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Short note: 1). This novel is for adults 2). I don't know English very well. I just want to improve it. 3). I'm not a writer. I'm a newbie. Do you really think that you are the master of your fate? What would you say, if I told you that...

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Hollow part 1/23

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Some info from author:


She frowned her eyebrows and moved aside, making a place for staying in the door three men. She primped her scarf, watching their steps.


“Why a policeman came to hen night?” She said, closing the door.


Dressed in a long, reaching to the middle of his calf, leather shoes and green uniform slim, man with moustache and beard in the shape of inverted triangle, turned to the old woman and his curved into faint smile lips said:


“You didn’t invite us, we came without invitation.”


Then he turned, wandered his eyes around the room. He looked at sitting on the chairs girls. Then his eyes moved on staying in the middle of the room girls, until finally his dark, slightly slant eyes rested on Eli.


Suddenly his eyes flashed.


“The girl like you I will also weave a plait.” He said, grinning.


Eli didn’t move a muscle, hearing this compliment. With cold, indifference she answered:


“Thank you very much for compliment Mr, but why you came to us?  I don’t suppose that you are interested in my hair.”


The man smiled wider.


“Supposedly, there was a girl.”


“I can’t have a guest?”


It will be not easy. He thought.


“According directive 253, it’s necessary to report all newcomers.”


“I never heard about this directive.” Said Eli, frowned her



“We introduced it yesterday morning.”


“Why I should know it, if you introduced it yesterday?”


“It hang on the board? It hang. And everything what is there are holy.  The girl disappeared yesterday afternoon and that’s mean, my dearest ladies that you broke the rule.”


 Eli looked nervously at Mrs Bowlin. Her face was pale.


“No!“ Said Eli, feeling that her body trembled.  “Only me. Only I broke the rule. “


The policeman looked at her carefully and then beckoned to staying behind him strapping man. The man nodded and took a step forward.


“Let us…” Said the policeman.


Eli watched, how the strapping man came to wardrobe and grab a handle. The drawer with loud groan fell down on the floor.


“What are doing?!” Shouted, threatened Mrs Bowlin.


“We are searching.” Said the man as if this was a everyday life for him. “In accordance with directive 253 we have a right to do it, even if there is only a shadow opportunities that someone is implicated in underground…”


He stopped and slowly, crossed the room, clucking his shoes against the floor. At some point he stopped, pouted his lips, turned around and then looked directly at Eli.


“or when someone hide someone…”


“Here gentlemen.“ He said to the men.


The men came and took off, lying on the floor rug, showing entrance to the basement.


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