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The Howling Night - OC Akimura Aki version Halfblood

Hi guys, I'm back with another art.
Yeah A few days ago I've been trying to test out new style of coloring
Still I didn't found it yet
And now I trying to used dark type color
Hopefully it will be match for your eyes
Though through my eyes it seem turn out to be good so yeah (Hopefully it were)

Hope you like it^^

A video will be updated after I finished editing ^^'

Thanks to ArtzyT00L in deviantart for giving me this idea (its a bit challenging because I never draw or color an animal before ^^')

Anime : Original By me
Name : Akimura Aki
Program : Photoshop CS6
Time : 12+/- Hours (excluding BG)
Art Style : Digital Art

And please remember ^^
1.) DO NOT use my art on websites
2.) DO NOT make layouts with my work
3.) DO NOT remove my watermarks and use it

Finally thank you for watching it! (≧∇≦)

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