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PART ONE Yuki "The love i felt for him was a love i will never forget" Shiro "Even when he is gone she still chooses him" Rena "He choose her until his last breath" Toyonobu "She will never forget him, even if he caused her a great pain"

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Mitsugi Toyonobu

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Sakura (waiter)

 “Hey!” i say to Yuki who was making a coffee.

She standed behind the register, she had her hair in a ponytail and she had a white apron on.

“Hi” she says to me and smiles.

Yuki and i didn't really talk much when we were in our group, we were the quiet ones. But to be honest i got along more with her than with Rena, who i was in love with.

“What are you doing here?” she said as she grabbed a cup from behind her, and poured the coffee into the cup. “Sakura can you take this to table three please.” she asked the other girl who was cleaning a table, she nodded and grabbed the tray and took it.

“Nothing i just felt like drinking coffee.” i say to her.

“Really?” she asked me as she smiled. “Well what can i get for you?” she asked me and she walked towards the cash register.

“Well i would like.” i say and look up at the menu. “An Espresso”

“Ok. Small, medium, or large?”

“Mm medium.”

“For here or to go?”

“Here” i say to her and she smiles.

"Anything else?”

“Yeah banana nut muffin”

“Ok i'll have it ready any second" she says and she starts getting things ready.

I decide to walk to a table in the near back. I sit down and set my stuff in the chair next to me. I never thought that i would see her again. After she had left to the states, everyone wouldn't talk to anyone. Rena talked to me but she was more busy with her acting and modeling. Shiro barely talked to me, he was going to college and getting ready to take over as the CEO. We barely got along. Last time i had seen Shiro was when he got married.

“Here's your Espresso, and your banana nut muffin” i looked up and Yuki was placing them on the table. Once she placed them she sat down across from me.

“May i sit?” she asks me.

“Yeah of course” i say to her.

This was the first time i had actually looked at her. She was still the same Yuki from high school, she still had the same long brown hair, and green eyes. She had aged in a good way, making her child like face more mature and older. She had smile lines know but other than that she was still pretty young looking.

“So have you seen them?” Yuki ask i look at her. I look down at my coffee and pick it up and drink some slowly.

“No” i say to her. I grab fork and cut a piece of muffin off. “I haven't talked to Shiro, since his wedding, and Rena refuses to see me.” i say to her i eat some of the muffin, and it's warm and soft, it's good.

“I see.” she says. “They still hate me?” she asked. I look up at her and her face has hint of pain.

“No they don't hate you, they never did.” i assure her.


“No, buts it's just that we were hurt that neither of you told us anything.” i say to her. She looks up at me.

“We wanted to tell you, we wanted to get together and talk about it but it was too late to do so.” she says as she starts to play with her hands.

“Were you?”

“Yes we were”

“Well if you were than it's fine.” i say to her and drink more coffee “well i can't speak for them, but i was never mad at you, i actually agreed with your decision” i confess to her.

“You what?” she asks.

“I agreed with your and Kuros decision” i say to her. “I never thought you had  to explain anything to us. You and Kuro choosed to do that, that was your decision and no one else. No one has the right to tell you otherwise.”

She sits there looking at me, she smiles and a tear comes down her cheek. “Thank you” she says and wipes a tear away. “Sorry it's just that i never thought i would see any of you guys again i thought i would die without seeing you guys again” I smile at her and reach out to touch her hand, i probably should have never done that. Without me knowing i started to open a door which was going to hurt me and everyone else. If i would have ever known that that would happen i would have never made that choice but i did.


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