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PASIG: Unbound

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WARNING: These issues are meant for readers of the now defunct Culture Crash Comics, which ended its run at Issue 15. PASIG continues in comic-zine format and starts where Culture Crash Comics left off. It may not appeal to all readers as you may not be able to relate to events and or characters in the comic.

PASIG is a post-apocalyptic, action drama set in the ruins of a war-torn, future Philippines. It follows the adventures of Dante, an escaped warrior-slave and Mina, a Bounty Hunter on a quest for the truth.


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Lee Malvecino

Ituloy tuloy na yan!! Sna mabuhay din ulit ang One Day Isang Diwa...

ponad 2 lata temu
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Merko Verzosa

Subrang astig!

3 miesiące temu