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PART ONE Yuki "The love i felt for him was a love i will never forget" Shiro "Even when he is gone she still chooses him" Rena "He choose her until his last breath" Toyonobu "She will never forget him, even if he caused her a great pain"

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Mitsugi Toyonobu

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Some info from author:


I went through the day still thinking of that boy. He looked so much like Kuro, no matter what i did i couldn't forget.

I went to my last class of the day and i entered the room. The room was full of students talking and playing around. As soon as i entered the room started to get quiet and the students started to take their seats.

“Good afternoon guys. I am Mitsugi sensei.” i say to them as i write my name on the board. “I'll be your math teacher from here on until you pass grades. Today i won't make you do work, instead i'll like for everyone to introduce yourself,  OK!” i tell them and start walking around the room.

“Yes!” the whole class said.

“Ok then, we will start with you” i say to a girl who is sitting in the front row.

“Huh? I mean yes.” she says and stands up. “Hello my name is Tamaguchi Hana, and i li” she says and sits down.

“My name is …” and the list went on. Then he said his name.

“I'm Fujikawa Yu, i'm in the basketball club, nice to meet you” he said he didn't stand up he just sat in his sit, and that moment it made me remember, Kuro.


*************** past/high school*************************


“Introduce yourself and say one thing about you” the teacher said.

The class started to introduce themselves.  Then it was Kuro’s turn, he didn't even stand he just sat there in his sit.

“I'm Fujikawa Kuro, i'm in the basketball club, nice to meet you”



Bringing the past back made me feel horrible. I didn't want to but he was one of my best friends.

After class i had basketball practise with the students. But i needed to find something out.

I told Kenji i had stuff to do so he had to handle the club. I went straight to the teachers office. I went and sat down in my desk and took out a folder with my students name in it.

I went down the list until i got to the F’s.  I took out the his folder and opened it. There was a picture in the front. I took the picture and stared at it, and i laughed.

Now that i was looking at him straight i noticed everything that i had missed. It was his face, but with Yuki’s eyes.

I looked down and started to read through his paperwork.

Born December 31, 2000 in Chicago Illinois.  A deceased father and Yukihara Yuki was his mother.

She had been pregnant when she left! Wait no did Kuro know? Did anyone else knew? Was i the only one who knew?

There was only one thing i knew and that was that i was going to go see Yuki.



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