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PART ONE Yuki "The love i felt for him was a love i will never forget" Shiro "Even when he is gone she still chooses him" Rena "He choose her until his last breath" Toyonobu "She will never forget him, even if he caused her a great pain"

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 After Yu left to the house i continued to bake more cakes.

A couple of customers came in but that was it for the day.

 It was almost closing time so the cafe was empty the doors bell ranged.

“Welcome..” i said and looked up and it was someone i had never expected to see.


For some reason he didn't seem surprised.

He knew i was here, how did he find me. Tokyo was big so i never really thought i would run into anyone.

“Yuki” Toyo said to me as he just stand there in front of the door.

“Toyo” i said. “I'm sorry but we’re closing soon, um we open tomorrow from.”

“I'm not here for the coffee Yuki.” he said to me and i look up from the counter.

“I need to talk to you.” i look at him and look down.

“OK, um let me close first.” i tell him. “Please come in.” i tell him.

I walk into the back room and grab my keys from my bag.

I walk back into the cafe and Toyo is sitting in one of the tables.

I walk toward the door and close both locks and turn of the signs and lights. I leave on one of the lights and that is the light wear we were.

I sit down right in front of him. It was quiet for the first few seconds.

“How did you find me?” i ask him

“You know, i never thought you actually were hiding from us. I thought that you couldn't handle his death so you left.” he tells me. “I'm working as a teacher in a high school. And i met this boy” he said and laughed a bit. “He reminded me so much of him.” he didn't have to say anymore i knew exactly what he would say. He had met Yu.

The cafe was quiet neither of us spoke. “Did he know?” he said i looked up at him and i tried not to cry. I look out the window.

“Yes.” i tell him a tear coming down my cheek.

“Mom?” i looked up and i saw Yu looking at me. Toyo turned around and he looked shocked but not as much. When Yu saw my tear he immediately walked towards me.

“Mom! Are you Ok?” he asked me.

“Yu! What are you doing here?” i say to him as i get up and wipe a tear off my cheek

“I said was going to come pick you up” he said and he then stood in front of me and looked at Toyo. “Coach?” toyo smiles and gets up.


“Why are you?” he said and look at him.

“Yu.” i say to him and both of them look at me. “Toyo. I mean. Mitsugi san was a friend of me and your father back when we were in high school.” i tell him at that moment he looked at me.

“Yours and fathers?” Yu ask me.


“Well i wouldn't never had known you and … Kuroo had a son. I found out just yesterday” Toyo says. “Well i think i'll get going know.” he says and gets up. “Well Fujikawa-kun, or can i call you, Yu?” Toyo asks him.

“Sure captain that's fine” Yu says and smiles. “Mom i'll go get your bag from your office kay?”

“Thank you Yu” i say to him and smile.

“I'll walk you to the door” i say to Toyo.

“Don't worry i won't tell anyone about Yu.” Toyo says. I look at him and smile.

 “I'm not really worried if they find out. It's just that. What happened happened, and i'm happy right now. I just… don't want anyone to ruin it.” i say to Toyo. He looks at me and smiles.

“You know i missed you” he says. I smile at him and step back.

“Were you in love with me?” i joke at him. Me and Toyo were always the quiet ones. We got along very well.

“Can i hug you?” he says to me and i smile at him and nod. He steps closer and wraps his arms around me and i hug him back.

“You know when you left, there was no more group of friends anymore.” Toyo says and his grip gets stronger. “His death was a blow but you leaving made it a final split.”

“I'm sorry” i say to him.

“No it's not your fault.” he says to me. “It was all of us. We never gave you a chance to explain.” It was silent for a moment. “It was hard wasn't it?” that's there made me cry.

I hadn't cried in a long time. I never really mentioned Kuro so i never got sad i always tried to think of positive things. I always tried to keep my mind occupied, but today all of that was gone.

“Mmm” i say to him. And we hug for a couples of seconds until we both let go.


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