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Angel of Hope

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Language: English
Safe for children
Translations: French (1), Polish (1)


After the Demon king was Death the war was begin. Somany human, elf, demons and angels die in this war. One Angelwhos name Akrial make end to the war. But this she need to pay her life. 100 years past but the blaces is not going back the world. The Angels disapierd the Elfs extinct only some Humas still alive and the have problems the so many demons. But one day appear one gilr Her name is Rena she loking for The Angels History. Dont know why but the peoples dont speak the last 100 years ago hapend war. And they dont speak for Angels. This is strages toRena so she going around the wolrd and looking for one book its be just the legend. Her Adventure meet one mistery boys his name is Seraphe and so many Strages Adventire hapend to her. Will be find the book? And What sbe happend 100 years ago?


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