and Kazuto prepare to dine with their parents.

Kazuto: Wow !! Spaghetti ?

Their mother: it's your favorite, isn’t it? I made it especially for you * smiles *

Kazuto: Wow, Mom, you're the best !!

Miki: H-hey it's not fair!

Kazuto: hehe, are you envious?

Miki: S-shut up!

Their father: Hey don’t fight !

Their mother: Miki tomorrow I’ll make your favorite food ok?

Miki: Really? Yay !

Kazuto: tsk (I didn’t have time to brag) Oh!

Suddenly they hear a noise

Their father: what is this?

Miki: a cell phone?

Kazuto: eh? I think it's mine.

Their mother: Be quick we are about to dinner.

Kazuto: Ah but I can call the person later after we eat.

Miki: Hey just go at once!

Their father: Miki is right, maybe it's something important.

Kazuto: ahhh ~ okay.

**He gets up and goes upstairs.**

Entering his room he goes to the bed where his cell phone is

Kazuto: * sighs * (I really hope it's important to disturb my dinner) ...

He picks up his cell phone and when he sees the name on the screen he wides his eyes

Kazuto: oh! Ryo kun? (what a surprise, he rarely calls me!)

**He answers the cell phone.**

Kazuto: Oh Ryo kun!

Ryo /cell phone: Yo errr am I bothering you? I can call later!

Kazuto: Don’t worry, don’t worry! So do you want something?

Ryo /cell phone:.....

Kazuto: hey Ryo.... something wrong? You can tell me dude, I'm all ears.

Ryo /cell phone:: errr well about the class trip ....

Kazuto: Oh that !! Are you as anxious as me ?!

Ryo /cell phone:: actuall-

Kazuto: We already went to buy some things, like snacks and stuff! Haha Oh maybe we should buy a tent too! Oh wait I forgot we're going to a beach house! Hahaha!

Ryo /cell phone: Ka-

Kazuto: Oh and tomorrow I'll pack, we don’t have much time after all!

Ryo /cell phone: ....

**Miki goes to the bedroom and opens the door.**

Miki: (Hurry up!!) Hey Ka-

Kazuto: This is going to be the first time we go out with so many people! You know it was always me, Miki, Soya and Yui, but now we will have you, Midori and Hikari to come with us too.

Miki: (Huh? Ryo kun?) Hey, give me a minute!

**She takes Kazuto's cell phone.**

Kazuto: Hey! I've not finished yet!!

Miki: Yo Ryo kun!

Ryo /cell phone: Miki san...

Miki: Heh don’t need to say “san” ...

Ryo /cell phone: O-ok

Miki: But you were talking about the trip, right ? I think it will be great! I talked to Midori earlier ! She said she's also super excited because this is going to be the first time Hikari is going! She wants Hikari to have a lot of fun! I think we can help her right?

Ryo /cell phone: .....

Miki: Ryo kun, are you there?

Ryo /cell phone: ah yes, I spaced out a little sorry...

Miki: heh no problem ... but you agree it's a good idea, right?

Ryo /cell phone: Y-yes.

Kazuto: Hey, give it back!

**Kazuto takes his cell phone again**

Miki: Hey! You are so ill-mannered!

Kazuto: Look who's talking! You got my cell phone when I was using it !!

Ryo /cell phone: h-hey don’t fight guys!

Miki: Whatever I already said what I wanted to.

Miki: * shouts * Ryo kun see you in the class trip day!

Kazuto: Uaah so loud!

Miki: Tsk look you better hurry or I'll eat all the food!

Kazuto: Don’t you dare!

**Miki leaves the room**

Kazuto: * sigh * I’m sorry Ryo you know how it is... sisters are ... heh well

Ryo /cell phone: heh believe me, I know.

Kazuto: So what did you want to talk about? I just noticed that I didn’t let you talk yet hahaha sorry. It was something about the trip, isn’t it? Is there any problem?

Ryo /cell phone: ... no ... I was just going to say that I'm anxious too! That’s all...

Kazuto: Heh seriously? Nice! See you on the day of your trip!

Ryo /cell phone: yeah see ya.

**Kazuto hangs up the phone**

Ryo looks at the phone in his hand and sighs

Ryo: how can I say that I wouldn’t go.... after hearing all this?

The next day Hikari is in front of the computer

Hikari: Is that too silly?

This is the first time she goes on a class trip she decided to look on the internet about what to bring.

Hikari: (I have no idea what to bring !!) This is very difficult !!

**She puts her head on the table.**

Hikari: ahhh ~ what do I do now?

Suddenly someone rings the doorbell

Hikari: huh? Who can it be?

**Hikari opens the door**

Hikari: *surprised* Midori!

Midori: Yo!

Hikari: What are you doing here?

Midori: Well this is your first trip! I thought you would need help.

Hikari: (You hit the nail on the head.!) I ... I do not!

Midori: So you've packed everything?

Hikari: ....

Midori: no, right?

Hikari: I'm lost.

Midori: I knew it! But don’t worry! The super travel expert Midori came to rescue you!

Hikari: What is it? “super travel expert” ? You don’t travel that much, am I wrong?

Midori: hehe you're right, but quality is better than quantity!

Hikari: This doesn’t make any sense...

Midori: Forget it, we have more important things to do!

Midori enters Hikari's apartment

Hikari: (You have not changed anything ...)

Midori: ohhh so that’s your apartment.

She looks around

Midori: It's just like you.

Hikari: (what does that mean?)

Midori: Your room must be that one, let's look at your clothes!

Hikari:  eh what ?!

Midori runs to Hikari's bedroom and opens her wardrobe.

Hikari: *runs* H-hey! Don’t open without my permission!

Midori: Hikari your clothes are simple...

Hikari: E-excuse me?

Midori: Oh I don’t want to be mean!

Hikari: Look, I think you'd better g-

**Midori takes some clothes and puts them on the bed.**

Hikari: (What is she doing?) Midori, are you listening to me ?

After having chosen the clothes Midori nods with satisfaction

Midori: those are good.

Hikari: What?

Midori: Hey wear this, we're going shopping.!

Hikari: Huh? What? Just like that... all of a sudden ?!

Midori: yup

Hikari: I don’t want to!

Midori: You don’t have suitable clothes for the trip! How are you going to solve this ?

Hikari: W-well that...

Midori: We're going to buy bikinis! It will be super cool!

Hikari: Bi-bikinis ?! (I'll never wear those things !!)

Midori: Yup now hurry up you have 5 minutes!

Hikari: Just out of curiosity ... do I have a choice to refuse?

Midori: No.

After a while Midori manages to drag Hikari out of the apartment. There was a black car waiting for them, Keita was in the driver's side.

Midori: Sorry for the delay Keita! I had to persuade her to come with us.

Keita: Ah no problem! (I'm more surprised that you succeeded! You are amazing Midori!)

Hikari: G-good afternoon.

Keita: Good afternoon Hikari san.

Midori enters the passenger side and Hikari got in the back

Midori: Now to our next target!

Hikari: Huh?

Keita: Hey Hikari.... I heard that Ryo lives near here. Do you know where it is?

Hikari: Wha- Ryo? So when you say next target...

Midori: We'll take him with us, of course!

Hikari: ehhh? But!

Midori: Hikari I'm doing this for your good.

Hikari: What do you mean?

Midori: You need company! You never know what could happen!

Hikari: ???

Midori: what if.... this turns into a date?

Hikari: D-date ? (Is there such a possibility?!)

Midori turns and looks at Hikari who is sitting in the back.

Midori: You got it, right? We can get like lovey dovey and you will be like a third wheel.

Keita: * nervous * H-hey don’t say these things like that !!

Hikari: * blush * !!

Midori: What's the problem? It is a possibility after all

Hikari: I'd better not go then !!

**Hikari tries to open the ccar door**

Midori: Keita, let's go!

Hikari: wahh

Before she could take off her seat belt, the car accelerates.

Hikari: Hey Keita kun!

Keita: Sorry Hikari san but I had to do this ...

Midori: Hey Hikari where he lives? You know, right? Because you came that day...

Hikari: ....

Midori: * sighs * You know I will not give up so easy right? You better surrender.

Hikari: (This girl can be scary) He lives right there.

**Hikari says as she points to a building ahead of them**

Midori: Oh so it's really close!

Keita stops the car in front of the building where Ryo lives

Midori: Ok Hikari go and bring him!

Hikari: Me? !!

Midori: Of course! Go Go !

Hikari: * sighs * ( meet him...after what happened yesterday)

Hikari takes off the seat belt and gets out of the car.

Midori: Oh and don’t forget to tell him that if he doesn’t come, I'll get him myself! “No” it’s not an option.

Hikari: (this girl really is!)

Hikari enters the building

Keita: (That sounded like a threat!) Are not you exaggerating a bit?

Midori: Everything's going to be okay~ don’t worry, don’t worry~

Keita: (I really hope so!)

Ryo was sleeping on the sofa when he heard the doorbell

Ryo: Huh? (what was this?)

The doorbell rings again.

Ryo: Who will it be? Maybe it's the doorman ...

**He gets up and sleepily goes to the door. He doesn’t look at the camera and opens the door.**

Hikari: (I didn’t think he would open it!) oh!

Ryo: * half sleeping * Y-yes, doorman...

Hikari: (eh? he wears glasses at home? I didn’t know he had bad sight) errrr it’s me...

**Ryo wakes up suddenly**

Ryo: Wha Hikari san? !! (What? Why?)

Hikari: H-hello...

Ryo: !!!

**Ryo panics and closes door**

Hikari: Wha- !! (that was not nice !!)

Ryo: (I can’t believe she saw me like this !!! Pajamas and my hair must be a mess !!!)

Ryo starts to panic

Ryo: (Wait a moment .... I closed the door in her face !!! I can’t believe it! Ryo, you idiot!)

**Ryo he opens the door a little and looks through it**

Ryo: * in panic * So-so-sorry Hikari san !! I didn’t mean to do this! You caught me by surprise!

Hikari: (is he hiding?) Ah i’m sorry

Ryo: * nervous * It-it’s alright! But what are you doing here? Did something happen? H-How can I help you?

Hikari: well how should I explain...

Ryo: (ahhhh I'm so embarrassed that I could die!) what’s the problem?

Hikari: Ah no ... Midori actually sent me to pick you up

Ryo: * confused * what?

Hikari: She...she said we should go shopping because of the trip.... so she thinks we should go together.

Ryo: Ah this.. but I think I don’t need to buy anything (Not to mention my money is almost over !!)

Hikari: I see ... but I think you should come anyway...

Ryo: Huh?

Hikari: * blush * Midori! Midori said that if you don’t come she'll come and pick you up !!

Ryo: Is she outside?

Hikari: Yes with Keita, they're waiting outside. She'll probably drag you to the car

Ryo: Would she do something like that?

Hikari: She did this to me.

Ryo: (really?) So I better get ready...

Hikari: I'll wait at building concierge

Ryo: O-ok

**Hikari leaves and Ryo closes the door**

Ryo: * sigh * She seems to be acting normal ... maybe I should act the same way. This is going to be difficult.





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