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PART ONE Yuki "The love i felt for him was a love i will never forget" Shiro "Even when he is gone she still chooses him" Rena "He choose her until his last breath" Toyonobu "She will never forget him, even if he caused her a great pain"

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Yukihara Yuki

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Some info from author:

Yuki's mother
Yukis Uncle
Yukis grandmother

 “Well, Yuki are you ready for the epidural?” the nurse asks me.

I looked up at her and nod.

“Alright, i'll let the doctor know that you are ready.” she says and she leaves the room.

I had been in labor for six hours, and the pain only grew more. My stomach looked ready to explode and i was in so much pain.

“It's ok honey, everything will be alright” my grandma says.

The door opened and my mom comes in.

“Yuki are you alright honey?” she asks me she had a suitcase in one hand and flowers in the other.

I was actually due in a week but i got contractions earlier than expected.

My mother had just barely arrived 50 minutes ago here in Chicago Illinois.

My uncle comes in right  behind her, he lives here with my grandma since he was in highschool.

“Hey uncle.” i said to him and he smiles at me he came to stand next to me and messes my hair up more.

“Hey snow. I bet you wish right now that you weren't pregnant.” he joked.

“Just a little." i tell him but i lied.

I would never regret it, i will never regret having his baby.

I kept waiting and waiting that this all of this was just a dream that he was not dead but standing here next to me.

I looked over at the table in the corner were a picture of him was at.

“Ok Yuki i heard that you are ready for the epidural” said a women doctor as she came in.

She smiles at me. “Ok if you will all please leave the room as i give it to her, of course the father can stay.” she says and looked around but they all started to leave the room.

“Well be right outside ok’’ my mom said, and she closed the door.

“I'm sorry if i said anything that offended you.” the doctor says to me.

“It's all right” i tell her.

Two more nurses came in one of them carrying a tray in their hands.

“Ok yuki will you please sit down looking towards the door, and leave your feet hanging to the side and bend just a little, and look at your feet or the floor” she says and i do what i was told. "please don move OK"

“Ok you will feel a bit of pain in your back when i administer it but i promise that this will make you have less labor pain, OK”

“Ok” i tell her.

She touches my back with a cold cloth? And then i wait.

The pain that i was feeling was more than i had ever experience, the numbing medication i started to feel as she injected me with it.

“Ok we are done” she says as she presses down at the place where she had injected me the epidural.

“Ok we will come back to see you in thirty minutes to check if you have dilated more Ok” she says and gets up and leaves.

 My family came rushing in with a worried face.

“Whats wrong? I'm ok all they did was give me an epidural” i told them.

Thirty minutes later the doctor came back and she checked me if i was dilated. The pain was starting to come back more hard now.  I tell thr, that im ready.. I had to push. I told my mom and my uncle ran to get the nurse and the doctor.

The doctor checked me and smiled at me and say  “it's time”.

She told everyone to leave, my mother stayed She told me to push and i did, she told me to breath and i did.

I probably pushed around five to ten minutes until my baby was born.

The only thing i heard was my baby crying.

“Congratulations, it's a boy” the doctor tells me.

She places my little baby on my chest and i looked at him and started to cry.

She asks me if i wanted to cut the umbilical cord and i told her yes. She gives me the scissors and i cut were she told me to.

Then they took my baby to check him. I was crying of happiness i couldn't believe it i just had our baby.

About twenty minutes passed and they brought my baby back.

The nurse handed me my baby. I couldn't believe it he looked so much like him.

My family was inside the room all looking at him at me, waiting for their chance to carry him.

“What are going to name him?” my uncle asked.

I looked at him then back down at my baby. His name had already been chosen, me and Kuro had chosed it a long time ago.

“Yu.” i tell them. “Fujikawa Yu.”


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