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Big drinking in the spring breeze

Drinking in the Spring Breeze

Whoa shit. Ran-Ron actually made a full illustration of something--

This mostly started from me wanting to imitate Yasuda Suzuhito's art, whose style quite influenced me. Eventually went fuck it and drew in my own style hehe. At the same time, this was more or less a side and 3/4 view practice. Using these 2 OCs of mine that are actually from a fantasy setting, but I put them in a casual wear instead kek.

Then I got feisty and decided to put a background on it. I'm kinda happy with that tbh. I had fun messing with more brushes again hehe.

But haaaaaaaaaa... This turned out quite nice, isn't it? I'm really satisfied and happy about this despite the imperfections (Yes I noticed errors, but tweaking them was gonna fuck up the drawing so I let them be). Here's hoping for further improvement!!!

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