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Short note: 1). This novel is for adults 2). I don't know English very well. I just want to improve it. 3). I'm not a writer. I'm a newbie. Do you really think that you are the master of your fate? What would you say, if I told you that...

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Hollow part 1/2

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She slipped her hand into arm of unknown man, tightening her fingers on his forearm. They walked arm in arm, heading towards her room that was located on the last floor of the three-storey tenement. When they were upstairs, she quickly barred a bolt in the door and then turned to her companion, sending to him the most beautiful smile, which she could make, but he didn't look at her.


He stood at the mirror and his long fingers gently stroked the frame. A pursed tightly lips and a small wrinkle between his eyebrows suggested that he think about something. She took a step forward, rousing him from musing. He slowly turned his face to her and then smiled. She smiled back, in the same time making another step. When they were within three paces of each other, she reached out her right hand, gently touching his fingers. She felt that he shivered. She grasped his hand and pulled him toward the bed.


After awhile they were near to the furniture. She turned to him and looked deeply into his eyes, parting slightly her lips. Not casting her eyes down, she let go his hand and walked around him and he turned with her. When they swapped places and his calves touched wood, she put her both hands on his chest and then pushed him off the bed. Afterwards she straightened and raised hand to her hair. She took out long hairpin, letting her hair hang down. Then her hands went to the back. When she undid last button, the dress fell on the floor.


She stood before him naked. She made a step toward bed, at first putting right leg. After a while she was next to him, on his knees.


He sat, leaning against a headboard, watching her all the time. She put her right hand on his chest and then her hand started to move. Her fingers run over his body and she followed them with her eyes. Suddenly she stopped, not taking her hand from his body. She raised her head up and looked into his eyes again. He grabbed her by the wrist and moved his face close to her. She felt his arm around her shoulders and his warm breath on her face. She closed her eyes, waiting for the kiss.


She felt something cold on her lips. She shivered. She opened her eyes and noticed that he covered her mouth his hand. An expression of surprise, suddenly gave away anger. She threw him an angry glance and then very slightly raised her left hand.


"I wouldn't do that", said the man calmly.


She froze.Suddenly, he approached his mouth to her ear. His lips composed into a words, but she didn't heard them. She felt that her eyelids are drooping. She tried to fight with sleepiness, but soon she enveloped.


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