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Reenave is a mangaka, who loves cats, videogames, jrock, all things related to Japan and of course manga and anime.

She is drawing since 9 years old, and almost all her knowledge about drawing has been by self taught. She studied one year of traditional animation too.

She speaks Spanish and English in a conversational level.

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Posted humigit-kumulang 3 taon ago.
Thumb gersiel poses

I´ve been uploading some rewards for my supporters in Patreon and preparing the next chapter to share here. I expect to have it ready soon. Sometimes i would like to have all my time available to dedicate only to drawing and make manga XDD

Well, here you have the last drawing done for my supporters in Patreon ^^- Wish you like it!

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Posted higit 3 taon ago.
Thumb gersiel y mitharael

Hi, hi! ♫
I´m new here!!! Nice to meet you!! :3
I wish we can share a lot! I enjoy reading the comments of the readers of the series so don´t be shy to let me know which is your favorite serie or your favorite characters (and of course which is not your favorite too! XD )

Since this is the first post i don´t know what to talk about it right now, but i will be sharing more ^^

Here is an illustration of two of the characters of the serie "Angel Guardian": Gersiel (the angel with orange hair) and Mitharael. You will know more about them through the serie ;)

Have a good day!!! ♥