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Get Rich: Unanimated - Moe Money. Moe Problems.



Language: English
For adults
Translations: Dutch (1)


An adult comedy following Wolfgang and Hayes.

This episode: Wolfgang babysits a puppy named Moe, but it turns out Hayes is the one who needs supervision.
Superheroes Assman and Shithead suit up to rescue him from the deep city wasteland.


Wolfgang and Hayes are two friends and roommates who, by any means necessary, manage to pay off their months rent each and every month. It doesn't always come easy as their jobs and businesses take them to strange places to meet even stranger people.

Follow Wolfgang, the eccentric cat who often is scheming new businesses and means of earning a living, and Hayes, the grounded dog who takes a steadier approach at earning an income by working jobs, as they fight through it all to Get Rich.


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