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Big junko x tae

Another Legend Bites The Legend

A professional Showa idol keeps her poise even when there's a LEGEND biting her head.

A very quick art trade with a friend. Was planning to draw Yuugiri at first, but I thought I don't exactly have a bias among them. So I used a random number generator, put in numbers 1 to 7, and draw the zombie that corresponded to the resulting number, which was 4. Thus, we have legendary Showa idol Konno Junko.

Originally just her, but some bad influence told me to add LEGENDARY YAMADA TAE nomming on her head and so I did. I mean why not, right? :D

Man this was fun to draw especially when I was messing around with that fluffy hair of hers. As usual, I'm too lazy to tweak any obvious mistakes so make do with that. Also sorry for the drool for I don't know how to color that. I was rushing it anyway HEHEHE.

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