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Short note: 1). This novel is for adults 2). I don't know English very well. I just want to improve it. 3). I'm not a writer. I'm a newbie. Do you really think that you are the master of your fate? What would you say, if I told you that...

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Hollow part 1/16

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Some info from author:


Standing on a manor house’s yard tables were full of meats, bread, cakes, vegetables and other delicious. In dark, glasses bottles, standing in the every part of tables were different kinds of liquids. Dressed in their Sunday best people, bend over plates, tried everything as if this had to be their the Last Supper. Fat and sweet juices from fruits and vegetables flowed down their fingers, messing tablecloths, faces and clothes. They didn’t care. Just from time to time, licking their dirty hands and sloppily wiping their faces they tried to overcome the dirt, but soon they forgot about it, coming back to drinking and eating. And it lasted so, repeated as clockwise traversed clock’s face, until the moment, when rang out sound of hit with fork glass.


“I want to say something.”Said the major-village, staying from the chair and raised his glass.”We all are honour with invitation here. The moment, when we, peasants can drink in the noble house.For Mr Administrator health!” Said he, raising the glass to his mouth and tilting back, in one gulp he emptied content.


“Major-village, priest, dear guest… ” said Administrator. “I’m also privileged yours arrival. I hope that relations between us would be good. We, manufacturers need people like you. Nobility and intelligence talk nonsense, saying that for us only money are important. They cheat you, they suppress you, like they always did. They run away to town, they take a job in our factories and later said that this is evil and meanly.”


Amid guests rang sound of approbation.


“For us descent isn’t important.” Continue Administrator. “In our factory everybody will find something for himself. You will always have bread. “


“But is it safe?” Suddenly from the middle of the table, came silent, low voice.


All eyes rested on a young, gold haired woman that not taking note of full of consternation faces, looked directly, with haughtiness at the man.


“And is soil safe?” Answered Administrator.


“Once, I stepped at the pitchfork.” Said one of peasant.


“And me…” this time said a chubby woman “… cow kicked me so strong that for this day I have a horrible scar.” She brushed aside her hair, showing ugly defect on her forehead.


“You see how it is, Miss…”


“Gutmann.” Answered Eli. “At least everyone is the master of his own destiny.” She said with proud.


“What a destiny…?” He mocked. ” Everything depends on nature, because when it’s moody, you don’t have what to eat.”


Again there was heard a rumor.


“Miss Gutmann…I understand you. You are young, you don’t have much experience, but don’t worry Miss. For you we can also find something, because how I said before, everyone, who will come to us for help, will receive it. We help everyone and everyone richly reward.”


“You are lying.”




“You don’t do this for us, but for yourself. You are evil, false… I find you repulsive.”


“Sir, don’t listen her.” Said the major-village. “She went mad. Recently she loose her father and brother.”


“How dare! How dare you say that I’m mad! She shouted, fiercely get up from the chair. She threw a napkin and nervous went away from the table.”


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