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Léon's crisis

I drew a scene where Leon was injured.

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Waaaah!! I didn't expected you to draw him so soon! :O You implemented the pose very well! And I really like the despaired expression on his face! It's really good to see them in your style! >w< The whole story looks more serious on your drawings. I really really really like everything on your art! I can feel the ribbon's soft and silky material! Thank You so much again for the fanart! TwT * big hug *

almost 2 years ago
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@okami_haruma I'm glad you like it.(✿╹◡╹)人(╹◡╹✿)♪ I wanted to draw an idea before I forget it, so I finished it right away. “φ(..〃)カキカキ If you stop drawing in the middle, you will gradually lose the desire to draw. o(_ _。)oハァ... It was difficult to draw this pose and to make his body look balanced. But I think it became a good drawing study.

almost 2 years ago