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The Locked Heart

This story is about a lonely girl called Hikari. She doesn't like to get too close to people. Come and find out why.

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A new side

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Hikari is waiting at the concierge when the doorman speaks to her

Doorman: How can I help you, miss?

Hikari: Oh, are you talking to me?

Doorman: * smiles * yes, you've been standing there for a while, so I thought you needed help.

Hikari: (I must be acting suspicious) ah no ... I'm just waiting for someone ...

Doorman: Ah yes ... your boyfriend?

Hikari: Huh ???

Doorman: eh really? Oh, I'm very good at guessing things.

Hikari: No sir ... I...I am not waiting for someone like this

The doorman tilts his head in confusion.

Hikari: S...something wrong?

Doorman: no ... I just think I know you from somewhere ...

Hikari: eh?

Doorman: Actually I'm sure I've seen you before ....

Hikari: Well I ...

Doorman: Ah, I know! You came that day to bring something to.... someone?

He puts his hand on his chin and thinks for a while.

Doorman: Who was it for? Hmmm

Ryo goes to them.

Ryo: *out of breath* So...sorry for the delay!

Hikari: Oh no problem, I didn't have to wait too long.

Doorman: Ah that's right! Now I remember !! It was for Ryo (she looks so different that I barely recognized her...)

Ryo: Oh, Doorman... did I mess something up? (Were they talking?)

Doorman: no no we were just having a chat

Ryo: I see... (this is a rare thing)

Hikari: We'd better go or Midori will come and get us.

Ryo: Yeah, well doorman we are going now.

Hikari: * bows *

They start to leave when suddenly they hear the doorman shout

Doorman: Have a nice date !

Ryo: * blush * wha- !! (what was this?!)

Hikari: * blush * da-! (that's not it!!)

They hurry and get in the car.

Midori: Yo Ry-

Midori turns around and sees that Ryo and Hikari are blushing

Midori: Oho what's up guys? Did something good happen?

Ryo and Hikari: wha- !!

Keita: Midori stop teasing them.

Midori: Gezz, I bet you're curious to know what happened too.

Keita: *nervous* I....I am not!

Ryo: * nervous * Nothing happened!

Hikari: T-That's right!

Midori: ehhh? How boring~

Keita: Should we just go at once?

Midori: okay okay~

Ryo: Can I ask where we're going?

Keita: You know about the new mall that opened right?

Midori: We're going there!

Ryo: Hmm, I see.... well i guess it will be really fun!

Midori: See Hikari you should learn from him!

Hikari: Stop nagging me please...

Midori: Ok but only for now.

Hikari: I really appreciate it.

Ryo: heh (they really get along)

After a few minutes they arrive at the mall

Midori: Ok now boys to one side , girls to the other!

Ryo: Huh?

Keita: What?

Midori: You and Ryo, Hikari and me simple like that.

Midori grabs Hikari's arm.

Midori: we'll meet you here in two hours, have fun guys!

They walk away

Ryo: It's just me who feels like I've been left behind?

Keita: I feel the same .... so what will we do?

Ryo: I have no idea, I don't need to buy anything.

Keita: Neither do I.

Ryo: Huh? Are you going on the trip too?

Keita: * nods * I got a few days off work and the Principal was kind enough to let me go with you ... it's been a while since I graduated but he said it was ok.

Ryo: I see...

Keita: Hey let's just walk around until they come back?

Ryo: yeah sounds good.

Meanwhile Midori drags Hikari to the shops

Midori: Come on Hikari, today we're going to have fun !!

Hikari: (I think you'll have fun for both of us...)

Two hours later, Midori and Hikari go to the place where they agreed to meet, but two unknown guys got in their way.

Midori: huh?

Guy 1: hello girls ~

Guy 2: What are you doing here alone?

Hikari: (what's going on here?) ....

Midori: (Really? Is it really happening!!) Oh!

One of them goes to Hikari's side and the other one to Midori's side.

Midori: (This doesn't look good)

Meanwhile Ryo sees what was happening from far

Ryo: (what's going on there?) Huh? Midori and Hikari?

Keita: Huh? Did you say something?

Ryo: H-hey keita kun ... there's something wrong there.

Keita turns and looks in the direction where Ryo is looking.

Keita: There is definitely something wrong! Let's go!

Ryo: Roger that!

They walk quickly to them

Guy 1: How about we two keep you company?

The Guy 2 puts his hand on hikari's shoulder and pulls her close

Hikari: (what's wrong with this guy?) !!

Guy 2: Yes, you should you be feeling lonely... right?

Guy 1: Yes, here let me help you.

He tries to take the bags from Midori's hand but she doesn't let it go.

Midori: No , I can do this alone.

**Hikari pushes the other guy away**

Hikari: * angry * W-what do you think you're doing? Don't touch me !

Guy 2: Wow, you look even more beautiful when you are angry.

He starts to get closer and Hikari takes a step back

Midori: Hikari !!

Hikari: !!!

Guy 2: Hikari? So that's your name? Heh it's cute.

Midori tries to help but the other guy stays in her way

Guy 1: hey sweetie let them ~ What about we-

Suddenly Keita appears and hugs Midori.

Midori: K-Keita!

Keita: Any problem buddy?

Guy 1: (so she was not alone after all) tsk no... nothing

He walks away leaving his friend behind

Keita: Are you okay?

Midori: yes ...

Meanwhile Hikari begins to panic

Hikari: What are you doing? Don't come any closer!

Guy 2: Hikari ... you have a mysterious beauty ... you are exactly my type ...

Midori: Keita we should do something!

Keita: no let he solve this...

Midori: huh?

Guy 2: why don't you let me see your face more closely?

He reaches out and tries to touch Hikari's face.

Hikari: (I can not move! This wayhe will !!)

Suddenly a person gets between them

Ryo: Can I help you?

Hikari: (He? How?!) R-Ryo kun?

Guy 2: Hey can't you see you're in the way? Leave.

Ryo: *angry* No, you get lost!

Hikari: !!!

Guy 2: what?

Ryo: Don't you see that you are bothering her?

Guy 2: huh? What are you talking about, we were just talking ...

Ryo: It didn't look like this to me.

Guy 2: Not my problem. Let's go!

He tries to grab Hikari's hand but Ryo grabs his wrist.

Ryo: *glaring* Hey! What do you think you're doing? Hands off !

Ryo starts to squeeze the guy's wrist

Guy 2: *nervous* W-what are you doing? Let me go! That hurts !

Ryo: *glaring* Oh~ does it ?

Guy 2: (what's wrong with him?!) Alright alright I got it, i will leave her alone! Now let me go!

**Ryo let go of his wrist.**

Ryo: Now get out of here, I don't want to see your face.

The guy runs off without looking back

**Ryo turns and looks at Hikari who is clearly surprised**

Ryo: Hikari, are you okay? Did he hurt you?

**Worried Ryo takes Hikari's hand**

Hikari: *surprised* I...I'm fine...

Ryo: Are you sure ?

Hikari: * nods *

Ryo: * Sigh* I'm glad I arrived on time.

Hikari: Thank you for helping me...

Ryo: You're welcome * smile *

Midori: Wow Ryo kun i never thought you could do this!

Ryo and Hikari: !!!

**As soon as Ryo hears this he let go of Hikari's hand**

Keita: Yeah, so scary.

Ryo: * nervous * Ah I didn- ... that was not-

Midori: heh jealous?

Ryo: * blush * wha-!!

Hikari: * blush * !!!

**Ryo starts to panic**

Ryo: was not that! I just saw it and ... H-hey Keita kun help me!

Keita: Eh? But I also think it was jealousy...

Ryo: wha- you guys are!

**He covers his face with both hands.**

Keita: (heh poor ryo) Ok ok ! Hey did you two have fun?

Midori: yes!

Midori talks while lifting the bags

Keita: Wow this much...

Midori: Yes~ but most of them are for Hikari, she really needed it...

Hikari: I'm tired ...

Ryo: hahaha I can see

Midori: Hey, it's too early~ Let's see a movie!

Hikari: Huh?

Keita: I think it's a good idea!

Ryo: (these two have a lot of energy!)

Midori: Can you take these bags to the car? We're both going to buy the tickets!

Keita: Shouldn't we go together? After what happened to leave you alone ...

Midori: hehe don't worry, that will not happen so soon, because you guys gave them a lesson! Oh not to mention that there will be other people in line so we will not be alone.

Keita: Ok fine, we'll be quick.

Ryo picks up the bags Hikari was holding

Hikari: S-sorry for the trouble...

Ryo: Heh it's okay.

Keita: See you soon

They leave and the girls go to buy the tickets

Midori: We're lucky, there is not so many people...

Hikari: *nods*

While waiting in line they hear someone calling

?: Midori !!

Midori: (someone i know?) huh?

Hikari: (That voice !! It can only be !!)

A blond, green-eyed woman approaches them

Midori: M-mother?

Upon hearing what Midori said Hikari's face turns pale she begins to sweat cold.

Hikari: ( can't be! Why? why?!! I ... no no no !!)

Midori: What is she doing here? Do you have any idea Hi-

**Midori turns around but Hikari has disappeared**

Midori: Huh? Hikari? Where did she go ?!

Meanwhile Ryo and Keita were coming back from the parking lot.

Ryo: Do you think they already bought the tickets?

Keita: I think so.

Ryo: I hope it's a good movie...

Keita: yeah i think we should have chosen...

Ryo: wha!!

Ryo saw something that made him freeze.

Ryo: (Is that.... Hikari ?! Why? What's happening ?!)

He sees Hikari running while dodging the people

Ryo: (it's really her !!)

Keita: Hey! What happened, Ryo? Are you okay?

Ryo: Sorry Keita, go without me!

Keita: wha- !!

Ryo runs and goes to the direction where he saw Hikari going

Keita: * confused * Wha-!! what's wrong with him ?!



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