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PART ONE Yuki "The love i felt for him was a love i will never forget" Shiro "Even when he is gone she still chooses him" Rena "He choose her until his last breath" Toyonobu "She will never forget him, even if he caused her a great pain"

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Mitsugi Toyonobu

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“Calm down, Rena” i tell Rena.

I turn to look at her. She was mad, no she was jealous. I knew her too well to know that this was jealousy.

She had always been jealous of Yuki, we all knew that Kuro liked her.

No Kuro was in love with Yuki, and Yuki felt the same way.

Shiro decided to take his car and drive to Kuros apartment or what used to be his apartment. Me and Rena road my car.

We arrived at Kuros apartment complex and we saw Shiro getting off his car. We headed up to the fourth floor and towards his apartment.

We knocked one time and the door opened.

We hadn't seen Yuki since the hospital. It had been three days, yet she had lost so much weight. She opened the door and we came in.

“How could you take him.” Rena was the first one to say something. “He's not only your friend he's my, no our friend too!”

Yuki didn't say anything and just looked down. I looked around the room and it looked the same but different.

I noticed one picture and there was no more explanations for me.

Ahh so he actually did it. She chosed him and he chosed her.

“Rena stop” i told her.


“Just stop.” i tell her again.

I turn to look at Shiro and i know he knows more. So i wait.

“Why didn't you tell me.” he said and Yuki looks up and she looked ready to cry.

“Why did you marry him?” I looked at Rena and she lookd shoocked she stepped back and sat down on a couch.

I walked towards her but she puts her hand up in the air to stop me.

I looked at Yuki and i saw her hand move.

I saw her ring in her finger.


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