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Big art summary 2017

Art Summary 2017

Rather late for me to upload it here, but here it is. xD


So yeah here goes my best for each month. For all the whining, complaining, crying, and self-deprecating I did throughout this year, it's funny how I was still able to cough an art per month. I had a quota of 2 arts per month. Although I failed to meet that on 2 months (January and June), I think the stuff I made there were still decent.

As for improvement, I don't really want to be the one saying it so I'll leave it for others to judge. Though, if I were forced to give my opinion about this, I think my style changed from July onwards. And they keep teasing me that my style went to Slut Territory now, claiming my girls are looking more like thots recently ugh.

I sincerely thank my friends for the recognition this year. The fact that they are requesting art from me now is a big compliment for me. Here's hoping for even better arts next year. More OCs, interesting fanarts, and maybe more Riyo style chibis lul.

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ig : @mayonesalpaca

Uwaaa ur artworks looked awesome ! I think u definitely have improved !! I really like the November art (*´꒳`*)

etwa 3 Jahre ago
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@ig_mayonesalpaca Many thanks! I'll do my best to draw better this year.

etwa 3 Jahre ago
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uh-huh :DD I see there is some improvement going on. You definitely got better! I like May, July and November, but July the most *-* It's sooo cute and really looks like a character from a manga. So, I think the style of July and November are good, you should go this way ^^ (if you want, it's just my opinion :P)

etwa 3 Jahre ago